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The thing with channeling is that there is an inherent limitation over the nature of the material that can be conveyed to the human collective through normal channeling. Barbara Marciniak, long-time channel for the Pleiadians, confirmed that only inspirational material can be channeled, not specific information or predictions, such as 'the world will end next year.' Predictions, which may have some association with higher source information, are always a personal synthesis from insights gained by individual sensitives. The exception to this restriction is if the material is directly downloaded to the recipient, off planet or at a place outside the vibration sphere maintaining consensual reality for Earth, i.e. while on-board an ET ship, or while at special high frequency portals on the planet's surface (or also while in Inner Earth (past the transduction zone)). The Voyager books for example were downloaded to Ashayana Deane in the early 90s, at either a special portal located just off-shore from Kauai Hawaii, or while she was on a (cloaked) Arcturian ship.

The situation has gotten even worse with the amount of Starlink satellites now orbiting the planet putting out WiFi (soon to be a million in total). i therefore believe normally channeled material can no longer be trusted at all now, since it is really coming from the Zetas, and not who it is claimed to be from. Even Marciniak has apparently 'gone off-line' now. Of course, material that has always been identified as coming from the Zetas, i.e. that channeled by Daryl Anka, is sure to be 'genuine.'

For this reason i don't believe the Summers' (Marshall and Reed's) material can be trusted. i believe it's actually being put out by the Zetas. i know it may sound legit, but also just consider why benevolent ETs would put out such material meant to inform us about the threats we are facing, while specifically embedding it all in a religious context ? The benevolent ETs, i.e. the Arcturians, some Sirians and Lyrans are well aware of how we have been subjugated and controlled through indoctrination into a religious mind-set, so the only reason crouching such warnings in a religious context, even if they may sound valid, is to control us further.

Only by letting go of all such interventions from off-planet (even the Voyager material) can we rise to become the empowered overseers of the solar system we are meant to be. We can only deal with the threat from the Zetas and other negative ETs, by assuming a spiritually and psychologically empowered position w/in ourselves, not by simply knowing what the threat is. And becoming religious towards the Allies of Humanity will just put us right where the Zetas want us.

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i agree that you can't separate the secret (inner) government and the negative ETs. There still is the 'government' we see and who most people believe is running the show, but it's all a lie, as important directives about the geopolitical situation and now the transhumanist takeover -- come from 'above.' It's clear that the Zetas (negative Greys) gave us the semiconductor transistor and fiber optics ( https://www.amazon.ca/Day-After-Roswell-William-Birnes/dp/150117200X/ ) and set us on the path to digitalization of, ultimately -- our consciousness. In the 80s to 00s, the Zetas undertook a huge hybridization project, abducting thousands of people (with the consent of the human gov't) and have many hybrids in key positions in our society, both currently involved in setting up the situation, as well as in waiting for the moment to act -- in a takeover ( https://www.amazon.ca/Dual-Soul-Connection-Agenda-Advancement/dp/0473295644/ ).

The Zetas may be working with the Dracos who are connected with the traditional elites and financial establishment, or they may be working with the so-called "Controllers" who connect with, and exert their control over us, over electronic avenues (i.e. wifi). UNESCO's motto: "Since wars are made in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed" is actually code for what the Controllers do: "All wars are made [by them] in the minds of men."

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How often are the populace waiting for government to solve a problem and how's that been working out for us? We and the "Officials" are regurgitating endlessly the same information, always looking for some tid-bit of something new that will make for a breakthrough. I have a request. Will you please take an in depth look into "The Briefings" from "Allies of Humanity" and consider doing an essay on their perspective? I have been in conversation with Richard Dolan about The Briefings and he is seriously reconsidering his long time stance on "channeled" material after I reminded him of The Urantia Book phenomenon which defies explanation. (But contains the seeds of the loss of our planetary sovereignty.)

I'd love to have a chat sometime to go over the sovereignty issue and the advancements that have been made via the hidden agenda against our individual and collective freedom.

Will you please take a look at The Briefings and if you have. It's an easy read and I consider prerequisite to moving forward as an informed race that is entering a very dangerous time.

Thank you for considering. Thank you for everything that you stand for and if you like, I will arrange an excellent interview with Reed Summers.

With that under your belt, we could have a next level conversation regarding the sovereignty heist hidden in The Urantia Book. Unfortunately, so far, I am the only person on the planet that has thoroughly "grokked" both which means I am the only person that sees and understands WTF is going on here with the gradual loss of our beautiful world full of riches into the grips of the larger ET commercial collectives that have arrived to take the booty.

The Allies perspective made fully public may be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Again as always, thank you thank you thank you for ALL you do. I hope we meet someday. Look and see if this helps. Look deep.


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Unlikely they'll ever come clean since the MIC has been working closely with the Anunnaki/Draco/Grays since the treaties of the 50s.

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I had been trying to provide you with a very much related 'essay' from my website.

It's www.lightningonthemoon.com and then:

'1980s Air Force Retro Engineering of an Exotic UFO Engine'

Surprising it has not come up during all this ruckus. Rob Wold woldrob@gmail.com

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(UAP) ... "Or is it classified to protect the financial, political and economic interests of the one percent? Or both?" That says it all, and the more that private investigators can talk about the subject, especially in podcasts like yours, the sooner we will ETs walking publically among us.

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No mention of Stephen Greer?

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