As a mystic, I will agree with you: you explained it all very nicely and your last paragraph.

"Many modern thinkers like Sam Harris and neuroscientists like Douglas Hofstadter, author of “I am a Strange Loop” say there is no fixed self that can be found in the brain and that consciousness is not a property as much as it may be a form of energy and entirely nonmaterial."

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I would argue that the many convincing testimonials of out of body experiences are sufficient proof that consciousness isn’t bound by, or produced by brain matter alone. One might still need the receiver to hear the announcer on this realm, to stay within the analogy though 😉.

I read Tom Cambell’s Big TOE trilogy, and it uses an interesting definition of consciousness, using computer analogy. One thing that aligns with your story is that we tend to define consciousness from a human biology pov. Tom defines it through (if I recall wel) memory / storage capabilities, data processing capabilities and the capability to make decisions ( using the former 2). That doesn’t need biology at all. Hence AI could also become conscious in his theory. Even more, he suggest that our entire reality is in fact a virtual reality. Go investigate! 😉

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