We are consciousness not the human body. Our real body is Light body human mind will see and know as SOUL hence...

"You are consciousness. Your body is in your consciousness, not the other way round--you are not consciousness inside of a body. Your consciousness formed the body necessary for your needs and lessons while on earth. When you realize this you will find you are no longer quite so subject to world beliefs that say that you are at the mercy of your body.

Your whole world is within your consciousness--the weather, friends near or far, family, beliefs. Everything exists in consciousness and nothing exists outside of consciousness. Each must ask; "What do I entertain in my consciousness? What beliefs, what concepts, what ideas, etc do I hold?"

A spiritually evolved consciousness of truth and Light will manifest outwardly in whatever forms necessary for your highest good...


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Mysterious? Writer need to be better informed.

A Swiss guy, (write in reverse, moc.ylfyeht, has had over 800, recorded face to face chats with human ets since 1943. He was given 20,000 pages of mind-blowing data, under 'Billy's Contacts'. These ets claim common ancestry with many white races here, and have concluded a 1000s years mission to help us progress and to pass on The laws of The Creation, under The Goblet of Truth, on the site.

They claim to be up to 24M years ahead in some fields, they get here instantly over a 500 light year distance, from beyond Star Taygeta, Pleiades Const. They live to approx. 1000 years. When this race visited 22M years ago.. then from beyond Star Vega, Lyra Const. they noted early man dieing out. They tell we are ALL now et, that human kind in this sector of the Dern Universe evolved/was Created in the Sagittarius Region 12 billion years ago. We developed high Tech and spread out, with tens of millions of

of Planets, in just our Galaxy home to intelligent human/like life. In S. Africa, hollow, metallic, un-corroded spheres of various sizes, with symmetrical banding, have been recovered from 2.6 BILLION year old rock strata!

Note that the Dr Leaky family in Kenya, never found the 'missing link' between ancient man, who probably 1st evolved in Tanganyika, and.. homo sapiens.

No. I'm not off the meds, but a Rtd. Airline Check Capt. East African and Cathay Pacific, with multiple IFO sightings and been studying the Contact Notes since 1985,

Just now reading Contact 365, the et's precise explanation of the 130,00 ton IFO, with a damaged drive, which was ordered by base to self destruct, killing 4,300 crew! Those human ets came from the M101 Galaxy. That explosion caused the 3,500 sq.Km. Tunguska, Russia, damage in 1908.

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So I wrote this post on my substack almost a year ago.. https://pharmaheretic.substack.com/p/ufos-might-be-robotic-interplanetary

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I have footage via video. 2020. fla. All fun& games til its not. At least to many.

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I've always been interested in the UFO phenomena and your article gives a very balanced, informative view of the subject. Thanks!

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I will always remember few articles I've read in 2020, about this ufo thing that will follow at a point on the theatre scene. So it came exactly at the right moment, when the clans are desperate with their plans.

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After two of my own encounters and reading testimonials from fighter pilots who have sighted real. UFO's, I firmly believe that if these were from outside our planet we would not have been able to shoot them down.

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