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As you wrote, i think this is the key to where approaching the vaxx injury issue is at present: "it’s highly unlikely that detailed and proper investigations into matters such as the ones discussed in this article will ever take place." This has been the pattern all along with the vaxx and the plandemic in general: scientists, even ones who are pioneers in their field like Luc Montagnier and Robert Malone -- come out into the public spotlight with very well reasoned concerns, ones that can't be dismissed if you know the science. They make their case, and by doing so they put their esteemed reputation on the line. If they persist in challenging the status quo, the establishment takes notice and engages its discreditation process, attacking them not only on their science, but on all kinds of unrelated aspects, including their academic standing and their character. There now exists an impromptu attack squad of blinkered scientists and pundits with a dedicated following on social media, who have been well versed on the drill, and who collectively proceed to ‘mock-up’ the image that is to overlay this whistelblower and of which they will never be able to rid themselves, while they futilely still try to make the science stand on its own. Then this mocked-up image of a disinformation-peddler is carried on the shoulders of average people talking to the neighbours, because the fear has been acquired at a collective level and the instilled pattern also needs to be protected at the collective level.

However if this discreditation process itself is ever attempted to be brought to light, there is a ready device for that too requiring only the appropriate trigger term to be dropped -- you know the one -- which has been uploaded into the social subconscious of humanity by the CIA, like the code-word in a 60's spy thriller for remotely activating the Manchurian Candidate -- and much like the movie, the programmed action, is to eliminate the threat from the social and political sphere of influence.

Of course using normal logic to try to resolve this dilemma is bound for failure and if you do this in the mainstream forum you are set to never be given another chance again.

The problem may be more fruitfully approached by looking at what was related by Joseph Heller in his book, Catch-22, where circular logic is instilled into soldiers' consciousness by the military command, which is then prevented from being questioned and recognized by proper logic through the general trauma of war and its inevitability of death the longer you play the game. So the trauma of seeing death around you, and knowing you are bound to be next at some point, keeps you from questioning the illusion of "the Fix" perpetrated by the command -- one of just doing the next mission and you will then be free. But even though this is just a ploy to keep you in the game, it's also one which you desperately need to believe yourself, as the true way out -- where the instilled control pattern of circular logic, the Catch-22, keeps you believing there is no other way to avoid death. The Catch-22 is basically the deal with the Devil you have made and he is keeping you to it.

Has a similar control program been applied to the vaxx through the fear that was initially generated when the coronavirus was first played with so much drama and daily numbers of cases on TV (making people believe they could be next) while isolating everyone from normal contact, just like mind control experts keep their subjects isolated and in fear of the unknown ? So now that fear-based pattern still exists in people's psyche and keeps them from questioning anything to do with the vaxx -- and this pattern has been neatly linked with the trigger term "conspiracy theory" to quickly activate it, and have people unconsciously work in concert -- to bring down any new threats to the deal they have made at their soul level for more time in this life.

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So, the lipid lnanoparticle delivers the cargo into the cell which includes a plasmid SV40, or fragment of DNA, which sometimes based on what the scientist said incorporates into the genome. It may not have any effect, but we do not know. So, that is why taking an experimental DNA shot is risky, we don't know how insidious this could be. Could incorporation into the cell's genome trigger cancers? We don't know, but there is an uptick in cancers since the shot mandates. Why did the scientist take the shot himself, knowing it was experimental and had mRNA in it? And, now he is realizing there are billions of SV40 fragments entering the body. He could have used anti-virals and iodine irrigation as protection. WIth all his intelligence he made an unwise decision, and that is scary that our scientists and doctors can be so foolish. If they are true scientists they should be figuring out what is really going on at a genetic level with these shots. He is now doing research, but so many more need to put selfish concerns aside and help humanity. Afterall, their laissez faire attitude has contributed to this disaster.

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Might be a very peculiar coincidence but I don't think this should be ignored.

'we have demonstrated that portions of the 72 bp SV40 enhancer are required for the nuclear entry of plasmid DNA in all eukaryotic cells tested to date'


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