I think a distinction needs to be made here. Yes, 9/11 certainly 'existed' in the sense that the towers collapsed and thousands of people were killed. However there seems to be more than enough evidence that 'COVID' did and does not 'exist' as any kind of specific disease entity or causative pathogen. None has ever been identified. For example: https://theviraldelusion.substack.com/p/its-time-to-end-the-tragically-misguided

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COVID or the coronavirus that was unleashed on the world was real. It was not the life threatening problem that was projected by the powers that be and was blown way out of proportion to induce maximum fear upon the population around the world. What was not real was that it was neither novel or natural. How it became a global “pandemic” was more of a “plandemic” that seriously enriched the pharmaceutical industry and provided a convenient excuse for power grabbing in western nations, even China imposed brutal lockdowns and draconian measures to “protect” society at large (though I think that China may have been reacting to the pressure of origin accusations leveled by external propagandists)

not that I really endorse the CCP.

The scariest words you’ll ever hear are from government agents saying “we’re here to help”. I put nothing past the corporate elite/government brass/military industrial complex leaders to grab more power and wealth at every opportunity. It’s why they push the ultimate hatred of Trump. He wasn’t one of “them”. Previous to his tenure at the WH, I truly didn’t like him and while his policies benefitted my personal situation, I continued to hold some disdain toward him. He was polarizing because he was projected to be by nearly every corporate media outlet worldwide.

Our individual ability to access a wealth of information and the greatly increased ability of ordinary people to in real time record and transmit images is the game changer that threatens the undercover shenanigans of the global elite to hoodwink the public at large.

Only a little investigation online bore out the truth about Anthony Fauci, the various public “health” organizations and the connections between dozens of wealthy elite business and government officials who stood to benefit from the COVID protocols.

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