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First of all, thank you for reporting on this phenomenon in a way that a non-scientist can sort of grasp. I have not heard of the intensity of research was ever employed. Just the fact that mainstream media outlets are quick to dispel this is telling. Recent history with media and reporting in general have given rise to higher levels of skepticism about the truthfulness/trustworthiness of what is reported about anything. My first reaction is “what is the seeming hat-trick here revealing?” They (the goverment(s) and corporate interests) gaslight us routinely and when revealed are utterly unapologetic. Understandably corporate interests are opaque but governments are granted power to SERVE the public interests and wherever possible should be clear and honest. There seems to be too much overlapping of government and corporate activities and interest, leaving the general public sorely unrepresented.

Indeed there is much more than meets the eye here. Fascinating to say the least. I personally think that there are inter dimensional beings who can move about them. A world present yet hidden right along side our own. There are other dimensions where there are spirit beings. Time and space may be less linear than what our experience on this rock we call earth is.

All good food for thought. So thanks.

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Thank for this detailed analysis of the scientific parameters of the crop circle (CC) phenomenon. i would like to offer some of my own experiences and perspectives, since i have researched it myself and have visited the UK 7 times, over the early 2000s till 2012, to explore the CCs there.

First, it is not true that people can't make very good CCs. At the beginning of the phenomenon, fakers using boards and ropes produced unconvincing CCs. But over time, coordinated crews of CC makers began to perfect their skills. Many of the CCs in the UK each summer, appear in the counties of Wiltshire and Hampshire where growing crops is a way of life, and unemployment correspondingly prevalent during the winters, giving people lots of free time to plot out designs and prepare for creating them during the following summer's nights. Locals who go to and from work at night, regularly spot teams putting down CCs in the fields. Of course farmers whose crops they are vandalizing are furious at losing a significant amount of grain, and try to catch them in the act. But through practice and teamwork they are able to finish the job quickly. Different groups compete with each other in the designs and handiwork, and some use clever mechanical technology to achieve stunningly precise results with "the lay."

The thing to remember is that visiting crop circles, taking microlight aircraft to see them from above, as well as joining crop circle tours, plus the corresponding accommodation and dining -- all support the economy of these typically depressed areas.

No one visiting a CC wants to discuss too much with fellow visitors, whether a circle has been man-made or not; it is "real" because it is there and it is a wonder. There is a cultural phenomenon among locals and tourists alike -- called "crop circling" relating to the whole process of discovering circles as soon as they have been posted, finding out how to get to them, how to enter the field w/o antagonizing the farmer (some do accept the visitors and just put out donation boxes), but the main thing is entering a very new circle before it has been trodden by many feet (even though everyone generally stays on the laid down sections).

The consensual cultural experience involves entering a non-normal space (whether or not there is anomalous energy also present) and meeting other people in this unique environment, some having come from far away lands. So in some sense, whether the CC has been cleverly constructed by human hands the night before, becomes of secondary importance.

However, there still have been many crop circles that haven't been created by people. The ones in oilseed rape (canola) would be obvious if they had been put down by simple mechanical means, since the rapeseed plants are very brittle and injure easily. There is also definitely a limit to designs that can be created by human ingenuity, at least w/o a lot of prior experimentation (which would then become part of the known record, unless they had a secret practice field somewhere). The Crabwood alien face and disk and the Arecibo reply CCs are of this order, but many others over the years would have been too difficult to "fake" too. Who then made them ? i've read several enlightened perspectives that basically said the same thing -- that about one half of the "real" CCs are made by Dark forces while the other half by Light ones (Universal law gives both sides equal opportunity). They say the forms behind the CCs (think Plato's "forms”) then enter into human consciousness, either through visiting them in person or even just by seeing them on-line.

Even though the CC may appear as a 2-dimensional imprint in the grain in the field, the energy field it has, is not only 3 dimensional, but also of higher dimensional parameters. The fact that sensitives can "predict" that a CC will appear in a particular field, can be explained by the subtle field being a temporal one that transcends the limitations of our normal reality -- in some sense a trans-temporal field can already exist at the spot where the CC only appears on the physical a few days later, and a sensitive person can thus sense it as "already there."

