Great article! We don't realize how deep patriarchal thinking has infiltrated our mind. Patriarchal thinking is supremacist thinking, one is inferior and one is superior. Feminine thinking is peer-to-peer, sovereign to sovereign. Not hierarchical, not linear, but holistic, humanistic. We have been living through the Dark Ages in our barbarity because that's what happens when the masculine is not combined with the feminine. Combining the masculine and the feminine in balance will free humanity. It's that important. The way education is done is like feeding, it's too passive, it's hierarchical with a teacher who dictates to the class, whereas a more peer to peer way would be for the teacher to be fluid - the one who has the most information and experience teaches and it oscillates, it's not so fixed. A good teacher will be overshadowed soon enough if they teach well. Age-related learning has to go, subject-related should come in where the classes are open to all ages. Women need to speak up and getting involved in dialogues much more than they're doing right now, and start initiating new methods.. Women are barely even present in talks and panels of speakers. We need to look at the ratios and try to keep it close to 50/50 but no need to be "anal" about it. Just be conscious of it. The law is totally anti-feminine and more like a predatory army against its own people. The feminine is frequency, that is the layer that has been ignored and it is the most significant layer. Matter is but a subset of frequency. We have to adjust how we see the world and look for balance as we grow more conscious of what it is to be wholly human. Thanks for a really stimulating and insightful article.

Here is a template for a balanced society, how we can think as we make society more equality-based:


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Society has gotten it backwards (like most everything)....



Zeros and ones .... 0 and 1

I'm aware everyone's brain has been trained to see it in reverse. Lets go back to the beginning...

Darkness (which is feminine) is the non-physical, non-material, form-less, invisible realm of pure spirit energy.

Light (which is masculine) is the first physical, material, visible, form into the physical world... the first element with both waves and particles that caused the rest of the universe to become physical. The earth become physically manifested in the light. And the earth goes back to spirit and sleep in darkness.

We have got it all backwards. Including all this new age stuff which is just still perpetuating the same backwards truths that modern religion perpetuates. THE FEMININE REPRESENTS SPIRIT AND THE MASCULINE REPRESENTS THE PHYSICALLY MANIFESTED. Darkness is the invisible spirit and light is the physically manifested extension of that same spirit.

The planet of earth and nature is simply the child of both light and dark.

The left brain (masculine) is concerned with logic and physically oriented focus.

The right brain (feminine) is concerned with creativity and spiritually oriented focus (things of the non-physical nature).

Religion ABSOLUTELY as masculinized the feminine principals. And new age people are still doing the same in many ways

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BRING THE YIN!! - cannot be stated too loud or too large!

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excellent, excellent!

and thank you!

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Brilliant and pragmatic as well as deep.

Love this:

The phrase "the conquest of nature" could be replaced by the awareness that humanity and nature participate in a deeper and still unknown reality that embraces them both.

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Love your post and mostly your list of suggestions for strengthening the feminine principle in our society. While there’s a lot of synchronized writing on these topics, offering no solutions adds to my sense of frustration and hopelessness. Thanks for that concise invitation to actions!

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I’m impressed by your high level of intellectual thoughts on these matters. As I see it, it’s a “whole” matter which should be embraced and practiced daily. All of the intricacies of life can be so much better, should we choose to accept the challenge. What I notice is how difficult the control beasts are trying to make it for us to remain in positive fields of love, caring, making time for one another, etc. These are the foundations we need cleared out of the total conscious level, so that we may be as one- loving and kind to every one.

Additionally, I really love your thoughts on forming a new global forum of this type. The world certainly needs direction- no factions constantly vying for controlling people and our territories. This world does not belong to any one person. No person should ever be given absolute rule over anyone’s life. This is where societies crashed. I believe a 360 change is well overdue- and I look forward to it with open mind and heart.

The highest is where I aim. I hope to meet you again there someday. Thank you 🙏🏼

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Beautiful summary of the driving traits of modern society. Thank you!!!

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This was a meaningful way of framing these traits, thank you! Often I'm turned off by more angry (man vs woman) or even new agey versions of masculine and feminine. Seems people want to just cancel men as if the actions of extremely unbalanced people are reflective of an entire sex. Also, many dominant women have unbalanced traits but this can often be overlooked. I really liked how you expressed all of this. Thanks for the reflections at the bottom of your essay, gave me some things to think about in practical application of these ideas.

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