2023.12.08 Humanity Rising Day 821: COP 28 V: Implications of the Failure of COP 28 on UAP Disclosure


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Voyagers is pretty cool Petra. The exo-political history complete would fill a hundred libraries! I like it. I'm only 80 something pages in. I don't know if I'll get through all of it. My days seem like they are about 4 hours long, like time has contracted!

Do you ever wonder about the concept that the entire time space billion billion galaxies is just a thought that got carried away with itself? Huh, like you couldn't just sit there forever so here you are? Wish we could have tea. I'm in Austin. Sounds like you've got a lot of interesting stuff. You married? Yur not a Democrat are you? God I crack myself up!

You have a nice day dear and thanx for your thoughts.

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@Alio McDavis "Might need to be taken seriously?" They confirm and affirm that we ARE in danger of a planetary takeover by alien forces from beyond our borders and that we will loose our freedom/sovereignty if we don't recognize and address this dangerous alien presence. The Allies of Humanity Briefings are free online at https://www.alliesofhumanity.org/

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Oct 21, 2023·edited Oct 21, 2023

Don't fall for it again ! It's all just a shell game -- "Oh, look over here !" to keep us entranced on the juicy carrot on the stick, while the villains trash our birthright of knowing our true place in the Universe. And so as we don't catch on to their scheme, they need to keep changing up the illusion in more and more clever and complex ways . . . now it's Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (as per Kirkpatrick), when just a year ago, it was Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (coined by Nick Pope (or so he claims)). Isn't "Anomalous" just so much more juicier than "Aerial" ? What ? you think that after some careful analysis on how the nature of the phenomenon is shifting, they held a conference and came to a consensus that "Anomalous" more accurately reflects the current data ? It's all just for the show, and we're the audience.

And this is exactly the type of thing that’s the objective of it all: "I predict that one year from now, we may have more whistleblowers emerge, but we will continue to see denial from the US government." i don't mean to pick apart your article, Arjun, but isn't this the status quo you're predicting, so why predict anything at all ? You're valuable to them, since you do their covert bidding. Their objective is getting the pundits, good researchers and writers like yourself who make sense of this issue for the public -- to keep laying down the immediate future based on their rumblings about impending events -- a future of when and if (or, if not) disclosure will happen. And when this future of 'if and when, everyone will know the truth about ET' is laid down in people's minds, it forms the continuum of status quo on disclosure. It doesn't matter if your prediction is that disclosure will definitely happen next year, it's about it being that then people stop looking at the obvious truth, right now -- that the ETs are here among us, and have been for quite a while.

My point is that we need to focus on exactly how the "cover-up" has been kept in place by the gov't (or secret gov't, or Majestic/Magic -12 etc., which is actually run by aliens), only that over the decades they have gotten a hell of a lot better at this mass mind control process of keeping us glued to the status quo. (There was a learning curve for some of the new aliens in controlling human thought and emotions, since we are alien to them.) They learned that this status quo can't be static either since then it would become passé (they learned that humans are very adaptable beings) and lose its grip over people's consciousness. To retain its fascination effect -- the envisaged day when disclosure finally comes -- has to be continually updated and refreshed in line with current cultural memes. We can't have as that future -- mass landings of saucers at the White House, because the White House isn't where anything good happens anymore, as it once did when JFK paced its corridors, and we can't have saucers landing, because saucers are so 50s B-movies.

You're already on to some of it -- ". . . are the leaders of [AARO and NASA] just regular people who are kept in the dark, and have been given the resources to actually study the phenomenon for themselves, make their own conclusions, and then relay their findings to the public ?" -- it's just that they may be regularly -- mind-controlled -- people, making the conclusions that keep us all following the alien's status quo control plan.

