It is a FACT that covid doesn’t exist. 1 there is no test -2 event 201 - 3 never been seen let alone isolated. 4 Never trust the government, ever The government is not your friend

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These folks found four subliminal tracks imbedded in the movie which according to them are using sound frequency as directed energy weapons.


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Having observed Barry’s insertion into the demonic DC web of deception through Clinton associations. His appointments as PRESIDENT of USA federal corporation , the ensuing horrible implementation of war and mayhem ... As with the Clinton cancer energy’s , I kept it , the OBAMA demonic frequencies out of my home and purview.

Hence , as with all known destructive entities , I would avoid anything and everything directly or peripherally associated with the subject “movie” soul and spirit cancer in fact.

Dance with the devil and expect good things or blessings?

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I was thinking about if you could review more movies and documentaries on the Pulse?

Something that your audience could learn from.

You could also review books relevant to the audience.

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This is one of the best articles I've read on Substack, especially the last section. Like you, I often despair at the nihilism among those who think they are 'awake', particularly those who think everything is planned, down to the very last detail. I often ask: if that's the case, if the enemy really is THAT powerful that they control everything all the time, why don't we all just drink the Kool Aid now and save ourselves from enslavement in their coming digital Matrix? We MUST hope that the direction of travel our society is going in can be changed - or what's the point?

Regarding this film, on the whole I agree with you that it's likely just a manifestation of the concerns we all have. There's been a spate of films along a similar theme lately (the theme being: government f***ing with us all). 'They Cloned Tyrone' is another that springs to mind, which is very different in style but again hits on this idea that our society is vulnerable to manipulation. That said, I do find it curious that the Obamas chose to put their name, and fundraising efforts, toward this story in particular, given the number of projects on the go in Hollywood at any one time. You would have thought a film about, say, global warming wiping out humanity would be more up their alley. I do wonder if they at least were trying to send some sort of message - or even a warning.

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Very beautiful, thought-provoking piece.

You see, Humanity is already programmed to believe in an apocalyptic end and to be terrified of it. What if movies like these serve as tools to help trigger these believes and fears laying deep in our subconscious?

Because when these fears come to the surface, then there's a better chance that they can be healed, that we can shine light on them.

We are going through a period of intense healing with so much of it happening without our realization.

We hold within us the power that steers and directs everything, and that power is working through us to create a better, peaceful and abundant future for humanity.

And so, in a way, it does not matter what our response to the movie is. If it's positive, then it is a reflection of the truth, if it's negative, it is an opportunity for healing.

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I nearly wasn’t going to watch this movie when I found out the Obama’s were involved in it but curiosity got the better of me. I quite enjoyed it surprisingly, but found it just another apocalyptic scenario movie like all the others that have been made since the epic 2012 movie and the rest. If you want scary just look up to the skies daily and wonder what damage to our earth’s environment is doing with all this geoengineering which has been going on for decades. If you haven’t seen this happening you obviously spend too much time looking down at your phone and not gazing at our skies which aren’t blue anymore but a hazy grey. Apocalyptic bush fires now with the added aluminium, strontium and barium let loose on all that we hold dear, animals, forests, food production, water and us people. Now that would be a monumental movie if they could get that on Netflix !

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I haven’t seen this film but I did get a great deal to think about. So many abysmal, depressing and nihilistic scenarios have been put out there about the future that it can seem overwhelming just to consider but humans are hard wired for both creating social networks and to survive. For “us” beasties the two are intertwined.

I read a couple EOTWAWKI themed novels a decade or so ago and I must admit, it made me feel a bit panicked. I wanted to acquire the supplies/gear/reinforcements to survive in place plus keep bug-out ready packs handy. I did take a couple small steps toward that goal but began to think I’d simply become paranoid. I do think that in the face of a collapsed communications network it might behoove family and or existing social group connections to have some preset plans for supporting one another.

I’m gonna think about what you’ve put out there for consideration and discuss this with my family first of all. In fact I can see where it might be helpful to engage local facilities such as nursing homes, hospitals, church & civic groups to devise a game plan. Just having a few prearranged plans might help ppl feel less stressed out at the thought. I think preparedness is a great relief for peace of mind. I’m sure bad actors would take the opportunity to prey upon the most vulnerable but then that’s what they do. We’re just used to being able to call 911. We live in a semi rural no man’s land where local emergency services are largely volunteer and still use air-raid type sirens to call reinforcements in.

I don’t know how much of the COVID debacle was orchestrated but I do know that our govmint lied about much of it and that’s fact. There was a patent on the virus held by our own feds and they knew it wasn’t novel at all.

Anyhow, thanks for the heads up.

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The cast in this is all bloodline family members of all the kings of england. Obama is one of them as well or Barry Dunham. As far as a cyber attack, count on it.

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Dec 20, 2023Liked by Joe Martino

I enjoyed the movie even though it was a bit unsettling. I resonate most with your take in the film being a mirror. We need to put more stake in our human condition and how much power we have to change it as individuals.

