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I spent 4 whole weeks out of my body during a nearly 2 month stay in ICU with COVID, the 4 weeks was in an induced coma on a mechanical ventilator. In that state I inhabited what seemed like another, somewhat different physical dimension to this one, and in both dimensions, people were having a similar epidemic and were being taken to hospital, and just as in this dimension, some were leaving their bodies from within the other physical dimension to have out of body experiences, and non-verbal telepathic communication was possible with others in that state. During meditation over several decades I have experienced coming out of my body as well and even seeing what is beyond a solid brick wall with perfect detail, confirming that physically later on after meditation, as solid walls become like glass in that state of consciousness and one's subtle body can travel straight through them. The book Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda relates several such experiences.

Vedic and Buddhist understanding is that there are 14 different dimensions of material planetary systems within this universe, including different grades of material substance, this being one of many millions of universes, each containing trillions of galaxies, and some of these dimensions are normally invisible to others and some dimensions pass invisibly through others, the spiritual dimension itself is pure consciousness, total infinity, and passes through all other dimensions.

The soul is beginningless and uncreated, and is the consciousness, not the body with its brain. It is the natural state of being and the spiritual collective of all souls is infinity itself, and fills all of infinity, Higher reality is just a beginningless and infinite mass of conscious souls with no space or vacuum, just an infinite supersoul with which all others are connected eternally, and through being connected with that supersoul 'person' one is then connected with each other soul.

You can meet and communicate with many people who have passed out of their gross physical bodies even decades ago who have not yet reincarnated who have no physical brain at all, but who have a subtle material replica of their previous physical bodies, yet intellectually, they are extremely lucid and aware of both their dimension and this one and some have much wisdom to share.

The military and police use psychics, but the state does not like their slave population knowing much about these things, as they want everyone kept dumb in a lower dimension of consciousness, in a numb reality where even telepathy is held not to exist. Keeping people ignorant of these things which they know perfectly well exist is all about control and abuse.

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