Consciousness is still considered to be the 'hard problem'. I find it strange that consciousness is trying to find out what it's about, like a tree asking why is it there, why is it producing fruit or oxygen to the air? Shouldn't consciousness 'remember' what it is, where it came from and its purpose? Is it purposely left to 'forget' all these things and go through the process to get online again? Is it possibly due to mass extinctions and the human mind has to figure everything out all again, like understanding agriculture again?

I think that humans were highly advanced eons ago (as apparent in the amazing highly advanced ancient architecture found all over the world) and probably typically used more of the latent skills that crop up today (i.e. telepathy, remote viewing, telekinesis, psychokinetics, etc.). We have forgotten these past skills and have used current technology to 'remember' where we used to be. These experiments prove that we still have these skills and are resurfacing today. I also think that the nefarious powers that be do not want us to know anything about these past 'skills', as that would empower the human population, and let them know just how powerful they really are. This is a threat to their existence, greed and corruption.

I love the vision of one person who related the following in an article I remember from somewhere, which says it all as paraphrased here: "Guess what the King and Queen are doing as they looked over the parapets one day? They saw their loyal subjects below fighting, bickering and at each other's throats. Then they returned to their lavish castle and had another glass of champagne and hors d'oeuvres and knew their subjects wouldn't be climbing over the walls to get at them".

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Very interesting. I met a lady who had an identical twin. The lady I met had a series of unexplainable pains in her 20s that got worse over months. Then her twin suddenly died. Turned out her twin had suffered from cancer for some time but the other twin had the pain.

There’s always an assumption that the laws of quantum physics only affect basic particles but has no affect at the physical level. It’s an assumption that can’t be proved and I don’t think is true. Identical twins is just one example of this.

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Great article, we have more abilities than we know. I agree this type of study should be openly discussed and published for everyone to join in on and explore. When we go inside through meditation or prayer we open our consciousness to many more possibilities and connections then the science can prove. We all are gifted, but many have been taught to repress their gifts because they are "not normal" as if being normal is a good thing. Everyone is different for a reason. Time to celebrate our differences and expose the studies of the Defense agencies that they keep secret against we the people. good post... Peace

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