I see some suggested the attention on this movie is like a self fulfilling prophecy where our thoughts create this frightening reality in the future, but look at the most impactful events like 9/11 or COVID, no one was obsessing over these things and yet they happened and changed a lot... where was our consciousness on those ones? This movie might bring more awareness that could squash these ideas like this. Who knows.

Thanks for the thoughtful questions at the end too. Always a positive take. 🙏

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There is one other take. That by viewing films like this and putting these scenarios in our mind, we are essentially helping to create them. We create with our thoughts! We need to be making and viewing films about a future we want.

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Dec 20, 2023·edited Dec 20, 2023Liked by Joe Martino

This movie is more suggestive than "predictive" in that it sets up a fear-based scenario in the subconscious of people's minds that can then be used as a trigger for something related, but it's not that what happened in the movie will actually be played out in real life. i feel that it's likely a set up for a fake cyberattack on world banking systems whereby they will then make the CBDCs mandatory and the only legal currency, with personal digital IDs necessary to access them. There will not be a breakdown of society and people fighting each other. Mandatory CBDCs and digital IDs are a hurdle they need to overcome since they know that many people will resist them, so the idea is to prime people to be in fear of a cyberattack, which when it seems to be happening will create collective fear and rampant conspiracy theories (but not an actual meltdown of society). This collective fear once activated, will then be manipulated further with threats of loss of personal freedoms as well as some actual restrictions. (They already instilled that pattern into our collective subconscious through covid and can easily re-enable it.) In getting us to believe we are facing a complete breakdown of society, it will also act as a diversion from their true goal of introducing the CBDCs and digital IDs, since the latter will be seen as a lesser threat against all the conspiracy theories. (Remember they in effect made "disinformation" valid, by seemingly trying to stop it while at the same time, having it be clear to the awake, that their attempts were phony. Now many people are primed to believe all conspiracy theories as being potentially true.)

Your article is a good exposé of all the many possibilities that can happen, but it is also playing right into their hands, since they want people to go wild about what the movie could mean, which then primes the fear impulse and sets up a pattern where all those possibilities can then activated in people's minds simultaneously, when it is triggered, not just one, i.e. CBDCs and digital IDs. i searched for "predictive programming" and your article came up as the second hit, so this implies they are pushing it.

As i have written in some comments to other articles on The Pulse, i feel we are in a special situation on the planet, which seems like being enclosed in an echo chamber where ideas get bounced around and embellished through entertainment and social media, while mainstream media provides initial triggers to start this process. This embeds these trigger memes in our collective subconscious, as well as maintaining a high level of fear and stress. i feel the echo chamber is real in that we are being cut off, isolated, from the grounding input we normally receive from Nature and also from the orienting input we receive at our soul level, from the greater cosmos. i believe the massive number of StarLink satellites now orbiting the planet, putting out detrimental frequencies (which they claim is just "wifi") is what is responsible.

They definitely don't want, what happens in the movie -- a complete breakdown of society. This would create something unpredictable and potentially unmanageable for them. It may cause fighting among ourselves, but it may also, very likely, cause people to band together to survive. This is the number one thing they don't want -- the populace thinking for ourselves and empowering ourselves individually and collectively, outside of their control system. The Truckers Protest demonstrated what could happen, and this is why what happens in the movie will never actually happen in real life.

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Dec 20, 2023Liked by Joe Martino

Of course it’s predictive programming - just like for covid. e.g.: look how many ‘outbreak’ films like Contagion have been produced since 2000. The Rockefeller Institute published a paper in 2011 explicitly describing the opportunity to seize more control of the masses via an ‘outbreak’. Along with everything else in motion, today’s events mark the culmination of plans that were made before any of us were born. This is abundantly documented. Alan Watts’ definition nails it entirely! They are simply lubricating the wheels of acceptance.

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Dec 20, 2023Liked by Joe Martino, Arjun Walia

I did feel uneasy watching this movie. I went on Google after and noticed many 1 star reviews because people were mad the Obamas were involved. Funny how polarizing this film has been. But I guess that's the point right? Get people talking? It's a filmmakers dream I bet.

A very hard-hitting thought:

"We’ve designed our societies around a heavy reliance on technology while simultaneously not advancing our consciousness to steward it responsibly. Further, our culture continues to create conflict amongst countries and maintain ignorance of the agendas of global powers, leaving us in a vulnerable juxtaposition where we rely so heavily on something so fragile."

This may be what people are tuning into when it comes to that uneasy feeling. Thanks for your thoughts on this film. Well laid out.

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My man! I actually just wrote my review of the movie a couple days ago! Here's the link: https://unorthodoxy.substack.com/p/an-unorthodox-review-of-the-netflix

(PS: Some of the comments actually made some good points about other angles that you and I didn't cover)

Overall I think there are points where we agree and points where we could probably elaborate more on, but overall, LTWB definitely was a conversational movie!

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