It becomes obvious what this alien shell game keeps hidden, only when we see through the trick, and that all those ETs we're looking to locate and make real, through official disclosure, have been here among us all along, overseeing the Committee of 300 and other hidden and overt global control operations. Different ones are running the financial system, the politics, the entertainment industry, the AI takeover, and they all work in concert with each other. https://twitter.com/wiseheal/status/1615776777686908928

A significant number of people have seen through this illusion they have cast, and come up with clever ways of representing how it works. i personally like Ray's Nelson's short story, Eight O'clock in the Morning (first published in the same month JFK was assassinated by the CIA, as if 'revealing the method' on all the control that originated through that event -- what Elana Freeland has termed Suba Rosa America).

Basically the alien control system over us can't be comprehended or deciphered logically through normal human thought. The more human thought is directed at it, the more stronger it gets and it shifts into new forms which are reflected through our changing ideas of what disclosure will look like "when it happens." The fact that it is always in the future, keeps anything from happening in the present. And the idea of first getting most of the people to accept that ETs are real, and then to see that they have been here all along -- is also an alien maneuver that is keeping the control over us, intact. And BTW i feel that continuing to believe it is evil billionaires who are behind the whole great reset plan, rather than the aliens, is also part of what keeps their control scheme in place, as in unless we visualize who it really is, we are still bound up in the control mechanism, even if we think we see how it works. We won't immediately be free when we do see the truth of who it really is, but it will be a huge step in the right direction -- of looking the beast directly in the face. Also the good ETs will be able to help us directly when we begin to hold the real perpetrators to account.

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Way, way back in time, other worldly beings came to Earth and have been here ever since. Some were very ritualistic and made many sacrificial ceremonies of babies and adults to please their own beliefs. Many have left, but many have stayed. They take on different forms, some live underground all around the world, some live under the oceans and some walk amongst us as humans in disguise. The pyramids weren’t built by the Egyptian local people they were erected by otherworldly beings with elongated skulls, same in Mexico in which they have found skulls looking the same as in Egypt. The otherworldly beings used a device that levitates, cuts with precision and moves objects of humongous weights into precise positions (no mortar or any other mud mixture was used). The pyramids were also used as a sort of beacon/tracker for other spaceships, lots of other countries also have pyramids as well. The USA, UK, China, and many other countries know about them and their agreements they made with the USA and other countries back in the 1930s/40s and 50s, so we could back engineer their crafts. Even President Eisenhower met with the"Greys" back in the 1940s. I have read a lot of information about the secret government within the US government with a black budget of billions of dollars. I have read there are also ships that the US have been built (anti-gravity) that have been to the moon, mars, saturn etc. decades ago. NASA was a ruse for them. The astronauts were told not to go back to the moon (they were helped to get there by aliens) as they did see non-humans in 1969 across the crater and standing next to their huge ships, but were told by the "big wigs" if they ever spoke about it, they and their families would not live to see the next day. There are various non-humans on earth that have integrated amongst the population and have done so for decades. One group called the "Amicizia" (means friendship) was going on for over 40 years. There are races that are benevolent but some others not so. The ones that aren’t benevolent are causing the problems (take on human form) this world is going through going back thousands of years, as they have no empathy or fear as they believe they are far, far superior to us mortal humans as Earth was on the edge of our universe and used as sort of a training prison. This has been going on way before humans came on the scene. There have been many, many wars fought by other aliens over earth for our rich minerals but other nefarious things are also happening as well, which would make your hair turn grey, including the child sacrifices for body parts and other despicable things and the disappearance of children and adults for slavery and trafficking and it is still ongoing today. A quote from Ben R. Rich who headed Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works which developed stealth aircraft back in the 1990s says: "We already have the means to travel among the stars. But these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an Act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity. Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do...".

From all the research, books and videos I have been through since the 9/11 debacle, I have never stopped questioning things that to me seem impossible but plausible at the same time.