As to discovering how "real" CCs are made, Lucy Pringle https://www.lucypringle.co.uk/ has been a dedicated researcher for many years and is still at it. Some of her publications relate the experiences of witnesses of who were actually present to a "real" CC forming. Several have had their ear drums punctured due to the auditory intensity at the time. However Lucy also has some 2nd person accounts about the Single Julia Set CC of 1996 near Stonehenge. Unlike the eardrum blowing incidents which were were fast, this one took at least 20 minutes to form, and witnesses seemed to have entered another reality and lost track of time (and spatial dimension too), since there was some kind 'special relativity' between the size of area of fog over the field and the size of the CC that was forming, which seemed disconnected from normal reality i.e. "There was a mist was about 2-3 feet off the ground and it was sort of spinning around and on the ground a circular shape was appearing which seemed to get bigger and bigger as simultaneously the mist gets bigger and bigger and swirled faster" . . . But you don't realise what you are looking at. I didn’t understand what was happening." (from Colin Andrew's account of Lucy's article https://colinandrews.net/JuliaSetStory.html ) Interestingly popular spiritual guide, Patricia Cori started channeling the Sirian High Council when she visited the CC about a week later (in description of Cori's book: https://www.amazon.ca/New-Sirian-Revelations-Prophecies-Dimension/dp/1591434742 (click "Read More"). So it's likely this particular CC was created by the Sirian ETs.

It is known that CCs have appeared at different times in history, probably many more times than has been recoded. i believe the current phenomena has been oriented to the awakening of humanity around the 2012 ascension opportunity and now the phenomena is withdrawing from the planet again, and it is supported exclusively by human circlemakers. In 2012, the last year i was in the UK, i asked a friend who worked at the Silent Circle Café and CC info centre, how many “real” circles there had been (out of the 30 or so, so far that year). She answered “They are all real” as she normally does to visitors, so i pressed her for “non-man-made” and she relented that her boss (who had access to all the inside sources) believed about 7 could be “non-made” (the rest made by human circlemakers).

The paranormal effects concerning CCs are legend. Numerous CC visitors have claimed they "requested" a particular design to appear and a few days later it did. But considering the trans-temporal nature CCs have, it could equally be that the person just tapped into the CC already being temporally there, and "asked" for that form because it "came to them” in their mind.

In a similar sense, Colin Andrews and others have suggested that some of the forms of human-created CCs have been instilled into the minds of circlemakers by either Light or Dark forces, and then they just proceed to create that form in the field, as had been intended . Also it seems that the strong energetics that are present in some CCs, are not necessarily dependent on whether the CC has been created directly by extraterrestrial sources. One CC my friend and i visited, was a stick-figure of a caterpillar with feelers on its head – a known logo of one of the circlemaker groups -- but both of us were still blown away with the degree of subtle energy it had.

i have had a few paranormal experiences over the 7 years i visited CCs in Wiltshire UK. One time i was hiking along the ancient pathways and by the sides of fields, surrounding the sacred site of Avebury. Late that day, as i passed a gate for accessing a field on Windmill Hill, i got a strong impulse that a CC would form there w/in 4 days. i stood on the gate and took a photo of the field, something i had never done before. Maybe it was already there then, considering the trans-temporal theory, but this double-spiral CC did become physical 4 days later: https://youtu.be/Q8x4T0TmDM0

In addition, the next summer i noticed that there was a “ghost” of the double spiral CC in that field on Windmill Hill. The new grain that grew where the previous year's grain had been laid down, grew with different colouring in it, compared to grain in the field overall, causing the form of the previous year's CC to be visible from the air particularly. The field had been ploughed after it was harvested the previous fall, and the earth thereby scattered around somewhat, but the form of the ghost was crisp, so you could say that the form existed, not in the soil, but in a distinct spatial dimension of planet Earth. It was a special CC and you could walk it in its entirety following the path from one side to the other w/o ever crossing the same spot again.

One last thing i would like to add is that the microspheres of pure iron that the BLT team have discovered in CCs (as discussed in the article) were also found in the dust of the twin towers after 9-11 (as per Dr. Judy Wood in her book, Where Did the Towers Go ?). Interestingly after the events of Sept. 11, 2001, the next summer featured the Crabwood Alien Face and Disk with its message in ASCII code. The negative Zetas are known to have associated with some corrupt leaders of Earth governments for nefarious purposes, however other positively oriented Zetas are against these dealings. Could this be a deliberate message from the ‘good’ Zetas: “. . . Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. . . We OPpose DECEPTION . . . [the negative Zetas are said to have tricked some government leaders seeking to control humanity, with promises of advanced technology, but have fooled them by reneging, seeking to gain control over humanity themselves. (see Voyagers I & II by Ashayana Deane)]”

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Arjun, once again I am intellectually inspired! It’s also refreshing to know that the whole world has not gone the wayside by believing all that is “fed.” There’s so much I can stand behind in the science and perhaps some of the spiritual angles playing out on this topic. I dare say: most of the time it’s better for me to trust instinct and the heightening of intuition, than the BS we’ve unfortunately experienced. I’m seeing how (incredibly plain to see) more people are tuning into this “age of Aquarius.” Some don’t even know what age it is on cosmic or biological levels. There’s a topic I surely will continue my research on- and perhaps will lend more insight into this very topic of crop circles.

