Great article! I wrote about my own experience here: https://open.substack.com/pub/dixont/p/magic-mushrooms-cured-my-depression?r=1ecai1&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web

I think that Pharma will find a way to patent a similar molecule to psilocybin so that they can monetise it, otherwise it will be a cheap drug. I fully expect that as soon as they have achieved this there will be a lot of negative media on the OG compound.

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Great writing. I especially enjoyed the shroom part.


A video series (2012 but still right on.)


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Story at a Glance:

•SSRI antidepressants are one of the most harmful medications on the market, and because of just how many people they are given to (often for no good reason) they have had a profound effect on the consciousness of our entire society.

•This article will review some of the more common side effects of SSRIs (and SNRIs), such as becoming numb to life, becoming severely agitated and imbalanced (sometimes to the point one becomes violently psychotic), losing your mind, losing the ability to have sex, and the development of birth defects.

•Unfortunately, due to widespread denial in psychiatry about the issues with their drugs the common SSRI side effects are often misinterpreted as a sign the individual had a pre-existing mental illness and needs more of the drug—which all too often then leads to catastrophic events for the over-medicated patient.

•Like many other stimulant drugs (e.g., cocaine) SSRIs are highly addictive. Because of this, patients will get severely ill when they attempt to stop them (withdrawals affect roughly half of SSRI users) and it is often extremely difficult to withdraw from them. In this article, I will cover the approaches I know for that since very few resources exist for people in that situation.

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Big Pharma is so entrenched in our society that it will take the miracle of God —us, the enlightened ones — to change the course of our health system towards a positive direction! Can we unite?

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Nov 30, 2023Liked by Arjun Walia

Neuronal death may be the mechanism underlying seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

BY LISA CONTI "When the circadian system is not receiving normal light, that in turn might lead to changes in brain systems that regulate mood,” he says. Treating the rats with an antidepressant significantly ameliorated brain damage and depressive behaviors." Rats though don't suffer from negative beliefs that affect self-perception which affects mood. I saw a similar article in the Epoch Times, and many people were upset in the comments, and said antidepressants really helped them. I have several family members who gained a dramatic amount of weight as a side effect. Other family members were not cured after years of taking them. Tim Leary and Richard Alpert at Harvard experimented with LSD to try and change the imprinting on their brains. Tim would flash pictures of naked women to Richard on a 'trip' to see if he could shift Richard's sexual orientation, it didn't work. Tim continued exploring methods to manipulate the brain and its perceptions using many different external tools. Richard (Ram Dass) went to India found a guru, meditation and peace it seems. Their roads diverged, and the inner journey won out in terms of healing. A holistic and individual approach is helpful I believe, emotional trauma, negative self-concepts, lifestyle, etc... all need attention and lots of effort. Plants wither when they don't get what they need, so do we. And we do not get what we need being so separated from our natural habitats. Everyone is different, the emphasis on the importance of being social is overdone, some people need far more solitude than others, in fact people who prefer solitude are often shamed for it. People are not shamed for being outgoing. All these biases are unhealthy because they do not account for individual preferences. I felt I discovered all the answers to the universe with Psilocybin, only to forget it all the next day. No short cuts it seems.

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Excellent Arjun! You are at the frontier and maybe even a tad beyond, carving the new path. I had a prescription once. It was horrible and when I quit, I understood why almost if not all school shooters are either on or coming off of psych drugs. I felt "Postal". Anyone near me got a verbal rattlesnake strike.

For myself, the effectiveness of a light tea from my San Pedro cactus garden is far superior than any prescriptions. It is "lighter", a little longer of a "treatment" than Psylosybin and the cactus makes dopamine as percusor to the mescaline.

Working through my onion skin layers of inner garbage and reconnecting with all life in nature is wonderful and even magical sometimes.

Mushrooms get all of the attention I think, because of the ease of rapid mass cultivation and availability. The cactus, San Pedro in particular and it's derivatives are a gold mine of healing awaiting theor day. Part of my life purpose is to forward the blessing.

Keep up the good work over there and contact me if yur ever in the Austin area. I'd love to show you my gardens and perhaps we'll have a talk with my good friends Dragonfly and Lizard.




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Nov 29, 2023Liked by Arjun Walia

Thanks for this information. Do you happen to know what countries offer treatment in a safe or controlled manner? I have noticed some people selling doses of psilocybin in pills, but what about working with a trained therapist too?

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