I find it embarrassing that so many self styled Christians are backing this genocide. While I am nor religious I did take the time to read the bible so I could rationalize with these people on their own ground. According to them Christ deemed children innocent, which only a psychopath would dispute. Where in Christ's teachings is this abominable genocide justified? All of the "Christian" bullshit aside, there is only one reason for the travesty of justice in the Middle East. The British and U.S. created Israel by disenfranchising and murdering indigenous people to meat their diabolical greed, first for oil and now for a bypass of the Suez canal. You would think that the average Jewish person would be appalled at this genocide given the holocaust. In this case they are no better than Hitler. I should at this time apologize to the followers of Judaism who are not Zionists as it is not Jews but Zionism and its supporters that are responsible for the current atrocities. Peace to you and never comply or submit to their evil bullshit.

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HOW, can there be a 'FAILURE' in Israeli Intelligence, When 'THEY' are 'Choreographing' THE PLAY?

As for 'Their' OWN 'Victims' = THIS has NEVER been an issue for Historical 'ACTors Or State Proxies' Before,for 'Strategic CONtroll'- OR, Nowadays, How it is in 5 GW = CON-TROLL! Dear oh dear!

Note; Sun Tzu - Art of War ( Chinese Military Strategist/Observer. 'Information & Diversion', can mean up to 80% of Exposure to the 'Enemy' can be Negated- ANY 'Means' necessary. Upgrade, Yr 1999 - 5GW- Chinese again. 5 Gen Warfare, is the War on Individual Perception of Reality, which neatly Meshes into MIS/DIS information parameters being 'Pushed' by Tyrannical Governance @ the Behest of Their Multi Global 'Handlers'- & In League MS Media = Excusing Themselves from Legal Inclusion of Course!

Wellness. - NO 'Failures', By Design!

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Dec 3, 2023·edited Dec 3, 2023

This may seem a little off topic, but it does relate to alleged intelligence failures. I was with the State Department in Vietnam at the time of the infamous Tet Offensive. Diplomats discussed the proposed truce for weeks before the higher powers decided to green light a three-day truce. The arguments against the truce were that previous truces had been violated. With hundreds of thousands of boots on the ground and every reason to be vigilant, 23 targets were attacked simultaneously yet we are told that the movement of troops and equipment never came onto the radar?

I can also assure those who care to know that document security is at best a hypothetical possibility. Documents I myself wrote appeared on the desks of Vietnamese officials without any explanations. We have to assume that there are at least two more myths, one about security being state of the art and another about motivations for reserving the right not to see what is going on much less to tell the truth.

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These are points Jeremy Hammond covers in interviews on the subject, edited in the interest of space “How the accusation of “anti-Semitism” for legitimately criticizing Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians is the height of intellectual and moral cowardice. Zionist movement ruined the friendly relations Arabs and Jews had by getting the British government to deny the Palestinians their right to self-determination while aiming to dispossess the Arabs of their land and ultimately to expel them. How the demographically “Jewish state” of Israel came into being through the ethnic cleansing of most of the Arab population…How to this day Israel has no legally defined borders despite this being one of the requirements of statehood under international law. The important distinction between “a two-state solution” as proposed by Israel and the US under the “peace process” and the two-state solution grounded in international law. How the Palestinians’ recognition of the function of the PA and its corruption was a central reason why Hamas won democratic elections when it participated in the political process in 2005 and 2006. How one of the biggest problems is that so many people refuse to simply start their analysis from the premise that Jews and Arabs have equal rights,

Why Hamas called its 10/7 attacks in Israel “Operation Al Aqsa Flood”, and how it is related to Christian Zionism and the plan by Jewish extremists to destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque to rebuild a Jewish temple at the site where one had existed in ancient times. Why I think the 10/7 attacks were an act of utter desperation on the part of Hamas, the aim being to shatter the status quo and completely change the course of history. How the Netanyahu government in Israel had been using Hamas as a strategic ally to keep the Palestinian leadership divided and prevent any kind of negotiations toward a peaceful resolution to the conflict. How Israel uses the term “human shields” as a euphemism to mean any Palestinian civilians killed by virtue of their being in Gaza, which bears no relationship to the term’s meaning under international law. Here are some additional resources mentioned during our discussion:

My 2016 debate with Rafi Farber about whether the means by which Israel was established in 1948 was legitimate

My debate last month with Alan Futerman about whether Israel is justified in committing war crimes in Gaza in response to Hamas’s 10/7 atrocities in Israel

Jeremy Hammond's book Obstacle to Peace: The US Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

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Dec 2, 2023·edited Dec 2, 2023

It's so simple, almost as simple as "If you've seen one Fascist DEFENSE STAND-DOWN, FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB bombing/attack, YOU'VE SEEN 'EM ALL!"

Who is so dense/cerebrally incapable of recognizing that the October 7th attack was all planned, funded, logistically resourced, coordinated, and carried out by satanic zionazi Isrealhell HQ?!