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We're always a generation ahead of governments in our knowledge of the universe and the inner life relationship to it. I keep the ET background context that is presented in "The Allies of Humanity" briefings as I watch the progression of the forces in the world that are moving so rapidly. With each passing week, what the Allies (purportedly) told us and warned of, further confirms that the briefings might need to be taken seriously..... at least in the background awareness as we put together the puzzle of forces in the world.

Thanx Joe and team. May I leave you the link? alliesofhumanity.org

I wish you could be at Disclosurefest Foundation: "Stairway to the Stars in Vegas Nov 10, 11, 12. I'll be tableing for The Allies and would love to be able to have a little chat. Planetary heists is my specialty.

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i'm sorry, but i have been following what Marshall Vian Summers and his later associates, have put out for a number of years, and i don't agree with it. i think that if it's not deliberate manipulation over us, it expresses an inherent lack of understanding of Universal law. There are a lot of good ETs here to help us -- some of the Pleiadians, some Sirians, the Lyrans and especially the Arcturians. But they don't intervene directly in any way, even in our belief systems on the "real truth" of what is happening. The Summers' information might be all fine and good, as long as it didn't imply -- 'follow us, we know the truth.' This has always been the problem on this planet -- of ETs telling us where it's at and having us see them as saviours. And calling this information "the word of God" as the Summers do, clearly reveals that it is of a "religious" control intent, and not even generically "spiritual".

The key is that we need to do it ourselves -- to see the control over us for what it is, and to confront our controllers, and then we can be helped by good ETs, because then we won't be diminished in our empowerment through that help. Humanity was seeded on Earth by high galactic beings, and we are in a long term development process to develop ourselves into conscious creator beings, who are to 'walk with' other positive creators (ETs) and seeing any ET as a saviour only sets us back in this process. There have been previous seedings of humanity which have failed and ours may fail too, but apparently it is the only way to develop conscious free will in line with Universal law. But it is all an experiment, where the result is not known, even by the highest beings. We need to step up to that reality, not follow some other's take on it, channeled from another set of ETs, who are again filling the 'God spot' -- the 'control-over placeholder' we have built into our human liability.

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Marshall Vian Summers is a man of the greatest integrity who is trying to warn people of the enormous threat posed by those aliens who are physically here right now plotting to gain dominion over our planet. They are not the same races as those who visited years ago, and they are not spiritual in any way. The Allies of Humanity (their name for themselves), however, are representatives of nine races of beings who are highly spiritually advanced and know full well they cannot physically intervene in another race’s world. They want to aid us remain a free people as our inevitable emergence into Space proceeds.They chose Marshall as the most appropriate person in the world to be the recipient of their message.

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Oct 22, 2023·edited Oct 22, 2023

The character of the channel is not the issue here, it's whether what he's channeled is a con. But it's everyone's right to follow who they feel is right for them. i make the distinction between following an authority in a religious sense and following those who treat us as would-be equals, and give us specific information about what is really going on, so we can deal with it ourselves. i do follow the information in the Voyagers books downloaded to Ashayana Deane. The veracity and value of the information in these 2 books has been demonstrated to me many times. Voyagers I https://archive.org/details/VoyagersI deals with the Zeta's tricks and you can relate their tricks (holographic inserts, frequency fences and soul-matrix transplants) to exactly how the takeover of our planet is happening today.

"The information we provide regarding the Zeta and the formation of the Interior Government is intended to inspire you to ask who is pulling your strings as individuals. The greater amount of information you have at your disposal the better able you will be to make informed decisions and wise choices." p. 88.

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Thank you, I’ll look into that. Btw, four of the members of the Allies group actually died striving to bring us their warnings. That seems like incredible courage and honesty to me.

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That's great. You won't be disappointed. Also did you know that where Marshall was drawn to start channeling, Estes Park Colorado, is a very dark portal -- it's where the haunted Stanley Hotel featured in Kubrick's movie, The Shining, is located and nearby is the Catholic boys camp, Camp St. Malo, where pedophile priests were responsible for a Missing 411 case of a boy from the camp disappearing while trying to escape the abuse. Also when my friend and i camped in Estes Park in 1987, my friend was seriously psychically attacked and ill for a week. This all saying something about the nature of the source of Marshall's channeling.

