Ultimately we are ALL pawns of the Deep State, no matter what our position is. I have personally maintained a position with my C-19 vaxxed friends, from the very beginning, that each of us has to do what we feel is in our own best interest. Some respect that and don't see me as a threat, but many don't, and have left my circle as a result. Their choice, and while I disagree with their decisions, I still respect them as fellow humans.

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Here is some little known information about who is the driving/controlling force behind the covid plandemic and given who they control, would appear to be the driving force for all vaccines on a planetary scale: "Here is just a partial analysis of "Department of Defense" aka, "DOD", as a foreign commercial corporation controlling among other things:

NIH, CDC and FDA, Social Security, Health and Human Services including Indian Health, Railroads, National Transportation Safety, Bonneville Power, Nuclear Regulation Agency, DOE Petroleum Reserves, BLM, Bureau of Reclamation, DOEducation, FBI, DEA, DOJ, US Attorneys Army, Army Reserves, Corps of Engineers, Navy Exchange Service Command, Air Force, NSA, Secretary of Defense, Civilian Personnel Advisory Service, Strategic Command, and "Congress" --meaning the British Territorial United States "Congress"--- are under DOD." More here:


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Once you become involved in any product for which there is an inducement, or worse, coercion, then every person involved has a professional, ethical and legal duty to hear the other side. It is not enough to say, well I never heard of that study, I'm afraid to speak to anyone who differs from me, etc. You are inducing or coercing a product. It is your JOB to know, beyond doubt that what you are doing is legal (it isn't) and you should know everything about your product in great detail. You don't even need to go outside of the warm, loving embrace of your own pharmaceutical company to read Pfizer and Moderna's data. That is the data of your "own" people.

I therefore do not ascribe good motives to such people. That and looking at the ingenuity of how this injection works, and how it was known to cause harm by the mechanisms built into it, means there is something more than good will to man going on here.

While I don't doubt that many people are basically in a DOD cSAP condition, if not in fact, then for all practical purposes, it's well past the point that it can be claimed: "I know nothing"!

I think a good way to reach such people is in a criminal trial. Even a civil trial in their personal capacity. Then we will see the paper trail, and while I don think some people don't know, everyone should know, and some know exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it.

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Very well said.

I would add that the 'congress' is held to keep the vaccine advocates - some would call vaccine pushers - in line. And, to keep reminding them that the opposition is dangerous.

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Henry, I think you are correct. It does keep people in line. Evidently there are people who have at least a few independent thoughts and they get quashed in this environment, swiftly and efficiently. And as you point out, if they keep getting told the opposition is dangerous, then they don't approach.

(I really haven't seen that many screamers explaining why they don't want the injections. That seems like an excuse or a myth to scare people from thinking for themselves of talking to anyone who has another idea.)

You ideas explain a lot! Thanks!

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As a retired RN I have been questioning everything over the past few years. I find it quite alarming that the “healthcare” industry, pharmacy included, has become so unscientific. I always operated under the understanding that science is a process of continuous questioning, and re-evaluation of whatever the current status quo was as well as new ideas and technologies. It is alarming that the deterioration of this premise is so extensive. I did witness it over my 35 year nursing career, but guess I held out hope that it wasn’t quite so invasive. Wrongo! Anyway, thank you so much for this, I found it enlightening. I guess its a good thing that most in the industry think they’re doing something good, but that speaks to widespread ignorance and the demise of the scientific process. Open honest respectful debate without agendas would be amazing!

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Apr 7, 2023Liked by Joe Martino

Call me skeptical but this sounds like a very carefully orchestrated conference where the tone is heavily moderated by a few powerful people / organizations. Joe’s speculation that this is an industry under attack so they are closing ranks seems on point. You would think that this stage of the game front line practitioners would have to notice that their patients are dying at an accelerated rate and having second thoughts. Where is that pushback or why is it not happening?

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This is a good question. Madhava and I are going to shoot a couple more details tomorrow.. I am going to bring up to him the idea that various doctors and nurses around the profession have been seeing some odd stuff in their patients. Perhaps we can dive into that discussion a bit if he has some insight on it.

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