Around the year of 1978/79 I saw an object like the one in Brazil. Red glowing similar to the picture in this article. It hovered in the air over a forested field behind our house. Eventually it traversed south and went below the tree line. I was 13 or 14 at the time. It is cool to see a photo!!

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The object (bright yellow gold) the same what i saw (2 object) ,,it was 1977,,flying in the air like a playing ball ,,very fast, ,,right to left,,up and down ,,maybe after a minute or so,,they fly upward so fast ,,

Unforgettable experience,,and it was also saw by our neighbor,,

Since then i question everything specially the bible,,

And for the record ,,i saw that kind of things,,,3 times in my life,,

Unfortunately if you tell this kind of story to someone,,they will laugh and think you are crazy,,that's a kind of sad

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What do they want? Well, what do we want? Natural resources.

How can they acquire them if the biological hazards are too great? Hybridization.

Why is it secret? Duh. Why expose themselves?

Where is their influence? Everywhere, particularly tech, gov, finance and religion.

What can we do? Learn the greater context, unify and resist.

Why would resistance force them to withdraw?

Read The Briefings at alliesofhumanity.org/the-briefings. Educate and prepare.

They are psychic-ally powerful and we have catch-up work to do in that realm.

Allies of Humanity

Vote Human.

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Why do all these UFO-interest articles stop right before telling the horrid truth of what is really going on, as if they don't know? I can't tell you because doing so endangers my life. What is going on is huge but for the most part is still secret. But anyone with half a brain who likes to read books and watch videos on the subject can easily discover the unspoken truth.

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