Have you ready any of the books by Dr. Michael Newton on Journey of Souls, or Dr. Brian Weiss on past life, and between life hypnosis? There are SO many books about what happens to souls when people are clinically dead that if you don't KNOW about this, you just haven't looked. Near-Death.com website is quite old and has so many reports. International Association of Near Death Experiences is a huge resource.

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I wonder though if the pus in Dr. Alexander's brain gave him an LSD like experience?

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I went to hear Dr. Alexander speak a few years ago in San Diego. I feel like an intestinal bug trying to understand and experience what it is like to be an astrocyte. I grapple all the time with the brain/mind question. I know from so many experiences that transcend time and space that there is an immaterial aspect to a human being. Eben confirms based on his experience that individuality is not lost with the shutdown of the brain. I often wonder if the interface of the brain is needed to experience consciousness as though it is the ocean including individual waves (people). Yet, without the brain all that continues is the greater consciousness undefined. He gives a message that the individual soul does exist outside of the brain. That is very reassuring. I don't need reassurance on the greater consciousness, I know that already. I believe Jesus existed and could manipulate the laws of physics on this planet and came to teach us primarily to prioritize love, the other supernatural effects are secondary, and not the goal.

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messenger rna protein. How do you know when you walk into a room, instinctively, if it is safe, peaceful, or angry? Hormones? Hormones protein? Smell proteins? Why isn't emotions proteins? Totally makes sense that mRNA, especially released during life-threatening situation would be taken up by the beings in the room. Otherwise, how does ducks 2,3,4 and so on learn how not to be eaten if victim 1 was killed and cannot communicate how to hide when shadows fly over? Proven that mRNA and genetics etc change from generation to the next, epigenetic. Epigenetic - change in proteins excreted?

Seems Totally logical that proteins released during death would pass on to surrounding people. How would a 1 or 2 or 3 year old absorb some of life lessons when their brain cannot comprehend or remember it? Has to be written into their insticts, mRNA, proteins, into DNA.

If a person survives a trauma, safe to assume the proteins of all the nurses and doctors and imprinting on all those surrounding. The victim is seeing everything.

What does that imply? Implies we have proteins and dna and rna has a shared common write up. Mean is, this abcd code equals circle. that bdfg code means square. that lkjy code means oval plus circle plus blue which the mind defines as an "Eye".

so, whatever hormones, protein, sweat , rna, mRna, dna released is communicating to us allthe time.

Perhaps, empaths and psychic have this turned on.

near death, a survival mechanism, to tune in to your local man. That man swam right and died. This woman sawm left and survived. So, I swim left.

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“…(it) may be that consciousness is a separate entity from the brain...”.

Yes, I absolutely believe that to be true. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

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I watch the Jeff Mara youtube podcast almost every night for the past two years. I watched hundreds of testimonies from NDE experiencers. I am now convinced we do not die. our soul/ spirit, what makes us who we are, without the meat suit, is and has always been.

The problem for me is not dying, its living and how I will exit that has me consumed.

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