Total load of tripe.

You want to judge 200-100-50 year old actions by today's standards and oh my you find that the king called someone a "Poofta".

Today the standards which are being forced by a noisy minority are insane.

There is no evidence that any of the royals have committed any of the actions you accuse them of (oh sorry, you allege them of.)

Mountbatten liked to have sex with young MEN, usually officers in the army. Then it was a perversion now it is a virtue.

Lady Mountbatten liked to have sex with dark skinned men. Then it was a perversion now it is a virtue.

Andrew had sex with an attractive seventeen year old whore (not a hooker, a slut) the idiot did it also in NY where the sage of consent was 18, boom she gets millions not to go to court. That used to be a crime called Blackmail.

Saville was the most popular (Ask Jim) entertainer and helped (as well as abused) young people. The Prince's Trust has supported over 1 million young people from disadvantaged, racially discriminated and disabled environments.

You are the one who is sick, not the royals.

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I've seen a good amount of evidence and watched several believable accounts of people caught up in these sex rings. Your interview with Anneke was really good. My best guess is that sex abuse is required collateral for power and wealth. Yes, some might be actual pedophiles, and I imagine others choose to do these acts in exchange for their positions in government and business. I think it's beyond what most people can imagine and want to know, because it's so horrible.

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Magic is for real. I wouldnt partake for a million $...

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Tis one of the deepest, darkest, insanely evil rabbit holes one can go down, leading to many other equally disturbing grim burrows of debauchery. MANY survivors have tried for decades to bring this to the light of day only to be quashed in multitudes of ways. After having said this, the failure to 'keep the lid' on this, is failing utterly...as it must. Only by bringing it into the light will the darkness be exposed.

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When people start looking into Britain, you get a more accurate view of the world history and the events that have taken place:


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