One has to wonder, is this all but a simulated IQ Test game? One in which the cerebrally deficient are steadily eliminated, picked off by testing through various stages of the most basic retarded of falsified bullshit operations, reiterated in various similar, uncreative forms... forms which cause the satanic zionazi retards to consider themselves of superior intelligence due to their being able to braintrash and bamboozle perhaps millions of wretched human sheeple whose odds of graduating have been greatly and purposely diminished via coerced vaccinations, GMO & conventionally/toxically cultivated foods, petro-chem pollution of both internal and external environments, dissemination of deadly addictive drugs, et al...?

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Murder is murder is murder. It doesn't matter who commits it or for what contrived reason. Again, follow the money. The gas fields off the Palestine coast seem to be the goal for the Western hegemon. Unfortunately, I believe we will all have to soon pay the piper.

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The Means 'Justifies' the Ends- Apparently! I DO NOT see Too many - IF ANY, Western 'DEMONocracies', Telling The Zionists to 'Stand Down'! All I See is 'Encouragement' to 'Get on with it! = A Reflection of GROSS INDIFFERENCE, & I would say, The SAME 'STATES' ( OZtopia Inclusive) 'SHOULD BE EMBARRASSED'!

Alas, These SAME, 'MONKEYS of The ALL-LIED of the Willing', have Seen & Enacted The 'DISINTEGRATION OF MANKIND' on Just about EVERY Continent of This Planet, with Official Frontage of MOCK Grief, At their OWN EVIL DEEDS! The Home Populations of these PROPER REGIMES, Have been Operation Gladio'd [1] Into NEVER ENDING 'Service', Then 'Entertained' by MS Media - ALL OF THEM, as if the 'Fallout' of Liquidating MILLIONS of Men, Women, Children & Infants, was some Arcade Game, or a Cheap, Trashy Paperback fiction - To be Replaced Shortly, by the Next Chapter of Invasion/ Mutilation COMIC [2]'Erasion'! - THOUSANDS OF YEARS OF CIVILIZATION, GONE ON A STRATEGIC WHIM!

As for Current Gaza 'Ethnic Cleansing', The Suez canal, has Always been a Pain to the Europeans - Who believe, AND Have Attempted Multiple times to 'By-Pass' & OR/Wrestle IT'S Control From Those Egyptians ( Well, at least since 1956 When President Nasser tore up The CONcession papers) - Alternate, The Ben Gurion Canal 'By Pass' ( Projected back in the 60's ).

Bad news for Locals - Gaza IS in the Way!= NO problems!

[1] NATO operation Gladio ( 1960's > STILL current); Paraphrase; ' It may be necessary from time to time to Enact Activities & Events on HOME Soil Against A Weary Population, to entice/ Leverage that same Home Population to fight Unsavoury Wars on Foreign Soils.'

[2] COMIC; Corporate Organised Military Industrial CONplex.

Last; The THIEVES come ALL, No longer Shirk in the Shadow of Night, But Brazen by Day, Armed with CONTROL & DIVERSIONS, STEALS THE SELF - WITHOUT 'Resistance!'


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Dec 2, 2023·edited Dec 3, 2023

It is rare enough, and so refreshing, to find evidence of an aware mind in an article online questioning the satanic vatican/Jesuit & talmudic Isrealhell zionazi-controlled mainstream prostituted corporate FauxNewsmedia bullshit regarding the 'who-why-how-wtf for?' narratives of the mammonomics-worshiping matrix gangster-banksters & warmongers & endless bullshit-slingers.

Nevertheless, due to the potential threat and penalties imposed against truth-speaking, I find even such articles as this one are watered down, diluted in their expression of what might otherwise be spot-on declarations of mutually liberating truths.

This is precisely why my guidance has been to avoid becoming a money-bot matrix slave with a college-braintrashed education and diploma, i.e., I chose not to follow a college-dictated course of journalistic studies: I intuitively knew that the course of such education would corrupt and corral my thinking into a capitalist/nationalist/monetized/

prostituted mindset that would prevent me from being able to express the truths that would actually fulfill the original intent of the profession of journalism, i.e., to accurately and truthfully set forth in writing the ideas & awarenesses that precipitate an intelligently directed & unified population of citizens who live, strive, and speak for the highest awakened truthful benefit and good of ALL.

"College is a place where uniquely individual divine diamonds are diminished & dimmed...and where pretty paltry pebbles of hierarchical corporate obedience are groomed, preened, primped, polished, and pimped. " (cf. Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Sectarian religious beliefs and sectarian patriotic nationalist identifications --- the boundaries of which are both physically and ideologically defended by armies and weaponries of subservient, dumbed-down, armed, provincial soldiers, serfs, and goons --- are constructs and projections of the deluded, educated, "civilized" mind... which, of course, has no longer (and never has had) any actual civilization to defend or protect.

