Keep your eye on the long game. Absolutely.

Conspiracy theorists do have a pretty good batting average though when it comes to COVID. I remember reading their warnings about vaccine passports, forced vaccinations, boosters, and even the theory that COVID was a means to climate change lockdowns. And the WHO pandemic treaty is just part of the NWO agenda they've been warring about since the 80s. I remember all of it having come across so many under ground publications in the 80s and 90s. I always took it with a grain of curious salt but now I can see they weren't that off. The way the UN/WHO are acting only adds to this.

Look. The 'Covidians' are going to try and gin up the fear to force masking and vaccination. Why not? People rolled over and consented the first time around without much of a fight. That's enough for the 'medical tyrants' to try again. So I expect it.

But the conditions are different now and I reckon more people are 'awake' and armed with better information and facts. Not to mention the millions hurt by the lockdowns and vaccinations. The 'elites' lost a lot of credibility and currency by foolishly mandating vaccines in my view. It punctured a hole in trust with the medical and political establishments. How could they be so foolish? It's an axiom of human nature that people don't like to be coerced against their will and 'experts' in public health had to have known this so why did they do it? A moral panic is one thing but there has to be another explanation (s).

And then comes the fact no one takes accountability for their mistakes and/or bull shit. This is what bothers me. They're so weak and arrogant that they can't find humility. People respond to contrite humility. Would it be so hard for the 'experts' to admit they were wrong? People wouldn't hold it against them. Another interesting quirk of human nature. Instead, we seem to be getting a second attempt at failed policies and 'solutions' that never had any empirical evidence to back them up whatsoever except for 'declarations' from the expert class who had the biggest megaphone and access to the media to sprout their, to me anyway, quackery.

Also, politically things have shifted quite a bit in both the USA and Canada but especially here in Canada. Trudeau is enormously unpopular now. He's tremendously weak in the polls. Unless he sees political currency in rebooting his divisive approach to public health, I don't see much of a fight here. The provinces are also a little wiser now. Alberta won't dance and neither will Saskatchewan thanks to strong leadership. Manitoba may fall in line.

Of course, the three biggest provinces of B.C., Ontario and Quebec remain pretty much wild cards with B.C. remaining firmly one of the most backward jurisdictions on the continent with its Covid rules.

Anyway. All this to say, prognostication is a sucker's game. I learned this as a lifelong recovering sports junkie who stayed away from that dark art.

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Excellent article as usual: well thought out. and well written. I agree the 'second coming' of COVID will not happen. But because the world is sill so spooked from the first: 19 lockdown It wouldn't take much to start a stampede — And this is what the Cabal is counting on, by keeping us in a near panic condirtion by continuing to feed us false rumors of a second lockdown. Then, when we are frightened enough to easily fall into their next warplan (whatever that will be: it certainly will not be another COVID lockdown) . . . like a well groomed herd of buffalo, we stampede for the cliff!

The solution? First of all, stop listening to the Evening News. For one thing, it's not news: it's very carefully crafted propaganda, propaganda that would make Hitler's propaganda minister, Herr Joseph Goebbels, envious.

Since the Cabal keeps pounding us with propaganda, we have to just as ferociously, keep pushing back with truth and common sense. Misinformation is a shadow and has no power against truth. But, first, we need to recognize truth. Then, the Cabal has no power over us!

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Again, you've hit the nail on the head, Joe! I am so tired of receiving 'factual' shares from contacts because they've found something in the alternate media and not mainstream, therefore it MUST be true, right? No personal researching, clarification or investigation of said article first to see if it is worth spreading the message. Ironically, I shared your article with an acquaintance who sends me these kinds of tidbits from social media frequently, and they said, 'no matter what, lockdowns are coming'! You can lead a horse to water... ;-)

The other thing I'd add are my thoughts about supposed 'whistleblowers', since that is the alt. media's favourite quotable resource right now. I find it interesting how at one point in our history whistleblowers who defected from government agencies, big pharma, etc. and revealed damning truths were typically mysteriously found dead soon afterwards, but now they can openly voice their 'truths' on social media and internet without any attempted censorship or personal repercussions. Does that even sound likely if they are attempting to expose wrongdoings, since the media and internet are patrolled and controlled? Or could it be that false 'whistleblowers' exist amongst the real ones, thereby creating complete confusion around what is truth and again adding to the mass confusion? And could it equally be possible that many just state something is from a 'whistleblower' as this age's 'undisclosed source' (and therefore unverifiable)?

Regardless, I agree with Joe that there is no point anticipating something that hasn't happened yet - living an event ahead of it actually happening just lowers your wellness and immunity so you are in a worse place if it does actually happen. Trust that you can deal with whatever happens when it happens. As Mark Twain put it (assuming it is quoted correctly, of course), “I've lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.”

