Joe you’re awesome!

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Absolutely loved reading this, thank you for these inspiring words!!

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I must say after reading the essay and the comments There are some really brilliant people out there. So why are our governments so stupid at times?? I look at our suburbs and the sprawl of boxed houses and think why do we keep on building them like this? Why not build them differently so they are much more aligned with nature. This is but one of many examples and thoughts on how colonialism has taken hold of our mind set. I'm all for my front lawn being a garden or Canadian grass (plants) being just what they are instead of trying to kill them with synthetic fertilizer for the sake of a nice pretty one plant only plot of dirt not to mention the mass produced food from industrial farming.

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Please define Deep State as you understand it.

A lot of people throw that term around, but it seems to mean different things to different people.

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Thanks Joe for the inquiry. In my world, there are (and always have been) visions and actions for a better world, it's just that they are mostly local and small scale and we don't hear about them. I'm glad you mentioned systems thinking, but in my mind it is capitalism (the never-ending push for growth, measuring economic progress in GDP, the dept economy) and our disconnect from the natural world (in its fullest sense) which is a big part the problem. These attitudes were entrenched during colonialism and the industrial revolution and still continue today - the planet and its peoples are a 'resource' to be plundered, not nurtured and cooperated with. Many indigenous societies and some groups of visionaries still live the life of a connected, sentient natural world where we can nurture each other to mutual benefit. But nowhere have I seen that scaled up globally - I live in hope!

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Catherine has mentioned it twice in online conversation but I don't know if she has ever published the report.

One thing I remember her saying is that our monetary system is currently based on debt creation, but that is a scam, and money can be created without debt.

Attorney and economist Ellen Brown has a similar view, and you can find plenty of her writings at ellenbrown.com

Here's a recent post: https://ellenbrown.com/2023/09/01/more-banks-to-fail-not-in-north-dakota/

Ellen has been advocating for public state banks for many years. She pointed out that Canada has a public bank called the Bank of Canada, that basically brought Canada out of the Great Depression; however, commercial banks didn't like the competition and convinced then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau to regulate things differently.

So now Canada borrows money from commercial banks at compound interest instead of issuing its own money to be loaned to the Provinces at a very low or no interest rate.

And there is now a threat that there will be no banks in Canada after June 30, 2025, since the population will supposedly all be enslaved and reliant on CBDC's. See The Bank Act:


I don't know what to make of The Bank Act. I sent a note to Brian Peckford at his blog and he said he would look into it, but that was a few weeks ago and I have heard nothing yet.

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If history is our teacher, then it is certainly clear that we are living in an evolutionary world. That is why our world is set up in such a way so that we can learn from it what is considered universally good, what is considered bad, plus a world that can, like in a mirror, reflect back to us our shortcomings and our strengths. The world is our classroom. Why has universal consciousness done so? So that we can, eventually, become gods like our predecessors did.

Quite frankly, I think we, as a unique species in our own evolutionary right, are doing very well in our upward limb. If we look back at our early beginning history and compare just how cruel and inconsiderate our forefathers were in their daily affairs and compare their lifestyle to ours, I think it's clear: compassion, love and intelligence is beginning to bloom.

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Are the root causes the absence of morality and honesty rather than political systems?

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Hello Joe: it feels like it has been forever since I last participated. I have remained a paying member since I first discovered you many moons ago. I feel it is time to take part once again and participate in this amazing journey you have taken us on in our attempt to "save the world" and create the "New Earth" we have been collectively dreaming of. Just a thought - science is exploring all the possibilities of how quantum physics and quantum entanglement affects our understanding of the reality we believe we live in, it also offers the answer to the question you just posed. Using different words, such as the semantics of metaphysics, I believe I am ready to get back into our discussion groups and do what I usually do - introduce some new thoughts where perhaps we may "see" with new eyes. Looking forward to renewing my friendship with some of the earlybird members and meeting new friends along the way.

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Nov 9·edited Nov 9

Thank you for being committed to planetary and internal healing for all these years. I think people have PTSD and so they illogically hoard wealth and continue familiar neural patterns that have been warped by trauma - both internally and collectively.

Even though we have the technology to actually feed clothe and protect all beings, not to mention hidden energy technologies that could replace most wasteful industries - there has been an anti life/anti mother / anti Earth/anti heart energy that has run this planet and environmental issues and poverty is a symptom of this crisis of the spirit/heart.

Maybe it sounds naive but I truly think the answer is banning cruel practices like circumcision and healing the PTSD within people (especially men) using somatic healing/breathwork and plant medicine to heal the “reptilian” like behavior (wetiko mind virus) that has run those with a greedy imperialistic spirit within them who keep business as usual because it is a familiar neural groove in their traumatized mind that has become afraid of change for fear of incurring pain or a loss of control.

Maybe it sounds naive but I pray these topics become normalized before the wetiko energy attempts to homogenize plant medicine as it represents the ultimate in chaos, which is what a stagnant system fears the most.

Messiness and Creativity and “Big Emotions” need to be normalized so people can feel safe to “make mistakes” in their pursuit of thinking outside the box.

It is those who have done the shadow work who have been able to see this pandemic for what it truly is because we have been able to face the darkness within ourselves, which PTSD often makes difficult.

I hope this helps add to the discussion! I appreciate you so much Joe?

Just some thoughts to add ! Thanks for all you share!

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All too often in my life I have been shocked by people's reaction to the poor and downtrodden. The contempt and and cold hearted disconnect is baffling to me. So many people without a shred of compassion or empathy for the unfortunate is to me baffling. I have been berated in public by people who thought I was foolish to give money to a young girl on the street. She was only maybe fourteen or fifteen and I still remember how cold her hand was when she took the handful of change I took from my pocket. The fear in her eyes was heartbreaking. That was almost forty years ago and I still wonder what happened to that child.

