Ah we are Speculating on theories in METAPHYSICS...Good!

But while we are here Time does not go in one straight line from past,present and future

All time is now and the known universe is multidimensional and expands like an idea.

"All That Is" ....is GOD and nothing else exists and is all consciousness as are we.

It is therefore conceivable that indigenous races lived side by side with advanced civilizations as do now.

We create our own reality from beliefs and expectations...Our Thoughts.You are creative as you are GOD in your reality but not in God's reality.

Most religion is a dogmatic crutch as you are primarily a spiritual being.

Darwinian theories are highly dubious as well.

Maybe the Annunaki was ET, an interesting speculation...Have read all the books.


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In this pursuit to understand the origin of human language as well as the nature of our thought processes, it is valuable to consider the Tower of Babel event described in Genesis. Interestingly the story of ancient people building a tower to heaven and then being cast down from this pursuit and losing a common language with which they once communicated with all humans, not only their tribe, is found, not just in the Bible, but in the histories of a number of peoples across the planet https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tower_of_Babel What really happened was a change in the consciousness of all humans from being able to communicate instinctually w/o the need for words like animals do, but that this intuitive knowing was more developed than in animals. After the sudden loss of this ability, there was a great focus put on using the rational mind rather than the intuitive, instinctual mind -- an event which was recorded in many tribes' collective memory as building a tower to heaven to try to recover this loss (similar to the Tower card in Tarot which symbolizes a crisis when a large amount of mental energy is expended).

What caused this global event of a shift in the consciousness of all humans then on the planet ? The Voyager books by Ashayana Deane (downloaded from beneficent ETs) say that the negative Zetas were behind it in 3470 BCE and that they changed the code in what can be best understood as similar to Rupert Sheldrakes 'Morphogenetic Field', which in turn caused a genetic alteration in human DNA (called the Checkerboard Mutation), a scrambling of the part of our DNA that is responsible for the proper functioning of the Instinctual Mind. (According to the Voyagers understanding, there are 4 levels of mind https://1drv.ms/b/s!AkF4hb72o8rGj03Jk3vL6tojN-YE and loss of proper functioning of the Instinctual Mind caused loss of the ability to communicate with every human (as well as with animals and all of Nature) at an intuitive/telepathic level, and set up the imperative need to develop language as we know it, through vocal communication. In turn it also altered human's inner world of being one with Nature, when we internalized the verbal language which was developed out of the need to communicate externally rather than the previous way of being intuitively/telepathically directly connected within the one consciousness that pervaded our whole beingness. With the proper functioning of the Instinctual Mind we were automatically protected within our environment, while our beingness could remain one with all. With the loss of this automatic protective capacity of the Instinctual Mind, we needed to put more resources on the Logical Mind to linearly process and respond to danger, as well as developing a singular sense of Self in general.

In the 1970s the brain researcher, Julian Jaynes, caused a stir in the scientific community by publishing his understanding of this shift, in his book 'The Origin Of Consciousness In The Breakdown Of The Bicameral Mind.' His claim was that 'consciousness' (as we know it today), was a learned evolutionary response, and that before this development humans heard 'the voices of the gods' in their minds which was actually one hemisphere of their brain talking to the other (the brain was then 'bicameral' -- 2 independent 'chambers'). Through the localization of speech only in one hemisphere (normally the left) we gave predominance to internal dialogue in verbal language, as the means to resolve this ongoing fight between the hemispheres.

Since the 1970s when 'laterality' (researching how having 2 somewhat independent brain hemispheres rather than a singular structure, makes us think and be who we are) has gone by the wayside, while fMRI methodology has now become the primary driving force behind brain research. Still, Julian Jaynes' perspective can't be denied. If one reads Homer's Iliad (the oldest example of prose in the western tradition), Achilles does have multiple aside conversations with the gods, which no one else in the room at the time, is involved in, nor acknowledges having heard as well. The ancient Greeks are well known for regularly -- what we clinically call today -- 'disassociating' themselves into separate 'parts of Self' like the 'Thumos' -- an understanding which can actually provide a valuable perspective on living one's life even today, i.e. https://classicalwisdom.com/culture/traditions/tradition-thumos/ All of the Greek myths have been misunderstood in terms of the way they related to them at the time. Their gods were very real and present to them -- today psychiatrists would call them schizophrenic -- yet they seemed to hold it together by maintaining collective forms to their 'delusions'. Plato even described, in his Allegory of the Cave -- how there is the transcendental realm of the Forms (of which most people could only see the shadows). And the farther in time we get from the 'Babel event' the more singular beings we become.

