Thank you for this well written article. You are so tuned in to the reality of what you shared and this is not knowledge you shared with us but pure knowingness - what you "know" you know. Keep on writing as it comes from a remembering of what you already know.

In my experience as a regression therapist, I have often been led to communicate with the fetus and they do communicate with intelligence and memory. One fetus told me she felt she was being attacked by a sword and stayed high up in the womb hiding under her mother's breast bone as she longed for this incarnated experience in female form. Years later, this woman was discussing this recurring dream of being attacked by a sword with her mother. Her mother admitted that she had attempted to abort the fetus with the 'proverbial knitting needle. I have many stories to tell regarding the 'awareness' of the fetus' experiences before being birthed. Was this consciousness or memory of knowingness?

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For anyone who dares to take a step outside of the box of the current paradigm's program.....


…..in the current paradigm our sense of ‘self’ incorporates our entire body. Epidermis is what most all of us regard as the boundary of our ‘self’. Our ego’s existential attachment to our MIND extends to include our entire physical being as ‘self’ – anchored by our mind as its center, director, and base of existence. Our abject fear of death is rooted in this attachment: we believe we ARE our mind/body, hopelessly clinging to an iron-clad conviction that when our physical form expires, our ‘self’ dies along with it.

In the next paradigm, we consciously WEAR our body. From our voyage on the ‘razor’s edge’ that is life (see "Creation"), our expanded awareness perceives our body as simply another component among all phenomena. This corresponds in concept to the way we infuse our identity into a job, relationship, etc. until its ‘lifetime’ ends, or wear a trademark outfit as personal presentation that we discard when it has worn out….."


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Arjun Walia,

Congratulations on delving into something which has too often become ideological fodder.

Much evidence had come from experiences of individuals who have had inappropriately named “Near Death Experiences” that the Soul enters the body shortly after conception and provides us with Consciousness.

My Self, My Soul By James Debar is an example of a book that relates the personal story of such evidence.

Our Souls are here to experience the self, the mind, the ego, but are very separate.

This knowledge surfacing becomes so important when society debates the very heated topic of abortion.

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Prophet Muhammed fascinatingly discussed what you mentioned in detail. ‘Abdallah ibn Mas’ud narrated that the Messenger of God ﷺ said:

“Each one of you is constituted in the womb of the mother for forty days, and then he becomes a clot of thick blood for a similar period, and then a piece of flesh for a similar period. Then God sends an angel who is ordered to write four things. He is ordered to write down his deeds, his livelihood, the date of his death, and whether he will be blessed or wretched. Then the soul is breathed into him…” (Sahih al-Bukhari: 3036).

Another verse in the Quran states:

“And certainly did We create man from an extract of clay. Then We placed him as a drop of sperm, firmly fixed. Then We made the sperm into a clot of congealed blood, and of that clot We made an embryo; then We made out of that lump, bones, and clothed the bones with flesh. Then We developed another creation out of it. So blessed is God, the best of Creators” (Qur’an 23: 12-14).

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I studied non-local consciousness with my missile systems engineer father for about 10 years at the end of his life as he introduced me to near death experience (NDE) accounts. He'd studied them since the late 1970's and read thousands of accounts, sharing his favorite ones with me. He was skeptical, and was a member of IANDS for many years. Funny thing, though, I progressed on to read Dr. Michael Newton's books, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, of which my father had no interest, or time (he was in his 80's by then) to look into them like he had done with NDEs.

From all my reading, I recall that a spirit (consciousness) can enter a womb at any time during the pregnancy, and that they can come and go as they wish, having an OBE while in utero. It quite shocked me to read this, but there is substantiated evidence by the parents when children report hearing specific conversations while in utero.

I'm so grateful that my dad spent time with me at the end of his life to discuss non-local consciousness so that I know he's still with me, even though his body is gone. Thank you for broaching the subject of when consciousness enters a fetus. Maybe you could write a follow up article and mention the work being done by Dr. Jim Tucker at the University of Virginia? It might help if people know that consciousness studies have been going on in the US for over 50 years.

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That's a fascinating article, Arjun. It's just too bad that our currently practiced science isn't open to merging with some of the approaches to consciousness of which you write, and proceeding together as a new and more effective medium of enquiry. Science's uncompromising need for objective and repeatable evidence, as well as requiring that evidence to be measurable (objectively quantifiable) is sure to continue in leading us into dead ends, despite undertaking some original, and initially promising, experimental approaches. It's almost like there is some kind of diabolical set up to prevent experimentally pinning down what consciousness really is and when it begins in a newborn, which is just like the inability of pinning down whether light is a wave or a particle in the double slit experiment despite inventive experimental contrivances to reveal light being one or the other (i.e. passing it through polarizing filters which shouldn't affect it, only show it then to be a particle rather than wave). It's almost like some higher agency deliberately changes some aspect of how things normally work, to prevent us from pinning down the wave/particle duality.

i would ask though, is our concept of "consciousness" itself, really the universal property/essence/principle/value we think it is and how is it even possible to 'know' consciousness as a universal (something that exists independently of location or situation), if we are always evaluating this thing (consciousness) though our own non-universal consciousness, but which we take (a priorI) as being universal ?

