Aug 7, 2023·edited Aug 7, 2023

You write: "If it becomes deeply obvious that

1. everything in Nature is intelligently programmed in some completely logical way,

then it can sink in that

2. Nature itself IS infinitely intelligent."

How does 2 follow from 1?

The fact that "something" is intelligently programmed in a logical way does not necessarily (or even at all) imply 'infinite intelligence' on the part of this "something". It might be able to "sink in" but it would not do so for any logical reason. What it might logically point to is that there is an infinitely intelligent programmer behind the completely logical way nature behaves.

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Hey Tom Deeply appreciate your acknowledging this thoughtful and very comforting film. Nature, as you indicate, is always gifting us, if we are willing to receive. I am grateful to you and the courageous researchers who are finally bringing this resource thru the hoops of conventional medicine.

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