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Sensemaking UFOs, Consciousness & Human Potential

Sensemaking UFOs, Consciousness & Human Potential

Do we really know "so little" about the UFO phenomenon?

This week we take an honest look at a subject that has been analyzed for many decades: the UFO phenomenon.

It’s an incredible topic that is vast and leaves no aspect of humanity untouched. One cannot look holistically at the subject without examining consciousness, human potential, new technology & more.

In life, there are many times where it’s true that “we don’t know what we don’t know.” In the case of UFOs and ETs, it is very common that people will ABSOLUTELY believe one thing or another, without taking a closer look at the evidence that makes their position uncertain.

Instead, a misplaced certainty that “it’s all a distraction” or “project blue beam” or “it’s all just a false flag” is claimed. The problem is, the evidence, real life experiences, and science draws serious doubt on all of those positions.

This is why we created a course teaching embodied critical thinking, we’re in a time where we can’t afford to get stuck in certainty when there is no reason for certainty.

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