There is a coup happening throughout all of our public health agencies. A coup which is to undermine and destroy the American people and their intelligence to know the truth. Not one of these agencies can be trusted. As you say at the end of your report:

"It’s a shame that the agencies tasked with protecting us may be doing the exact opposite. It’s nearly impossible to rely on them for accurate information, guidance and data when it comes to all things health." . . . Yes!

If physicians and public health officials in the US remain silent and fail to admit past mistakes, harmful policies will persist or resurface in the next pandemic. Why wouldn’t they? Without us defining what went wrong or creating an ethical framework to prevent the same mistakes, why would they stop?"

Its more than defining what went wrong. The creative ethical framework you mention, is needed by way of a totally detoxified government, by way of the Department of Health and Human Services and their 12 (!!!) operating agencies or divisions. . .

You are right, why should they change? The corruption is total. The doctors are captured, the policy makers have special interests--its "turtles all the way down" and up.

The good news is, we can change!

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I was one of those that was kicked off LinkedIn three times, suspended on Facebook several times (my account is still restricted from at least last summer). I also had to create back up accounts on Twitter and Facebook just in case. All because I was spreading "false" information that I knew from the beginning in March or April of 2020 was factual. Far as I'm concerned big tech, big government, and public health officials all deserve life in jail for using fear, propaganda, and censor to manipulate the minds of Americans and for spreading the real misinformation. It is pure evil for what they did even if it was all part of a large plandemic they were unaware of the globalist were pulling all the strings.

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I've been telling people for more than 5 years now that CDC stands Center of Deception and Corruption. They like FDA, and doctors that just follow orders are more interested in saving face than saving lives. They all do the dirty work of pHARMa.

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It was easy to see at the beginning that the Rona was tracking like the flu from 2019. Mysteriously the flu was zero on 2020 and the CDC stood by that fraud number whenflu was being diagnosed as Covid leading to the deaths of 100k+ from bacterial pneumonia not viral pneumonia. Some antibiotics instead of a CDC eugenics protocol would have saved thousands.

Stories like this come out and then fade like a Roman candle as the next “crisis” is pushed by the US health industry.

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Of course these errors were intentional.

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Seems like I’m constantly having to breathe into the area of my heart in order to follow daily events 😕

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