"She's only out here because she wants to be" an older workmate said to me. I was shocked but unfortunately at a loss for words at the time. Being much older now I wouldn't hesitate to offer my opinion now. What possible hell could this child have experienced to prefer to be out on the streets?

Unfortunately I'll never know as I never had the courage to ask her and in any event she would have probably viewed me as another pervert coming to hurt her if I would have stopped to ask.

The point is too few of us stop and offer a kindness to a stranger. Like the song says "A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet:. Maybe next time you are out you will think of this and offer kindness to the "friend you haven't met yet."

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Something - someone - technology? may inspire a critical mass to sense their connection and non-separation with the whole -- with the commensurate ability to facilitate change. Could come thru Disclosure, Neuralink (Yuck) or some other total black swan never before imagined occurrence.

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Nov 8·edited Nov 8Liked by Joe Martino

Excellent essay! Definitely feeling the reminder to spend some of my time thinking about the 'new vision.'

I'm curious, are there any books or anything you recommend on these sorts of topics? I'd like to keep feeding my mind. I went through eps 1 - 7 of your podcast a while ago and it was really enlightening. Hungry for more though! Oh, also looking forward to your course too!

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Dolly back to the Big Picture, where one can see that there is only ONE problem....resolve this ONE problem, and all our other problems fall like a house of cards!! Each of the myriad resolution proposals put forth these days is arguably fruitless without addressing this single root issue. History bears this out.

The problem itself is no revelation, nor an original idea. Anyone familiar with 'Wetiko' already resonates with the diagnosis. Yet, the very notion that this problem can be directly addressed, let alone resolved, lies beyond what most of us believe is possible. Herein lies our greatest challenge.

The following vision for resolution encourages us to expand the scope of our thoughts beyond the recycling of now common rhetoric and hollow platitudes, amidst cliched themes, articulated by the usual suspects, and always constrained by the limits of our ancient (and now rapidly expiring) consensus reality:


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Thank you for your essay.

Have you read Graham Hancock's powerful book Lords of Poverty?

Very insightful on the Global corruption that's been happening for a long, long time.

Thanks for Being YOU & Sharing your life in support of humanity's evolution towards GOOD with Love & Compassion.

Take Care,


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Intentional Communities - Introduction;

After Bobby Kennedy was killed in the summer of 1968 and the war in Vietnam escalated, many of the young reformers gave up on the dream of challenging the status quo and decided to start to move “back to the land”.

My high school buddies and I had all stayed in contact after graduation, joined the work force, got married and started having children of our own. In 1970, together, we planned and hiked the fifty mile long West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island. This camaraderie eventually led to us quitting our jobs, moving to Mabel Lake and the birth of the Common Good Co-op.

We found a small community called Kingfisher nestled beside the Shuswap River that felt like it must be Paradise. We experimented for two years, with an alternate life style that was at times challenging but also incredibly rewarding. I learned a lot about human nature, our capacity for sharing and caring, but also our primal desire for privacy, friendship and respect. These lessons would help guide me later in my life.

The following outline describes a structure that I believe could contribute to the success of some of the pioneering efforts to establish a new direction for society.


This structure is designed to encourage participation and the exchange of ideas and at the same time solve the paralyzing problem of the consensus decision process.

The Community:

The Community Association consists of members, associate members, and guests. Members can sponsor a guest to join the community. Community members have responsibilities and benefits. The long term goal is to provide a healthy environment for an extended community based on cooperation and sharing, eventually providing food, shelter, transportation, health and dental care, recreation and education services for the members.

Startup Funding:

The community will be self funded and sustainable. The founders will provide the initial Community Fund to establish the facility. When the Lodge is ready for occupancy we will start to invite seniors to apply to become Founding Members. We will eventually form our own Credit Union. Founding members will be expected to liquidate their assets, resolve their family financial commitments and then contribute the balance to the Community Fund. This initial contribution will be redeemable on departure from the community.

Cooperative Governance:

Step 1: Guiding principals are formulated and Founders establish a base to support the development of a community association.

Step 2: Incorporate a co-op to manage assets and structure the community membership requirements.

Step 3: Establish a dispute resolution council. Founders will choose the original Chief. The Chief will then choose the original five Shepherds, two the first year, one the second year and the final two in the third year. Shepherds will serve for a term of 5 years. A Shepherds’ term may be extended one time only, for an additional two years, with unanimous agreement of the Council.

Council Member Representation:

The Chief has no set term. A retiring chief will be succeeded by the Shepherd who has been a member of the Council for the longest term or has unanimous support of the other four Shepherds. The Shepherd Council will always consist of five members. When a Shepherd retires the Community members will submit up to three candidates to apply for the vacancy. The Shepherd Council will then choose one of the applicants.

Dispute Resolution Procedure:

Members are encouraged to resolve conflicting issues according to the founding principles. The Shepherd Council can be asked to make a determination to resolve an issue. The Shepherd Directive can be appealed to the Chief. The Chief’s decision can only be overturned with unanimous agreement by the Shepherds.


The Chief may from time to time designate Guides to oversee the planning and scheduling of the communities’ daily events.

General Business:

The community will establish various ad hoc committees to deal with issues pertaining to the well being of the community. The committees will be structured following the Cooperative Governance principals by first electing a Leader who will then choose five Advisors.

There will be two permanent committees established: Development, to determine future community projects and Finance, to allocate funding resource priorities.


Every contributing community member will receive the same weekly stipend.

Link to https://wisdomquest.com for a description of our current project.

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