Apr 7 • 39M

What The Vaccine Industry Says Behind Closed Doors About Vaccines

Going 'undercover' to find out how the vaccine industry answers tough questions about COVID vaccines.

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Joe Martino
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Yesterday I had a chance to sit down with a good friend of mine, and our channel, Dr. Madhava Setty.

He recently attended the World Vaccine Congress, which featured some major voices from the FDA, Big Pharma, DARPA, Universities, and government institutions.

These are folks that are fully invested in the success of vaccines, including the COVID vaccine. As a result, this presents a great opportunity to be around people who deeply disagree with the cautionary position on COVID vaccines (and other vaccines).

After watching some speeches and panel discussions, Madhava had a chance to ask some questions, and the answers he got back were rather intriguing.

Below is our conversation as we debrief his time at the event.


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