Hi Joe, To be honest, I didn't read this article. I was trying to track down one of your pieces so I could comment on your request for a donation. I'd love to donate to you but don't own crypto or anything like it and I don't use paypal as I thought what they did to the Canadian Truckers was ugly. I just want to use a credit card--even though that is also troubling to me because I want to use cash when at all possible. Please make it possible for me to donate by credit card. I will bend my principles if you can come my way a bit. :))

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Exposure like this wakes people up. Carry on Joe This life and the next few should be pleasant for you. You've done enough already. Peace


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You, Joe, me, and millions of others have done the same "wrong" thing you have and that's shining a light in very dark places. You know, those dark places where the masses hang out feeling safe because they don't know they've been lied to on a grand scale, for eons, no less.

I would not have had the stomach to even take their "re-education test," but I'm glad you did and I read all the inane questions posed to you. Thank you for doing that, and for all your tireless work in disseminating information which never makes it to the mainstream.

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First, I really can feel and understand your frustration and sadness about how much these types of policies have impacted the work you and your team have been doing for these past several years. In a more perfect, more just world, you'd have a large media presence, with accolades from across the spectrum, and the financial rewards that come with such a project.

Instead, you're giving the rest of us a lesson in integrity and perseverance and now...well...doing it with humor. You see, I have to say much as I do, ahem, "feel your pain" on this one, I also found your presentation of this story rather amusing (in a good way). I often feel one of my core messages is how much humor is a wonderful weapon in this odd war we find ourselves in.

Now, I'm at the risk of turning my comment into a post itself, but before I finish, I want to compliment this post for how you utilized this Substack site/app, in particular, how you had screenshots of all of the asinine questions and comments from YouTube to make it easy for readers like me to follow the story (and feel some of the Kafka-esque frustration! Shiver me timbers!).

As content creators, I believe it's important for us to SHOW the (mis)behavior of the tech companies who host our content, to hold them accountable, and, by doing that, maybe we'll get something better.

And last, as a teacher, congrats on your new degree---you can now teach the world about the wonders of YouTube Re-Education! LOL

Keep up the good work, man!!

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It is sad that we have thrown away our "thinking caps" and allowed ourselves to fall into where we are, in grave danger of being so completely controlled by the Cabal. However, I do believe that the Universe (God) is wise intelligent mindfulness, and wisdom does control reality. By God first allowing us to have what the majority need/want: allowing the Cabal to do all thinking for us so we don't have to do any thinking on our own, after a few millennium we get tired of being slaves to other's wishes and begin to grow up, painfully begin to realize that having allowing ourselves to become slaves—allowing others to control our thoughts— isn't really that cool after all. We begin to develop self realization and self realization is the foundation for self thinking. In due course, all of us will mature and become mindful citizens of the Universe.

Like everything else in this universe, time is duel in nature. Time can allow us 'time' to get an important job done, or it can manifest as a frustration in that, what we percieve should happen, is taking its own sweet 'time' in happening. Positive and negative aspects of creation or, patience and impatience.

I feel that our problem is, because of our own evolutionary imaturity, we fail—or are still unable to understand the Mind of God. Why would any intelligence—like universal intelligence—allow itself to be nagatgively destroyed: allow the Cabal to ultimately rule? Just like a weightlifter needs to lift weights (negativity) in order to gain strength, so do we need the Cabal to 'push' us into becoming spiritually stronger.

Joe, you are doing a fantastic job in how you have pushed both Collective Evolution and The Pulse into the giants that they have become. Please keep in mind that it's not just you, it also is all of your subscribers to both podcasts that have made you into the powerhouse that ALL of us have become! The reason YouTube is giving you so much trouble is because they know, and have felt your strength. They're actually afraid of you and what podcasts lilke yours will do to them.

There isn't a hope in hell that they can stop you (and us)!

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I don't why anybody would still be on Youtube. Rumble and others are adding many ways to monitize and the platforms are growing to reach many. I rarely get content on youtube now unless its just not available on the other platforms I would hope many would do the same, use the ones that we have voice and always send those links to friends, good luck with youtube.

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Instagram permanently removed my account. I was never using it. No idea why.

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Nov 16·edited Nov 16

i think that there is much more direct involvement of AI in the whole "reeducation process" than one may think. And the training is much broader than just doing the course and answering all the questions correctly. If we accept that the cabal (or whomever) is driving us all towards transhumanism, it is logical to assume that transhumanism is already much more in effect in the inner sanctum of YouTube itself, than it is presently out here in the still-human reality. It may even be a mistake to assume that when you get some kind of direct personal response from (human) administrators of YouTube, that it is really a human communication. It could be that all people working at YouTube follow AI's direction on what to write, or maybe just put their human identity to everything AI has composed already. i see this when talking to my bank about getting them to remove the 2-step account verification process since i know my internet connection etc. is safe and secure and it's a hassle to keep doing the 2nd step -- but they tell me that their system has determined it's necessary in regards to my internet connection, and it's clear that they won't, and likely even can't, override it.

A big part of the "reeducation" process is likely subliminal and based on emotional conditioning and not about what it seems to be overtly. Also don't forget that Google has developed a profile of every user and that profile has a strong psychological component to it. So the subliminal "reeducation" that you're encountering is likely tailored to you specifically, which may serve to explain why other posters have been treated differently with regards to their content.

