"I’ve been curious about these sorts of questions my whole life. Who are we? Why are we here? What is the nature of our potential as humans? Can we live in society in a more connected and abundant way?"

I too have been fascinated with these questions my whole life.

Mediumship and channeling - another area of interest for me. I wrote an article on the late 1800s, which is a period I'm strongly drawn and partial to, where I touch on how mediumship was something incredibly popular at the time. It feels like it was a time when humanity was thinking outside of the box, Nicola Tesla comes to mind as well. There are a number of things from present-day that feel reminiscent of that period for me, the fleetingness of time, technological advancements, and an interest in spirituality, paranormal and channeling.

I also find that there's a real felt sense among many in my generation that they have incarnated for a mission, at a critical time in humanity's evolution. To me, it feels like these current of thought are increasingly pervading our collective consciousness and more people are taking interest in the reality we cannot see, but can feel, perceive.

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I read the links in this article. Got me thinking about how our thoughts can affect the material world. I will spend time each day visiualizing the healing of the soil in Lahania, Maui. They say the soil, is contaminated. I imagine mushrooms growig, mushrooms that have the amazing capacity to take even toxic materials and transform them. See the work of Paul Stamets. Anyone want to join me in this visualization?

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I haven't listened to the channelings. However, I know with absolute certainty we are not only material bodies. I think when culture only values the material, problems of separation follow. The Bible was telling us that the supernatural realm is primary, and we ignore that to our detriment. Jesus over and over displayed this truth, but it is not understood. Also, something has to be given up in order to participate in the invisible realm, it isn't automatic. The mind can be very arrogant, a real stumbling block.

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This is what I've been saying! At this point in our reality, we need to start truly investigating all sources of possible information. No topic should be off the table.

I said this quote this AM: "Physics is for the material world; metaphysics is for the spiritual world."

Until we start looking deep into the spiritual world, we WON'T be able to make sense of this physical world. This is the ethos of my upcoming book:


PS: If we should investigate everything, we really need to start looking into topics not previously explored (e.g., the Geocentric Model of Ptolemy) and what that means for our reality, as Tesla showed us:



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