Did anyone of these remote viewers say why certain aliens wanted to wipe us from the face of the earth?

Would you be willing to ask that question and put the answer in the public domain? Thank you!

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I can tell you from personal experience; if you can meditate, you can remote view. The deeper, the better. I have met many of the principles in the original SRI remote viewing program; the co-directors, Hal Putoff and Russell Targ, the original master, Ingo Swann, two of the Montauk Project test subjects, Duncan Cameron and Glenn Pruitt (they did crossover work with SRI, and both 'jumped' to Mars), and Richard Dolan (we went to same University and had the same history professor/mentor.). There is a direct connection from Philadelphia Experiment to the Montauk Project to Site 4 of Area 51, and Remote Viewing. It's such a large subject. My compliments to the author for diving down a few rabbit holes and bringing it all together back on the surface.

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I think Russell Targ is the one who teaches remote viewing at Sounds True.

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Hello again world. It rings true that, "The psychic friendly ones actually want to help us develop our abilities and become stronger at it and see us thrive and access our full potential. This is confirmed and the fast track development is here, discreetly delivered to prepare us for these times and our new reality in the greater community of worlds.

The curriculum is "The Steps to Knowledge". There are no free hot dogs being slipped through the keyhole either. It is a demanding course with the practices which develop these innate abilities while refining the focus of power that we possess deep at our core of being and learning the application of that in coordination with "The Good Guys", the Networks of the Wise which exist throughout the galaxies. and with The Allies of Humanity, the free worlds which have faced and overcome the challenge of invasion and control.

Read The Briefings from The Allies of Humanity. Learn of the accompanying transmissions and take The Steps to Knowledge. There is more to unwrap there than you can see.

Godspeed and onward to the winning.



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Interesting subject. My understanding is the talent is quite physically taxing. I read a scholarly book on the subject by a female science writer (I cannot recall her name or book title) who discussed the program.

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