I was a public servant for 20+ yrs and I can say that it may be the gold standard for stretching 4hrs of serious work daily over a 35hr

workweek. But the biggest draw for taking public employment was its clear advantages over corporate slave-making like guaranteed pension based on salary

grades, generous sick, vacation, and holiday time off, decent promotional opportunities through testing, and really

Little pressure to meet quotas , deadlines,

and the bosses ass kissing pet projects.

But any challenge, goal setting, pride in one’s accomplishments with recognition

From supervisors, rarely if ever seen in

public employment. However there is nepotism in certain positions, and clearly

favoritism of one’s performance over another’s. I talked of promotion through

competitive testing, but the lapse of time

between these events could well be months, but usually in years. People who feeling forgotten and languishing in ill-matched jobs getting angry and depressed

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Your posts are really insightful. This is the post that made me want to become a paid member out of gratitude.

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Absolutely. You know, I think a guy should jump in a bath of ice cubes and water over lunch if you work such a work week

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I’m a public school teacher and I’ve often thought about why we make kids sit in desks for six hours and try to learn a lot of content they will forget because it doesn’t relate to them. I teach math and most kids have used up up their “bandwidth” within the first 20 minutes. But that’s the point, 20 minutes not 60 or 70 minutes.

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Enjoyed this a lot! Hoping The Pulse continues to talk about more solutions on what the future could look like to help feed people's vision. I'd love that!

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Idk, but I think people will miss consumerism as they sit in their pods waiting on their UBI

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Thanks Andrew, this is awesome 🙂

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Love the article

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I must admit that after work I like to slack off and do nothing, but it is why I force myself typically to work on my substack, to write a page of poetry and to listen to an audiobook I like and then to before bed read a little if I'm not too exhausted. Then I like to wake up at 3am the next day, work hard at my substack and serial novels and essays. All so that I may improve my life and those of those around me.

My hope is to work 30 hour work weeks in Asia, as that's the norm for foreigners living out there and to live frugally so that I can save up for a house, and keep building up my literary career. It's tough right now, but it'll all be for the best come a few months.

I also want to earn more (which I can do out there) so that I can help support my family in Canada, now what I spend money on are older movies/tv series, and books (on history and fantasy fiction or old lit) so that I can constantly force myself to think more, and be a better man.

I also sometimes go hiking for an hour after work to clear my head, now that I think about it. Just something that helps and it helps me bond with the dog.

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Maybe thats the one reason they haven't killed us all yet.....

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