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Petra, I’ve begun reading the books and I’m blown away! So so much of it totally agrees with the messages from the Allies of Humanity...and also the Revelations channeled through Marshal in The New Message.

So much so that I’m certain Marshal is in fact the new Yeshua referred to. He grew up in an ordinary family and had no idea of his true nature until in his thirties. I would sincerely ask you to read The Messenger on the newmessage.org site.

It says specifically that Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed and now Marshal are emissaries...true Messengers from Source/Creator/Divinity and, believe me, my spiritual awakening was so inexplicable and overwhelming that I 100% know it was real (by the way, I have a Master’s degree in Psychology and worked for many years as a psychologist...I’m not a nutter!)

The core purpose of the New Message is to awaken people to their inner, higher, Knowing Self, so that may cease to be blinded by culturally accepted reality and wake up to the threat posed by the ETs here NOW!

Exactly the same message as in the passage I’ve just read in Voyagers!

You are responsible for your own awareness and for the choices you make that will either expand that awareness toward enlightenment or plunge you into darkness and fear. We highly suggest that you pull yourselves out of the program and begin, as individuals, to ask the right questions concerning your planet, your government, your “experts,” and the beliefs you have accepted regarding the true nature of reality.

The information we provide regarding the Zeta and the formation of the Interior Government is intended to inspire you to ask who is pulling your strings as individuals. The greater amount of information you have at your disposal the better able you will be to make informed decisions and wise choices. We are not suggesting an overt rebellion against authority as you know it, but simply the use of a discerning eye when being presented with views by those authorities. In looking within yourselves and beginning to explore the portions of your identity and knowing that live within, you will discover alternative perspectives to choose from. You will have more information from which to draw your conclusions, and you will find many more questions to ask that the program itself cannot provide answers for. By asking the right questions you will begin a personal spiritual odyssey that will lead you above and beyond the program into the rightful enlightenment that is your next stage of evolution as a human.”

I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to this work...and I urge you to reconsider your views on Marshal...who would be the first to agree that religion needs to return to its true intent...that of leading people to find their inner strength and Knowledge.

Btw, I’m pretty sure from the description in the book that one of the aliens who died was an Aethian, whose name was Narvosh...although that cd be s pseudonym.

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I understand your concern, and also your reservations about religion. Marshall and his closest associates have been targeted many times by dark forces. Maybe you could watch some of his briefer videos on YouTube to understand the True nature of the wisdom he receives. I think we are on the same page really Petra, and are both trying to further the protection of the human race as it emerges into the Extraterrestrial arena

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I’ve read the Allies of Humanity books too...very chilling! But they stress that we do have the Power and the time to resist those aliens that are predatory. I consider their reports to be a Must Read...easily found free online

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Oct 20, 2023Liked by Arjun Walia

I find it so disingenuous to always hear government come forward claiming they are finally going to look into something that you KNOW they already know a lot about. To anyone who has been following this subject for a while and who has truly looked closely at it, knows it goes much deeper than what we're being told. Shocks me that people still think it's some distraction and that there is no real evidence. People should check out The Disclosure Project if they have not already.

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Well said!

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"A rigorous scientific framework and a data-driven approach" -- sounds like jargon and BS. I find the fact that NASA has announced a "study" hilarious since their astronauts have gone public and if anyone already know important info on this subject it's NASA. They've been to the moon and erased several minutes of communication when they were there. And yeah, rebranding means revising the BS to sound more credible.

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Ultimately, either self-government is the fundamental basis for freedom and responsibility, or it is a deceptive ruse being utilized as bait in a trap.

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I belong to this Group....have u heard of them?

Time for Disclosure/We have never been alone/

We are the Disclosure

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