Looked up Lead Stories. They're owned by the Rand Corporation. Red flag right there. Then I looked at the bios of the 'fact checkers'. Not one has a background in science. Never mind medicine - doctors know squat about masks. A number of them come from, drum roll, CNN. Another is part of something called the Centre for Sustainable Journalism. Dunno what that is or means, but it sounds very wokey.

They're a 'third-party' fact-checking partner for FB/Meta. In other words, propagandists.

I'm willing to bet there wasn't much 'fact-checking' going on unless you consider 'taking orders and sticking to the narrative' as fact-checking. There isn't a more disreputable entity than 'fact-checking.'

Hope The Pulse bounces back.

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Dec 5, 2023Liked by Arjun Walia

And if the parents are still in fear, the kids will be needing therapy.

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Probably because there is no virus.

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