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Dr. Christopher Shaw (Dispatches from the Vaccine Wars) has also warned against the use of aluminum in vaccines with a focus on its toxicity on the brain.

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" The one thing we can say is that for 225 years, the same story has been repeated over and over again, which is that vaccines come out, and they make previous diseases that were not really very problematic worse. The vaccines cause problems.

The death rates were always coming down for any disease before any therapy came in at all, whether it's an antibiotic or a vaccine ... Trying to help humans live better, longer lives, to strengthen their bodies and their resilience, that's always been the key.

Historically, [survival] has not been about vaccines. It's not been about medications, it's not been about antibiotics. It's always been about plumbing, nutrition, fresh air, vitamin D, lifestyle, and keeping poisons out of our bodies. That's always what it's been about in terms of survival."

- Dr. Suzanne Humphries; https://dissolvingillusions.com/

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There are also always the associated costs of distribution.

These products not only need to be mass produced, but mass distributed.

Humans are water-based organisms. A lot of the natural remedies that we benefit from don’t lend themselves to mass distribution- storage- delivery

Enter synthesized petroleum products …

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ALL vaccines have been weaponized to maim and kill the population.

I’d start with the 20 million dollar question while showing baby seizures videos:


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