But also their larger goal is to influence the followers you have, each with their own profile and demographics etc., and increase the collective effect they then have on our society and its progression towards the transhumanist agenda. So taking all this into account, no human could possibly analyze and evaluate the overall effect of what you post, and determine the specific subliminal signals YouTube needs to send to you, that would incrementally mold our society towards their transhumanist goal. Of course your balanced "making sense" journalistic style is probably proving to be a particularly difficult challenge for AI. Maybe you could take all this into account and work towards making your posts, a 'wrench in the digital gears' of AI. You'd probably need a computer to decide on how to tailor your posts to counter AI's measures, but one protected from being hijacked (not just hacked) by negative 'agencies.' i've read about how the Romanians dealt with this issue and used sacred geometry/mathematics to develop computer programs which resisted hijack https://www.amazon.ca/Etheric-Crystal-Third-Tunnel/dp/1937859223/ Alternately, you could develop a process of being informed from a place other than your own personality. i really don't know what that could look like, but it seems the human personality and its deeper (unconscious) processes are what they are targeting -- for everyone, plus using the Hundredth Monkey Effect to mold the collective unconscious of all of us, through media (both mainstream and alternative).

These are excerpts from what you've written that stand out for me as being part of AI's subliminal programming:

"I reached out to a number of YouTube execs and local high-ranking YouTube employees telling them our story. None of them responded to me, but months later in Feb of 2022, I got this email . . . admitt[ing] to making a mistake, however, they never explained anything further. On top of that, they left a “warning” on our account. Why a warning? I have no idea. If we had done nothing wrong, why do we still have a warning?" So a late reply with an apology, but no action behind it -- as in your emotional needs seem to be met, but there is a split now, since there is no granting of permission behind the acknowledgement. How did your perception of YouTube as an authority (even as a bad one), change as a result ? Could this be an inference about what to expect from an interaction with AI in general -- separating our feelings from our independent will (e.g. to post) -- eventually . . . feeling happy to get acknowledged by the supreme authority (after much patient waiting), but never expecting any real change in our ability to effect the world around us ?

But then you actually got to "take action" (that was missing) by doing the questionnaire. What influence did that have (subconsciously) ? Getting all the questions "correct" and getting a "genius" certificate that you posted on your wall (even though i'm sure it was done sarcastically, it still has some effect on your inner workings).

I suppose the result they achieved is something like this: "it’s tough constantly trying to pivot, never knowing when you’re going to get in trouble for doing nothing wrong . . ." Have you subconsciously made AI an authority which operates by strange, unpredictable rules of its own, and around which everything else in your life pivots ? and "Now, I just focus on what I can control and the impact I know I can make. Instead of reaching 10’s of millions of people each month, we reach a couple million but focus on driving DEEPER with portions of our audience who are really engaged in growing and developing skills" Has your locus of control been limited and controlled, or do you now just believe its that way due to the subconscious programming ? But i think it great that you're going "DEEPER" though.

"YouTube's gaslighting is endless, and still they can't explain what was 'wrong' with our content" -- how much has this need to get things set straight by an authority figure affected you on a deeper level ? Is this a reflection of a personal emotional complex to do with some personal authority figure in your past, which AI has now activated ?

Joe, i do greatly appreciate your work, and i'm not trying to point out your emotional patterns. We all have them since we're human. But i believe this is a real threat that AI (or rather the aliens behind it) are using to incrementally mold our society, and human nature itself, towards their transhumanist goal. We need to focus our consciousness on this personally tailored subliminal programming we're all experiencing through our on-line activity (and more), and catch them in the act, before they gain full access. It is our Achilles Heel and they've found it.

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I barely use YouTube anymore. They're clearly under the yokel of the U.S. government's censorship regime. And wait until Bill C-11/18 kicks in for Canadian content creators. It's going to be a bloodbath.

You were denied on appeal. Sounds like the Canadian justice system. You're moot!

Sorry to hear about all this. It angers and infuriates me. One has to trust that karma is real and that YouTube is gonna get its comeuppance like George Amberson did.

Hey, at least you got that neat Nedification diploma.

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Should we all just ignore YouTube? Maybe we just all... go away, and never come back.

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It’s sad that the world is in this place. All we can do is work on ourselves and be as present as possible. Love your writing! I hope you guys are able to stay creating great grounded content for many many more years.. I’m also so grateful you guys haven’t let the demonetization and attacks stop you. Thank you!

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The gall these companies have.. I can't say I enjoy Rumble. But at least it does exist. I think YouTube is realizing they can't push too hard or too many will leave. Hope you all keep going!

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I remember when this happened and you guys released a video about it. I couldn't believe they gave your account back. But then they keep deleting content anyway? lol this must be so frustrating and infuriating. You guys have been through a lot. It's impressive you stick with it. I think I would have said fuck it by now haha.

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This is chilling. 🥴

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So, there are some of us who are thwarting some others of us. What I am getting at is: This is all one thing... movement. There is no 'separate power'. We are. Hmmm. I have this feeling, because of being marginalized/thwarted by 'powers that be', that there is something out there in the 'not knowing what I don't know' that would make the 'powers that be' not matter. Hmmm. I wonder if we formed an energetic, of a group of folks (unpaid), who are 'allowing the new to arise'... hmmm... what new way would we see? I wonder what that would look like. I wonder how that would 'come together'. Hmmm

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