It is time to start arresting these criminals. They can get away with damaging the lives of hundreds of millions with their lies.

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They lie so much they're incapable of humility and seeing the truth anymore - if they ever did. The CDC recently declared the policy of visitors coming to the U.S. must be vaccinated will remain.

The CDC is purely incompetent and wholly corrupted infested with sheer lunacy.

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Apr 29, 2023·edited Apr 29, 2023

Arjun, have you examined the original published papers that asserted the existence of a novel virus now known as SARS-CoV-2? Did the methodology used by these original authors actually prove their stated conclusions?

I ask because if there is no virus, then there is self-evidently nothing to transmit, obviously. All assertions of the existence of SARS-CoV-2 are downstream from the alleged integrity of these original experiments/papers along with the alleged integrity of the constructed "in silico" genome that emerged as a result.

It's all in the methodology. Are we actually dealing with a physical organic particle? Or are we actually dealing with a hypothetical computer simulation? What methodology was used to link the alleged novel virus to being the monocausal agent of an alleged novel disease condition that has clinical distinction from any disease condition existing prior? Is that methodology scientifically valid? What controls were used?

I know it's a popular story, but is it actually true?

Dr. Sam Bailey lays bare the structural fallacy step-by-step here:


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Apr 29, 2023Liked by Arjun Walia

i am not in the medical field and I knew that vaccinated people who were sick could spread the virus. I live in Canada and laughed out loud when our evil PM said that the unvaccinated couldn’t sit beside a vaccinated person on a plane or train and make them sick. The logical response was “what is the vaccine for if I can make you sick”? That also was the proof that they knew all along that the vaccines didn’t work.

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