Thank you for posting, especially the video. May we get a clear view of how evil the system really is.

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i believe we should closely analyze the suggestion of the "military-industrial complex profiting from senseless war." It is true that the military-industrial complex, first identified as such by outgoing President Eisenhower in his farewell address to the nation in 1961, consumes vast amounts of funds, much being slated for black budgets which are only identified as being for national security purposes, and although individual contractors benefit substantially, i don't believe it is corruption per se. It might even be legitimate to reference the recently expanded term -- military-industrial-intelligence complex to get a more accurate picture of what we're talking about.

Apparently the danger that Eisenhower warned about regarding "the disastrous rise of misplaced power" was in fact facilitated by his predecessor, President Truman, who with his National Security Act of 1947 actually consolidated that power under the newly created position of Secretary of Defence. It is suggested that this consolidation of all the armed forces and their respective intelligence operations was deemed necessary, because some intelligence operations had received forewarning of the attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan but had not shared this information with the executive branch. However there is much more to consider as being relevant in the 1947 timeframe -- the Roswell crash had just occurred and UFOs were frequently seen in America's skies.

It's also well supported now, that in 1947 Truman created the secret Majestic-12 group of scientists and politicians to deal with the 'extraterrestrial threat' as well as how to keep the truth about aliens secret from the public. On top of all this, there was special concern over the unique position the US had held since 1945 as being the only nuclear power on the planet, and how this power could potentially be misused by rogue elements with some authority, just as had happened with the intelligence on Pearl Harbor.

So in addition to the consolidation of armed forces and the secrecy mandated over UFOs, the nuclear threat of rogue action, inspired a requirement for a secure and thereby autonomous capability in all manner of military power. In effect it was a perfect storm for the genesis of the military-industrial-intelligence complex.

The first Secretary of Defence appointed by Truman was James Forrestal who is now well known for apparently committing suicide in 1949 by jumping out of a window of the Bethesda Naval Hospital in Washington D.C. where he was being treated for crippling paranoia. Was it the idea that aliens exist that formed the basis of his paranoia, or could it be possible he was being telepathically influenced by aliens themselves and this mental intrusion led to the paranoia ? Apparently Forrestal's science advisor, Vannevar Bush was similarly affected by headaches and uncontrollable trembling, which completely disappeared after Forrestal was gone.

Over the following years which marked the beginning of the cold war, the need for utmost secrecy led to more and more black budget allocation of funds and it is clear from what Steven Greer is famous for often quoting -- that even the sitting president (at that time, Bill Clinton) is denied access to information on UFOs, which is held by government funded secret operations. i would say it's even possible that some of the secret ops that are receiving all this black budget funding, could be under the control of ETs themselves.

Then if you look at the US Space Force, officially created by President Trump in 2019 (but proposed numerous of times in previous decades), its stated official mission is that it "plans, executes, and integrates military spacepower into multi-domain global operations in order to deter aggression, defend national interests, and when necessary, defeat threats," however looking at the emblems of the Space Command's Warfighting Units https://www.spacecom.mil/About/Warfighting-Units some questions definitely arise: re the badge for Space Operations Command having the stars of the Orion constellation on it, with 2 arrows pointing to some of them — the arrow at the bottom definitely pointing at Rigel, a star system known to be where some of the worst Reptilians come from. The middle arrow points to the 3 stars of Orion's Belt. The 3 stars of Orion's Belt are also represented, through their relative positions to each other — in the similar configuration of the 3 main pyramids at Giza, as well as to other similar configurations found at sacred sites across the planet. Now tell me this doesn't mean something other than being just decorative !

Re the Navy's Space Command Badge: (The Navy is known to have their own independent agenda when dealing with ETs.) -- "Tridens Ad Astra" means "reaching for the stars" in Latin. Note — stars not oceans (and this is the navy). However the symbol at the bottom is a trident, a three-pronged weapon, not 'tridens' which means "reaching" ! And also each of the 3 gold stars at the top have one of the 3 prongs of the trident pointing to them — so doesn't this signify some specific military action related to those stars ?

