Inspiring story, glad you are on the mend. :) That said, I don't think Biden is doing much better for the country.

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Try This:

If You Found Yourself

Within A Disinformation Matrix

What Would You Do?

- You’d Go After The Power Supply.

In Our Case That’s The Testing/Trial Protocols.

And ... If You Were Battling A Psy Op

What Would You Use?

Hint: See Above .. Three Letters .. Starts With A “P”


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Thank you for this writing, Tom. I found myself nodding my head and smiling as I read it. I, too, am fairly alone, lots of self pondering time on my hands, 64 years old.

I am learning how to be kind. I am practicing on myself and the bonus is that kindness is flowing to the others in my life. I have been approaching kindness thru the language I use and working to be observational rather than positive or negative.

I find pure observation, when I achieve it, to be quite healing, whether pointed inward or outward.

I have been using Dick Schwartz' work, Internal Family Systems, and finding it to be a wonderful aide in allowing the many parts of me expressing because of traumatization, to unfold and to practice kind observational regard on.

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