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Once again, we need to be prepared and resist if masking and lockdowns happen!

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I heard on the radio of two schools closing for a period of time due to strep, flu and covid. This is insanity. People with strep and flu generally stay home. So what if kids get the flu anyway, it is impossible to live a sterilized life. The thinking has become so distorted.

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It’s so difficult to tell these days with the psychological manipulation ongoing. Tell who is spouting propaganda or who is a disinformationist or a complete liar.

Remember there are hundreds of “think tanks” 10 steps ahead of us!

In the UK we are being warned of a new strain(to cover up the ongoing mRNA injuries) and that masking and distancing could be re implemented!

Priming us. The Great Reset(cover up) rumbles on.

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The Good News Is:

We Are Not Fighting To Save Anyone - Any More.

We Were Fighting To Save People From The Shots.

We Don't Have To Do That Any More.

We Saved More Than We Needed To. We Saved Plenty.

Now We Are All Fighting Against Those Dumb Enough

To Have Believed The Lie:

The Dead - The Dumb- And The Suffering -

Are Now The Enemies Of The Majority.

So - Keep Beating The Living Shit Out Of Them.

'Like Your Intuition Tells You To.

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I think you’re missing the target on this one Joe. While part of his delivery is theatrical to say the least, he’s laid out his case and with some patience (time) evidence will come forward - or it won’t.. but a quick google of “more lockdowns coming” presented these top three findings published in the last day:

1. Top review says Covid lockdowns worked, period. (Politico.eu)

2. Conspiracy theorists spread false information about return of lockdown (ap news)

3. Lockdowns and masks unequivocally cut spread of Covid (the guardian)

What do your spider senses tell you when you read those headlines…two promoting lockdowns and masks, and one blasting conspiracy theorists? Propaganda and Narrative control?

A late sept-dec push would coincide w our winter/return of flu season/ etc. we also have seen how quick and unscientific the response from our own administrations and different levels of government. It’s a game of follow the leader. Placate the masses that “we, your government” are reacting in your best interests to help and protect you.”

One declaration from the psychopathic chief public health officer in Canada and our airports, schools etc will implement masks in a days notice, driven by hard progressive left leadership that permeates all our public institutions. There is no lead time necessary to implement any of this.

All of this coincides perfectly with the American 24 election cycle.

You keep asking where is the proof and how do we hold to account if he’s wrong? I ask you, what if he is right?

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Alex has been right about an awful lot of things. They are desperate to stay in power. Just look at what they're doing to everybody perceived as threats. Trump and co, Jordan Peterson, C. J. Hopping.....

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Toronto CP24 has reported a new virus is coming & it’s going to make Cov vaccinated people more sick, than unvaccinated. A couple of colleges in the US have already stipulated masks be worn.

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As people wake up and push back against the narrative, anything to control us will be implemented. I'm not an Alex Jones fan, but one need not dig too deep to find clear indications that the reinstatement of oppressive policies to contain and control us are clearly imminent - and will be for as long as the globalist psychopaths wield the levers of power in their colossal determination to own and control everyone and everything on Earth.

Grounding in this environment means separating from the reactionary narrative that we are force fed 24/7 as best we can - and finding a way to virtually anchor ourselves within the baseless chaos that continues to redefine everyone's 'reality':

"By its own fluid, the caterpillar’s body dissolves within the chrysalis to metamorphose into the butterfly. The chaos that has recently emerged on all of Earth, is the ‘fluid’ now dissolving humanity as we know it, within our global ‘chrysalis’. We the ‘Conscious Creatives’, are the imaginal cells building the new evolved Whole World out of the formless solution that chaos continues to make of us, as it expands and envelopes virtually all of humanity. It is time we redirect technology toward the truly ORGANIC evolution we so desperately need, arrest our descent to extinction, and manifest a paradigm that transcends our shortcomings."


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Thank you, dear Joe, for writing about this in a way that brings me to my center. I try to stay away from the hysteria aspect of alt media. It helps me accomplish that when I read your writings.

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Ya I watched that a few days ago. Didn't he state in the video I watched anyway of his claims that he stated that the reason was because there is a deadly variant coming out of Canada??

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Alex Jones only has like a 90% accuracy track-record and he only predicted Putin's invasion of Ukraine 4 months before it happened in Oct of 2021. He's not grasping at straws here, whistleblowers have contacted him.

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And honestly, if Covid does come back, I sure hope we’ve learned our lessons (https://unorthodoxy.substack.com/p/four-lessons-that-we-should-have) and at least don’t simply comply.

Example: Why I don’t wear masks


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It’s already being put out on MSM. It stops when we do not comply.

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