But what is the configuration of stars forming a constellation that's represented there ? It obviously has some significance as a kind of bird, but i looked at all of the constellations that were birds, in the 88 that are officially recognized by NASA https://starchild.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/StarChild/questions/88constellations.html and none were anything like that configuration of stars ! i even e-mailed the public relations office listed on the site, that i was deeply interested in knowing the constellation depicted on the Space Command Badge -- but have received no response so far.

Finally regarding my informed speculation as to what might be behind the military-industrial-intelligence complex which sources public money like a bathtub of water with its stopper pulled (it was even being investigated for an unaccounted $2.3 trillion in spending until records pertaining to this loss, were also lost . . . on 9-11, effectively ending the accounting concern) -- Robert F Kennedy Jr. has revealed that the Vaxx was never actually created by Big Parma companies, but by highly compartmentalized operations under the direction of the military-industrial complex. Big Pharma then just took the public money offered them, and slapped their brand names on the vials (so that people would feel comfortable getting the vaxx). https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/military-covid-vaccines-rfk-jr-podcast/ Putting all this together, shouldn't we also look to the stars for who's ultimately behind the plandemic and great reset of homo sapiens on planet earth ?

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I have heard of eyewitness accounts of while the forces were delayed in entering the country they saw multiple convoys of large vehicles leaving Iraq with unknown payloads.

We didn't find the weapons as they were removed before we went in.

I'm am not saying they are real or not. I'm saying the whole thing was orchestrated to arrive at the end result.

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Yes, former navy SEAL, Robert Wiegand, said this too, that when UN inspectors came to the gates of Saddam's compound holding the WMDs, a miles-long line of trucks carrying chemical and nuclear material, could be seen on satellite heading out the back gate for Iran and Syria.

By "the end result" you mean that although WMDs were used as a pretext for the 2nd. Iraq war (General Colin Powell making the case to the UN), and that although they could prove to the public that Saddam had them, they deliberately made Powell take the fall and appear it was all a lie ?

Why did they do this ? Maybe by making it seem Saddam never had WMDs, they couldn't then be blamed for letting them get to Syria and Iran, i.e. it was already planned that Assad would use chemical weapons against his own people and Iran would become a major nuclear threat.

Robert Wiegand also suggested that the essence of what the CIA does is "all wars are made in the minds of men" -- which compares to UNESCO's more rational motto "Since wars begin in the minds of men and women, it is in the minds of men and women that the defences of peace must be constructed." However the CIA's version implies that the need for a war is first implanted in the minds of a country's leaders, then the SEALs and special ops carry out the covert attacks and assassinations to provide the justification to the people for the war to be waged.

What could it have been that the CIA used on Tony Blair to get him to agree to invade Iraq when his cabinet and MI6 advisors were appalled at the idea, while it didn't seem to have any effect at all on Jean Chretien ?

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Those who have eyes let them see; those who have ears let them hear. This famous quote is urgent today as it was throughout our history. To make certain that everyone would eventually learn God creation created two sons: Jesus, whom we know as the Christ and Satan whom we know as the devil. If we let our self induced blindness keep us from learning through Christ, Then God's "other son"—Satan— takes over. One way or another, sooner or later, all of us will learn.

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“We have met the enemy and he is us...”?

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“How do we know propaganda or carefully shaped narratives aren’t used on the domestic public to mislead them into supporting senseless wars?”


I don’t think the majority of people WOULD KNOW. This propaganda runs so deep and it’s supported by every facet of society. Education is supported by politics which is supported by entertainment which is supported by economics.

When you figure out the propaganda here, you then have to realize that there’s propaganda there as well.

This is the cabal. This is the world they built. And once we know that, we can start being aware of it AND start building our new world



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