Thus even the superior news pieces we read will suggest that, as readers, we should "question the narratives" of the satanic newsmongers, as their narratives "may contain lies that may be detrimental to our lives" when it would be more truthful, accurate, beneficial, and positively liberating to posit, clearly and definitively that these satanic corporate prostituted demons are always blood-letting, blood-splattering, and blood-sucking LIARS, vipers, vampires, and vultures, and that only persons who are deficient in moral character and mental capacity can tolerate exposure to even a few seconds of the incessant uniform shitstream reiterations of these satanic, endlessly lying, murderously aligned demons, once we have sufficiently learned key points of truth and character discernment from a more pure and mature divine perspective.

We are in an ego-projected self-fashioned unsustainable hell of falsehood and delusion, and we are individually & collectively faced with determining how to extricate/liberate ourselves therefrom... ever faced with the challenge of discerning truth and true universal liberated soul values from all manner and grades of false satanic/ego-derived HORSESHIT.

""Even... after... eons gone...

Holy Solar Ma never says to Her infinite offspring 'You owe Me.'

Behold! What unfolds... from this pure Unicity/Oneness Awareness... Earth & Sky are warm & light... and ALL remain FREE."" (cf. Hafiz)

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I keep remembering all the protests against Netanyahu throughout the summer. This attack united the country behind him again - temporarily at least. He is extremely unpopular and this was probably a "good break" for him in terms of staying in power (and not getting arrested apparently)

I did see a clip on TV last night showed an all-woman brigade and one female soldier in particular having warned about seeing rehearsals for the attack and getting nowhere. Male chauvinism or just hubris. Either way yes the only lesson out of this is that we stop choosing teams and work for humanity and the Planet.

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Of course Israel knew, just as the US knew of the 9/11 attacks! It's all part of the Agenda 2030 and one-world government. Long time in the planning, getting closer, unless many more wake up!

The US wanted its Middle East wars and spoils, Israel wants a "Greater Israel" and the very rich resources in Gaza, as well as to create a "Suez Canal" through Gaza

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All part of the Depopulation agenda, Georgia Guidestones put their plan written in Stone... How much more evidence do you need? Those people are evil to the Nth degree. Time to rid the planet of the psychopaths in power. They amassed so much money they allow millions of people annually to starve to death, while the poorest of those blood line families could raise the standard of living of the whole planet to everyone living like a millionaire and never touch their generational wealth. Now their greed wants ultimate power over the planet. They are sick and evil. We The People of the planet don't need their kind on the planet. There is no justification for 9/11/07 nor what is going on in the middle east. Israel isn't the Israel of the bible.. Do your own historical research... Peace...

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I believe Egypt warned them as well.. and they ignored it. Just like the US did after being warned about 9/11. I too feel horrible for what has happened to people on all sides... but you pose important questions here.

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I find it extremely peculiar that the highly acclaimed Israeli intelligence service, the Mossad, had no “prior” knowledge concerning the eventual border incursion.

Yet apparently they know exactly where, just about every Hamas member is.


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All of this sort of thing is staged - false flags, info control, social engineering, etc. for ages - who's on top?:


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I believe there is definitely a lot of that going on, but I don't think it's that simple. It's much more complicated than the entire thing being staged I think. It's so hard to make sense of certain things with so much corruption and propaganda going on.....In the article towards the end I do mention false flags.

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Dec 2, 2023·edited Dec 2, 2023

I have to agree with Beau: It is all quite simply the same simple basic tired old bullshit over and over again; it's all very simple, and we are taught to think the people who run the world are much smarter than us, whereas it is perfectly clear that they are retarded degenerate satanic troglodytes using weapons of deadly force to defend their stolen material mammonomic shit/wealth/empires, and ever trying to hold everybody else down at their level of dividedness, delusion, degradation, dishonesty, and mutually destructive degeneracy... rather than awakening to the awareness that we can live for the ever-present universal liberative sanity of whole-y Unicity/Oneness Reality wherein every being recognizes that as we treat others, so shall we be treated, and as we deprive others, so shall we thereby likewise be deprived... a perfectly simple, basic lesson that any bright, unvaccinated child can easily grasp. ALL IS ONE.

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Dec 2, 2023·edited Dec 2, 2023

It definitely works in their favor that we all believe everything is "too complicated to understand". Technocracy is just the latest regime to 'wannabe" rulers of the world and is getting close as its machinations proceed unnoticed behind a myriad of skillfully deployed distractions.

With virtually total control of most all media forms, it has a choke hold on the flow of all information such that they define and maintain the worldview of the masses. We exist at a time when plans first formed generations ago approach consummation. I have personally tracked its progress in detail since the turn of the century. That no one can conceive such control is possible is a classic "Big Lie" the helps make it possible.

"It's so hard to make sense of certain things with so much corruption and propaganda going on"

.....is the perfect symptom of their success!!:

"The ideal subject of totalitarianism is....people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction, true and false, no longer exists." - Hannah Arendt

Banksters have ALWAYS been the ones at the top of the pyramid (5 min):


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