Great article! It’s interesting, I recently wrote a piece about how the energy of our present day reminds me so much of the late 1800s, interestingly also coinciding with the time of Tesla’s life. It feels like we are very much seeing the revival and culmination of these currents.

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This is an incredibly fascinating area. Of course many spiritual practitioners experience this directly when they get in touch with non-physical methods of sensing and knowing reality.

You wrote "This is because this type of phenomena challenges our long held belief systems and what we think is true". I would add to this sentence that the population has been MADE to believe this is not possible or real.

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Beyond partly spiritual subtle material prana, or ether of which there are 50 types in the human body, then there is the brahman white light spiritual infinity beyond even that, which is the destination of the Buddhists, Daoists and other advaitists, which is effectively the demarcation zone or dimension between the material and the beginningless true eternally liberated spiritual Vaikuntha plane including the highest infinite plane, Goloka.

Those who intend to merge as one with what they think is the supreme in the mistaken belief of advaita being the supreme state and merge in that spiritual brahman light but only temporarily, which may be for hundreds of millions of years in our time, but then they re-emerge still as an individual jiva after an extended period of experiencing a spiritual type of maya where they feel like they have become eternally infinite, when they eventually tire of it as an actually limited state of being beneath their fullest potential, and they then reincarnate in some material plane or instead more wisely venture higher to re-enter their original spiritual abode in Vaikuntha Goloka.

The bodies of the demigods in the 7 material heavenly planes, the loka planes, within this particular material universe (which also contains 7 lower planes, the talas), are variously composed of different higher vibrational rate types of material elements normally beyond our range of vision and more subtle pranic type substance, such subtle material being like that which the astral body or linga sharira, the doppelganger double of the gross material human body is composed of, which accompanies each soul after it leaves each physical incarnation carrying impressions of their past lives.

The spiritual plane, or Sach Khand as the Sikhs call the same ultimate and infinite spiritual realm, which is pure consciousness comprised of an infinite collective of many souls centered on an infinite Godhead Supersoul, passes through all other dimensions but is largely unperceived by those who live in any of the material worlds.

It is held that no one ever actually leaves the spiritual realm, where they normally have cosmic consciousness, it is the case that sometimes their spiritual senses are temporarily covered by material senses and they enter into a dream-like state of material existence, it is just that sometimes a certain proportion of the inhabitants there enter a temporary state of forgetfulness of the essential nature and necessity of the Godhead Soul or Cosmic Supersoul, that Supersoul being the essential vitalizing light or love by which they themselves are maintained in full consciousness, so when they decide by using their eternal free will to experiment seeing what else is possible to perceive, they sometimes temporarily lose consciousness of this essential relationship with the Godhead Supersoul which is fundamental and essential to their remaining in spiritual consciousness of being in the spiritual dimension, which actually is the Godhead Himself containing all other souls.

This can be compared to a person in the sunlight whose eyes can then see right into the sky and into space stepping into a cave where there is no light and then completely losing the use of their eyes and the vision of the sky and space, so the sunlight can be analogously compared to the infinite God Supersoul in this way.

The relationship with the Godhead and the necessity of an understanding of Achintya Bhedabheda Tattva, or simultaneous and inconceivable sameness and difference between the Godhead Soul and themselves is important here, as when an individual jiva soul, which is what each of us is situated within in all material species, is fully situated in their eternal and beginningless relationship with the Godhead Soul, they experience sarshti or cosmic consciousness, a dovetailed state of consciousness in which they experience 78% of all the spiritual opulences and powers of the Godhead Himself when in the spiritual world, but without having all the duty of manifesting and maintaining the activities of every atom, every planet, every material universe and all the spiritual planes at the same time.

God prefers to expand Himself as many souls all the time, and this is His beginningless natural state, sometime absorbing a soul within the Godhead Himself (not in the brahman white light, in which a soul can never truly actually merge), only for another to be then manifested to round up the numbers and the eternal balance.

If we had only ever really just been one soul as the theory of advaita proposes, in reality, had just one tiny portion of that infinite substance forgotten and fallen, then surely the whole lot would also have been subject to exactly the same ignorance and forgetfulness at exactly the same time and fallen alongside, but the spiritual world which is the Godhead always exists without any beginning and cannot fall into ignorance, whereas many individual souls can occasionally temporarily forget their true essential nature and essential principal eternal relationship with the Godhead that is the essence of their perceiving and being in the spiritual dimension.

All material substances are ultimately also actually spiritual themselves, being the Godhead in fact themselves, but the Godhead purposely veils His true nature from those living under material maya in this dimension, so their vision here is blinkered by temporary material senses covering their true spiritual senses, so what is in reality a vast expanse of living spiritual substance incredibly rich in beauty and love seems to us here to be largely void or almost entirely absent of living vitality, but the Godhead always maintains some degree of spiritually living connection with all souls no matter what dimension or species they are living in.

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Truly as sentient beings, regardless of religious beliefs, we must be aware that there is an all encompassing feeling of power around us. An aura if you will. In all honesty we are still in a very primitive state when it comes to understanding this power. Nicola Tesla was eons ahead of his time. To some degree I believe it had something to do with his early demise.

Some of the great sensei in Asia have touched the edges of this power and are indeed very impressive people. Our Western philosophies are largely based on ignorance and arrogance which is why this world is in such turmoil at this point in time. Until we turn away from war and greed we will never advance past where we presently find ourselves. There is indeed much wisdom to be gleaned from the ancient philosophies. Maybe one day we will overcome our base instincts and once again progress.

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A most excellent, balanced introductory post on aether. I look forward to seeing more on this subject from you.


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