If subatomic particles have the ability to pass thru an immoenitrible barriers then the existence of a black hole would be void. If particles can indeed exit a black hole then a black hole would need to redefined.

Secondly if subatomic particles can travel faster than the speed of light, how is the speed measured and what affect does this new speed have on traditional thinking. Realizing all things are relative, the speed of light could be slow in comparison to the speed of some unknown subatomic particle. Speed is determined by time to travel a given distance. The key may be in “time” and not light at all. Both speed and time are correlated as a measurement. Most studies are tied to speed of a particle. But time needs to explored also as time should have existed prior to the first light. ( bold assumption)

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I would love to see you describe the travel of a particle/waveform up to a barrier, through the barrier, describing how the energy is lost and where it goes when the waveform loses amplitude, and how it emerges from the other side of the barrier, and regains its energy (if that happens). I would love to hear that entire journey in detail.

Thank you for a great article.

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Once I placed an object in a glass of water and left it on the shelf. The following day I found it laying on the dish that was under the glass, outside of the glass of water. I didn't use pk to move it, apparently it moved of it's own accord.

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Our own mitochondria use quantum tunneling within Cytochrome V within the mitochondrial matrix. Thats how it produces ATP. Quantum tunneling is a cool catch phrase these days but its been studies for 100+ years. The Russians have the head start on it as usual, which makes the war over Ukraine a bit more curious too...😉.

I think you might find this interesting- https://invidious.dhusch.de/watch?v=VgdyXh4m9Mc

Its pretty dry, so I'd recommend speeding it up to 1.5 and use the description chapters to jump to specific parts. But it explains why quantum tunneling is essentially built into our DNA, and how the Virome uses our DNA wave to proliferate via the Epigenome (the 98% "junk" DNA + the world around us). Hence how both Germ Theory and Terrain Theory are simultaneously both right AND wrong.

Everything is energy, everything is light. 😊 Gives proper context to the ancient texts and sages describing how everything is interconnected and we are light beings, now doesnt it? 😉

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The details about quantum tunnelling are said to have been explained to a group of US scientists in the late 1940s by ETs (apparently the ones dubbed the "Ebens" who originally crashed their ship at Socorro, New Mexico, on May 31, 1947). This explanation was necessary since Earth physics had not been able to explain how the technology (behind surface barrier transistors) worked. The original semiconductor technology was alien -- recovered from the Roswell, and other UFO crashes around that time, and it was all new to the scientists. Once the scientists were able to grasp the quantum tunnelling principle, they were able to utilize semiconductors in place of vacuum tubes in existing electronic designs, and to also begin to produce transistors on Earth. Eventually the semiconductor technology provided to humans by these ETs, was miniaturized in integrated circuits, which then enabled the electronic computer (the principles for which had already been established by humans).

The issue that is not usually understood, is that the ETs (who were likely actually the Zetas who abducted millions of humans in the 70s, 80s and 90s) deliberately gave us the semiconductor, as well as other related technology, so that we could start down the road which is nearing its climax today -- Transhumanism.

This is one of the pieces of evidence for why i believe the idea of AI being the ultimate threat to us -- is just a cover for an actual Zeta plan to take over Earth and imprison us in their Mind Matrix. As we integrate more and more digital technology into our lives, as well as our bodies -- we provide an incremental de facto agreement to merge our very humanness, into what is actually -- the Soul Matrix of the Zeta.

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