As for Plato, A.N. Whitehead, an influential 20th century philosopher and mathematician famously wrote, "The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it [all just] consists of a series of footnotes to Plato." This implies that unlike science, which continually purports to be expanding into new and previously unknown avenues of research pertinent to the fundamental questions about the existential reality we find ourselves in, philosophy, at least how the western intellect approaches it, has already been figured out, and set out, by Plato 2300 y a.

Personally i have just been getting into Plato's works myself, but i don't approach it from a purely intellectual perspective, but assume Plato's consciousness was fundamentally different than that of either Socrates or of Aristotle, as well as our own today. He actually perceived the Forms (or "Ideas") of which he spoke, as existing in a universal, timeless state, whereas his colleagues did not (or if they did, they took it somewhere else from where he did). Even Plato's Cave Allegory needs to be understood, by taking into account, his different level of consciousness, in order to get at as its true meaning. The trouble with understanding the "shadows" that are cast by fire as being inaccurately apprehended through the senses, whereas the true objects illuminated by the sun being correctly perceived through reason -- is that it doesn't really capture the truth, since our 'reason' is not Plato's 'reason'. It's more appropriate to use the term 'consciousness' here, rather than 'reason'. Plato's consciousness was able to perceive that universal reality where the pure Forms or Ideas exist, although his really valuable contribution, was that he was able to then convey what he perceived, by means of his exceptional intellect, and lay down the fundamental basis for the whole of western philosophy.

What he perceived, i believe, was similar to how people today can perceive Angels and Elementals and which some even approach through a high level of perceiving and communicating with the Devas each of which 'overlight' an individual species in Nature as well as every elemental constituent of the natural world (similar to how Plato's universal 'Idea' underlies all particular instances of it). Plato's Forms are also fundamental to what is now known as Scared Geometry.

i think also, that it's imperative to see Plato's consciousness in the context of the overall change in consciousness humanity has undergone since the so called, Tower of Babel incident (which the book, Voyagers II by Ashayana Deane places at occurring in 3470 BCE). The Tower of Babel event has been recorded not only in the Bible but also in the oral tradition of many indigenous peoples across the planet https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tower_of_Babel and the event marked a huge shift from an embedded state of consciousness that may have been partially related to that of animals acting through their species specific instinct and also sensing and responding to real time changes occurring at the greater level of the whole of Nature (i.e. impending earthquakes). i believe that the Forms which Plato related in his dialogues, are similar to what pre-Tower-of-Babel humans would have perceived, but also much different, since Plato, with his unique, high consciousness, was also able to apprehend the Forms through his intellect, not just be informed by this universal level of Nature though natural perception (which in animals is understood as instinct).

Once we appreciate that our current state of consciousness is not a given, or some fundamental universal, or even as some benchmark as to what consciousness is in its perfection, we will be be able to move on to greater evolution of our consciousness. What mainstream brain researcher, Julian Jaynes became aware of in the 1970s and published in his book, The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, was essentially a flash of illumination towards this necessary progression past our current impasse of seeing ourselves as representing some epitome of all consciousness. Even though Jaynes still did relate to our current consciousness as the standard for all consciousness, he did see that it had changed since the time of Homer (8th century BCE). In Homer's 2 epic poems, The Odyssey and The Iliad, the characters display, by the standard of modern psychology, very 'dissociated' personalities, hearing and speaking in regular asides to gods only they seem to be able to hear, and seeing their own personal acts of will and passionate emotion, as being separate from themselves, as well as relating to other people's souls as something material, rather than transcendent. Jaynes shows cross cultural evidence that this very different human consciousness back then, was also the case, in other civilizations across the planet during corresponding time periods. He inferred that it was because the person's other hemisphere was doing the talking, which we now perceive as simply thinking to ourselves, and that through the necessities of evolution humans eventually merged this disparate state of consciousness into the 'proper' one we have today. But there is evidence the Australian Aborigines still have vestiges of the 'old' consciousness today, and used it to great effect before the British colonists arrived in 1788, to manage the land and make the whole of Australia look like a veritable country estate.

So Plato (427 - 377 BCE) could have been at a crossroads in this progressive consciousness transformation, where he was still able to perceive at the universal level of the Forms, yet also utilize his highly developed intellect, to convey his direct perception, into a philosophical framework, one which still underlies all our collective intellectual heritage today. Yet since we have lost the ability to perceive at that universal level, we incorrectly try to comprehend only with our singular intellect, something which really needs both the levels of conscious Plato uniquely possessed, to be able to truly apprehend at its most complete level.

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Here according to Rick Strassman it happens at 49 days after gestation:


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I didn't read the article because it is too triggering for me regarding guilt. There is consciousness in the cells from the beginning even in the egg or sperm. In fact, I know the soul consciousness of the being is around the mother before fertilization. The evening prior to a second miscarriage, I dreamed of being in a limousine with little girls who were all pale and sickly, one came to me and kissed me on the lips and said goodbye, I lost the 10-week pregnancy the next day.

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Yes, babies in the womb are conscious. That's why they jump when they hear a loud noise!

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