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It has been two months since this piece came out, and already so much has changed and advanced in the AI field. Your questions are now even more relevant.

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Forwarded Message :

Dear Doctor Miller,

Re: the S & M “50 Shades . . .“ franchise

His childhood traumas aside, TED BUNDY had self-analyzed!

—and reported, that his deadly sexual habit was groomed into

existence by pornography (( S & M pornography )) !

Media and psychologists and sociologists had responded by

coming to the defense of the pornography/pornographers,

not expressing ANY serious consideration of Bundy’s high I.Q.


Why not any thoughtful analyses by the professional

academics ?

After Bundy’s initial comment and public responses, nothing

more was said of it.

Pornography destroys civilized society, but PROFITS rule. And

serial-killer/cannibal Jeffrey Dhamer had been similarly hooked

on violent porn magazines during childhood.

Always mention Bundy’s own analysis, to be fair to T R U T H .

Females Impacted by S & M Porn :


Victim’s Story of Ted Bundy Attack (( use language translator ? ))


Porn Leads to Mental Illness :




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I feel terribly for this woman. I'm sure she is not the first this has happened to either. I think you said it best when you stated: "There are some huge concerns about the way AI is being used and the type of future that could create if we as people are not careful, or perhaps if we don’t increase the quality of our consciousness and being."

It does come down to us as humans. Thanks for another thought provoking piece. Your work is a guiding light for me.

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Ai is as dangerous or beneficial as our consciousness is. It can ONLY DO what it’s programmed to. It doesn’t have a mind of its own. When humans want to be destructive, and immoral as in this case, then ai is an insidious tool to facilitate that desire, if you want to uplift, inspire and promote healing & offer assistance to others then ai is a proper tool for that as well. Ai is neutral in and of itself. We are seriously flawed humans and our polarity primarily leans more to the positive OR more to the negative. Ai is like a car. Provides much needed transportation to people OR when driven by a drunk or impaired person can be used as a weapon to murder and mame people. To say AI is dangerous is like saying cars are dangerous 🤔

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Beautifully written! You really hit the spot with how emotionally disconnected we are as humans. This is such an understated issue.. I'm very grateful for your presence and the hard work that you put in Joe. Best regards

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I can’t help but wonder if the convenience of using AI as a personal assistant is a way of making the population illiterate. Eliminating the need to read or write - you only need to speak. And if you can no longer read, you will be forced to listen to audio books. But how do you know they are reading the book verbatim and not modifying or censoring certain parts of it ‘a la 1984’? Technology can be wonderful but I’ll keep my paper and pen and overflowing bookshelves.

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Technology is accelerating human evolution, far past the rate of biology. Intellectually, most humans are incapable of utilizing technology, as it has become too complex. It is already being used to oppress entire societies, and is key to perpetuating the false meritocracy, feeding the kleptocracy, in America.

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