So fitting to find this insightful inspiring construct on the Pulse last week,, been thinking about it ever since.

I feel that AI has been present in our illusory corporeal realm , time space continuum, from its inception . Seems as though the mind sees it manifest as an interloper . Our soul , being free from mortal constraints of time space continuum, is free from AI and its,,source…

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Hi Dulce

It all seems interesting, when you place your conscious attention on your dreams or apparently also on AI. i have never looked into AI or used it, and to be honest i avoid it like the plague. There was a time about 8 months ago, when it seemed all of my calls to customer support, whether it was for Amazon, Telus, or my electric utility company -- were all, all of sudden, answered by AI. First i started reading from the Bible to it, the part about "the Beast" (even though i'm not religious) and it seemed there was some 'recognition' from the program that that was what i was doing -- me inferring AI was evil and that i would have nothing to do with it. But considering that Google, which maintains all the user profiles of everyone, and which would likely be providing mine to AI when it was engaged in being customer service to me, would have in my profile that i'm not religious, and then the AI program would deduce that i was rather trying to subvert the natural tendency people have, to treat AI as a sentient being. In subsequent instances of AI ansering my customer service calls, i just said "agent" and kept saying only "agent" till it put me on to a human responder (at least i believed it was human and did test them to see if i could get an appropriate emotional reaction to an unexpected scenario i posed regarding the problem i was calling about). But then, maybe only a week later, all the calls i made to customer service at any company, ceased to be AI mediated and now i never seem to encounter any anymore; they just go directly to a live agent.

i agree with you, Dulce, that "consciousness does not rely on the brain, but something more . . . something deeper." Not too many people, nowadays, believe consciousness isn't created and located in the brain. But what about "reality" though ? Most people would likely say reality is external to them and, contrary to what they say about consciousness, that it is NOT created by their brain. From the principles of quantum physics we do know that reality needs both a perceiver and the objects that are perceived, and that thus make up the reality. Where is the perceiver located then ? Even if we take that consciousness is not 'in' the brain, is the perceiver in the eye (which we know does connect with the brain) ? But then in regards to OOBEs we know that the point of perception can be outside the body, and that when the person is again in a normal state of consciousness, that they can remember what they perceived from the perspective of being outside their body, including seeing their own body lying in bed, lifeless. So considering this, can we say the brain or even the whole body, is even really necessary ? The physical body and the brain do have a purpose, however, and Rudolf Steiner said, very metaphorically, that "the brain is the ground that the soul walks on." He also identified 3 essential senses that constitute our higher nature -- thinking, feeling and willing.

It seems to me that the reason the hands have such a tendency to get distorted in dreams, is that our hands represent such a concentrated nexus of our conscious will in action -- one that we can directly perceive visually. In non-lucid dreaming we are letting our unconscious processes (which are mediated by our Body Elemental) run on their own (w/o our conscious will) and these processes access our recent memory (up to 3 days prior, in the waking state) and use it to create the reality we experience in non-lucid dreaming according to emotional issues we also have experienced at that time of the recent memories. However, in Lucid Dreaming we are using our own conscious will directly, which normally in the waking state, is hooked up to our hands, but something is different about it. What is different is that our Dreaming Body, which at first seems like our physical, waking body, actually operates under different rules in relation to our will -- ones which we need to comprehend and get used to, to be able to operate effectively in the Lucid Dreaming state, in order to engage the normal physical reality in real time (or some other reality we have access to, i.e. a shamanic reality). Learning to function effectively with the Dream Body was a major part of the Toltec teachings, as related by Carlos Castaneda and his and his mentor's apprentices.

The biggest problem is recouping the free, life energy (called Personal Power (or Kavanah by the Kabbalists)) we've invested in our waking lives and the situations, people and objects, we have unconsciously and emotionally connected this energy to. This giving away of our Personal Power, is related to the psychodynamic concept of "defending the Self" as in we waste almost all our life energy, all the time (which we need for building our Dream Body) in defending the Self -- a tenuous Self open to attack, that we have constructed through our difficult life experiences, especially in regards to trauma. (A good primer on this topic is the non-Toltec related book, The Undefended Self by Susan Thesenga.)

i see the issue of making our free, life energy available to us again (rather than perpetually tied down by an unconscious psyche) -- as being closely related to Carl Jung's concept of Individuation. In analyzing dreams or by using active (Alchemical) imagination in the waking state -- there is an imaginal process (sequence of symbolic images) representing the path to Individuation (one such Alchemical sequence is recoded in the Book of Lambspring by Nicholas Barnaud (1538–1604)). The images will be different for each person, culture and time period, but the symbolism behind the images should be constant, unless there is some major shift in human makeup.

i confess that i really know nothing about AI and the problems, i.e. accurately representing hands and text, of which you write. It is interesting that these issues seem to parallel the issues found when one begins Lucid Dreaming, but i wonder if AI (or its ‘handlers’/directors) isn't just deliberately having it parallel our dreaming processes ? Surely representing text accurately wouldn't logically be a problem for AI, which can represent human speech quite well now, as well as then transcribe it into text, and why should representing hands be such a problem for it, if the raw data it is fed, are many pictures (or videos) of people with their hands visible, just as it might be in regards to something similar, like representing a tree accurately ?

i have realized that all the dark themed movies and TV shows released lately, many with scenes of meaningless violence and evil, unworldly creatures -- do influence the astral state, which our astral body enters in sleep and unconsciously dreams in. This is the realm of the Collective Unconscious, of which Jung speaks, which is composed of the images (and their emotional qualities) across both the culture the dreamer is part of, and at a deeper level, those images dreamed by the whole of humanity at the current time.

But if AI is actually tapping into the astral plane itself, rather being instructed to artificially represent it, this would be something quite unprecedented. i am finding that my own sleeping patterns are quite disturbed lately, as i often wake up around 4am or even earlier, and not be able to get back to sleep again that night. My dreams seem distant and not easy to remember, as well. Arthur Firstenberg, who wrote, The Invisible Rainbow, about the energetic influence of electric/electronic technology on human health as well as on animal deaths, conducted a survey about the effects people experienced when the first array of SpaceX satellite were activated on 25 March, 2021 with one of the most common health effects noted, being insomnia https://cellphonetaskforce.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Survey-Results.pdf That was with several thousand satellites being turned on. Now Firstenberg writes that it will soon be a million satellites putting out high frequency radiation across the globe https://cellphonetaskforce.org/one-million-satellites-planned/ What effect is this massive WiFi gridwork around the planet having on the astral state of sleepers ? Carl Jung famously said that "Dreams are the royal road to the Unconscious" as in analyzing a client's dreams in Jungian therapy is one of the best ways to understand their unconscious processes. Is it possible that AI is now somehow sensing and/or even controlling the dreaming state of all humanity, and that is why it is also mirroring the typical problems encountered with dreaming the hands and text ? And since our Unconscious, both Personal and Collective, is that which drives our psyche (until we attain Individuation), we are really sitting ducks for being remotely controlled and unconsciously programmed.

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Look into Prophetic AI

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