Indigenous peoples however, living in harmony with the land, have still been able to retain this sense of Oneness with all, despite having lost proper functioning of the Instinctual Mind. This has largely been possible through developing a verbal language which directly mirrors their land itself -- including all their relations (animals, plants, places of power) that live with them on this landscape, e. g. https://www.amazon.ca/Language-this-Land-Mikmaki/dp/1897009496/ Generally indigenous languages do hot have an "I" as in 'I did that' -- only 'that happened' and they often are 'verb based' with no real nouns, while the languages of civilized people's are primarily 'noun based'. Thus when they speak (and speak internally to themselves), they are not separating themselves out from their environment. The respect they hold for their land and all their relations is inherent in their language as well. The Australian Aborigines, even though there are many tribes each with their individual language -- all still have an understanding of 'the Law'-- of essentially of respecting Nature and the inherent harmony of all things (Dreamtime) -- through which their tribe's needs are provided for without need of conflict.

All while the civilized world drives relentlessly towards creating their pièce de résistance -- Homo Deus. But if the Zeta started this whole thing back on 3470 BCE maybe they are the ones that should get the credit for it ?

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I've often wondered how highly-inflected languages developed, e.g. Latin, Russian, Lithuanian.

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Tom, great post, we are all individual expressions of a collective consciousness. Spirits in a meat suit, that restricts our consciousness severely in this physical plane of existance. We experience the separation nightly when we dream. It gives us a glimpse of exposure to being out of our bodies. We then forget the separation while in the dream state.

Many have trouble accessing the dream state due to the constant barrage from the chemicals we use and consume that calcify our pineal gland. We are designed to be walking our day in a accutely aware dream like state with a direct connection to our I AM. A state I call "Walking your day in Love" Love is that higher level of consciousness vibrational frequency, that allows direct informational downloads from the universal consciousness.

The Brain Washing, programming machine that sits in almost every living room, that blares out propaganda 24/7/365, the "Tell-Lie-Vision is designed for Fear based programming. Fear is a lower vibrational frequency that keeps us from accessing those higher states of being. We The People need to turn off those brain washing machines, get out into nature and just sit with ourselves. Calm our minds and learn to communicate with our I AM.

This is the internal work that has the ability to heal our nation. Human nature is such that we find any shiny object to focus our attention on to avoid that internal work to onnect with our higher self. The fear of a deep conneection and a separation from this physical vehicle, keep most people from seeking that remote area of consciousness that frees us from physical limitations. It's in that free space of consciousness that the miracles happen, healing happens. Because we move into a state of pure Love. It's a funny dicotamy in that we fear that which we need the most.

Fear has several acrynoms two of the best are: Forget Everything And Run, and my favorite is Face Everything And Rise. I've found that the more you face your fears the more you learn that the only thing to fear is the fear we create within ourselves. The only thing to fear is fear itself.

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Love your writing Tom, but it's Anunnaki (not "Annunaki"). I have been enjoying the writing of Paul Anthony Wallis recently and the videos of Praveen Mohan (they did an interview very recently!). There is no reason to *not* continue communing with spiritual cognizance (aka G-d) while acknowledging the Enki-Enli duality and likely truth... Seems we have indeed been helped and/or hindered all along our evolution. The more I dig into the stories that have been told for millennia, & going back to my childhood awareness that there was something just weird about humans...the more I am convinced there is a purpose and plan, and the human quest to connect with that Universal Life Force is very real (and I do NOT mean the forced synthetic interference of 'directed evolution' by the likes of Pfizer, WEF, WHO, etc.). I have had 2 NDE's & I have been meditating for more than 50 years, so full disclosure: I am biased in my understanding that there is "THAT WHICH IS GREATER" (aka G-d), and that we are able to, and benefit from, connecting with that Life Force. Namaste and Blessings.

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You do not mention them by name…but I am assuming you are familiar with the work of Zechariah Sitchin and his description of the Annunaki who established Homo sapiens in Sumeria by enhancing primate DNA.

The variety of racial characteristics throughout the world suggests many other extraterrestrial species made similar contributions to primates everywhere.

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