Your research and observations are amazing and I loved reading it all! I look forward to discussing it more and hopefully find out what’s behind them globally. Happy hunting, happy writing! Thank you.

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Amazing details Arjun. The Vallee theories are interesting but really don't explain the digital information or the sacred geometry nor of course that this is extraordinary technology showing a deep understanding not only of electromagnetism but also its direct relationship to organic matter.

I also wonder if the message is to let us know that there is more in heaven and earth, Horatio, than is dreamt of in our philosophy. Great piece.

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"The fact that UFOs are indeed real (we are still discovering who is manning them), and have been documented for quite some time makes one wonder."


UFOs ARE REAL because the military DOES operate UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS. Nazi's were working with anti-gravitational technology back in the day and so was the US. So to the phenomenon of UFO's, yes that is real. Alex talks about this in-depthly in his work:


UFOs as in ALIENs is a myth. A propagandized myth since the early 1800s that we have to come to terms with. At best case, we have interdimensional entities known as DEMONS or ARCHONS at play here. Now that has some historical credence, going all the way back to the Magician John Dee who was known to conjure up other entities. Also, Magician Alister Crowley who was known to perform ritual acts near Area 51.




I think those serve as more historical and religious cases for what we could be experiencing and by focusing on that, instead of man-made caricatures created to distract the population, we could begin to use our time more wisely in understanding our reality

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The problem is that body of critical science used to analyse, and identify as 'genuine ' ie. not manmade, the early crop circles, all of which are included as photos in your piece, is no longer done on the newer ones, dating from about 10 years ago, when they have to my long-researching crop circle eyes, mind, logic and intuition, been actually increasingly manmade since - not uncoincidentally since the easier use of computer programmes and night vision cameras and the increasing it seems gullibility of contemporary man and the fact it is far less of an unacceptable thing TO believe phenomenon that has been around for decades regardless of whether anything has fundamentally changed in it, than it was in those first 20 or so years when tge phenomenon was new (to our age) and we the open minded but curious HAD to prove they weren't manmade...and indeed we did...but now that no one (sadly including longtime followers, especially those who make monetary gain from selling merchandise on such etc.) feels the need to check what are often so obviously and so often NOW to a discerning eye but still open-minded eye, very flawed, clunky, uninspired and meaningless computer-led 'designs' usually poorly executed if you look properly in comparison to the years of genuine ones, and often but not always since it was pointed out to them🙄use of tramlines to centre the piece, a huge telltale sign, and overall nowhere near the majesty and complexity of the ones pre approximately 2013 (dont qupte me on date as it was a transitionin that at the egos of man tried to take over duplicating the originals, the originals faded out). The human makers now are in grave danger of once being exposed and/or revealing themselves of causing the previous genuine phenomenon to fall into total disrepute..it may already be by entrenched closed-minded cynics unable to accept the early evidence of how THOSE formations were made...Doug and Dave they werent. Notice please there have been nothing like the ET and coded messages since the manmade ones took over, let alone some of the huge complex and truly beautiful designs before that...not the greatest computer artist and stealthiest young people with night cams can replicate those and havent. But those disbelieving before and now prepared to believe because its almost 'mainstream' or worse, those completely new to the subject from around about 10 years or less ago, when 'they' the originators created less and the inferior manmade ones came in, seem to have either a naive eye or inability to research the previous formations and critically compare. Now its mainly the 'believers' that wont unbelieve, with inflexible mindsets, regardless of the evidence before them, whereas before it was the cynics that wouldnt believe with their inflexible mindsets, regardless of the evidence before them...both with an inability to use a fresh each time discriminating but open mind...both of those attributes are required to find the truth, whether it's the uncomfortable unknown or the uncomfortable very known. Ive been saying this for years but keep hoping someone else will, who has studied them seriously for as long as I have...and knew the vast majority of the early decades of formations were NOT manmade and called out the vast majority in the past decade or so AS manmade now...it takes strength to go agsinst the grain but I wish someone else would too! Thanks for at least publishing the best of the genuine which I suspect most hsve never seen...but i hope they note the dates....

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Many people have been caught making crop circles in the past, in fact they were caught making the one in the second picture in the article!


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I've always love crop circles, and I have to say this was fascinating to read and probably one of the best pieces on crop circles I have come across.

I liked how you brought forth the science, which I have not heard of before. This often does not get discussed which makes it easy for this subject to be debunked.

The quick rejection of this subject now seems a bit nonsensical as one has to consider: if it is done by humans, what technology are they using?

At worst humans who have some insane technology are making art, at best it asks us to consider whether ETs are indeed doing this with advanced tech. Either way, I wish we could openly talk about this.

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