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The Magic of Underthinking

Leave The World Behind: Predictive Programming or a Mirror?

US Government Essentially Kills UFO Disclosure Efforts: Information Will Remain Classified

The Curious Case of Twin Telepathy & Biological Quantum Entanglement

Exposing YouTube's Hold On Narrative Control

111 Years Later And The Illusion Remains For Many

"I Left Out the Full Truth to Get My Climate Change Paper Published"

Israel Deploys "The Gospel" - Artificial Intelligence Is Picking Targets To Bomb In Gaza

Could a Radically Revised History Change Human Beliefs?

New Systematic Review Finds No Data To Support Masking Children Against COVID

Did Israel Know About Hamas’s Attack Plan Before It Happened?

Bill Gates’ Global Agenda & How We Can Resist His War On Life

Depression, Psilocybin & Anti-Depressants: Where Are We At With The Latest Research?

Mindful Destruction: How Self-Improvement Can Add Superpower To Bad Societal Design

Does Voting No Longer Represent Our Power As Citizens To Impact The Actions of Government?

When Does A Fetus Gain Consciousness? Does Life Exist Before Birth?

Rebalancing The Masculine & The Feminine For A New Paradigm

"We Are Not Alone" The Shamans Of The World Tell Us

The Parallels Between AI & Dreams

New BMJ Report Uncovers Concerning Facts About VAERS: Where Are We With Vaccine Injury Reporting Systems?

I Just Completed YouTube's Re-Education Program...

Can We Expand Our Perspective Beyond “Duality”?

RFK Jr. And His Position on Israel & College Free Speech

Back To The Present

Why Did Pfizer Stop Their Clinical Trial For COVID Vaccines During Pregnancy?

If No One Wants This, Why Are We Doing It?

Embodied Healing is The Upside to Stress

The White Buffalo Calf Woman: Supernormal Experiences With A Message For Humanity

The Incredible Influential Power of Music

Have I Changed My Mind About RFK Jr?

Where Will the Complex Issues Created by Corporations Lead?

Why Are We So Quick To Dehumanize Each Other?

Do We Feel Organic Shame?

Double Standards, Dehumanization, Complexity & A Way Forward

Dia De Los Muertos & Our Current Reality

The Rebranding of UFOs Is In Full Effect

Sensemaking The Gaza Hospital Bombing

Sadness and Grief Are Profoundly Human

A Minority View

Why Are People So Mean? Has The Internet Destroyed Empathy & Compassion?

Making Sense of The Israel & Hamas Conflict

How To Defeat The Bad Guys, Part One

How We Can Become Better Listeners For Each Other

Thoughts On Life After Death – Does ‘Consciousness’ Survive When We Die?

Canada Moves To Regulate Podcasts

Scientists Discover 500,000 Year-Old Wooden Structure - Predating Homo Sapiens

How Can Scientific Misconceptions Shape Our Worldview?

The Dubious Origins of the Carbon Dioxide driven Global Warming Hypothesis

Molecular Biologist & Cancer Geneticist Speaks On DNA Contamination In COVID Vaccines

We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For

Crop Circles: What Is Behind These Complex & Intricate Works of Art?

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Is It Time to Stop Ridiculing Ancient Aliens?

The Time The US Spent $500M on Propaganda & Why It's Relevant Now

A Neuroscientist Said Don't Watch The News. I Disagree

How Can Meaningful Shifts in Human Consciousness Occur?

Vaccines For All & The Death of Worldviews

9/11: A Coincidence Theory that will not die

The Loudest Deceptions Provide The Greatest Evolutionary Potential

The Planetary Problem of Bad Faith

Going Beyond Traditional Ways of Knowing As We Explore Truth

The Secrets To Living A Long & Healthy Life

Restoring A World Out of Balance

Alex Jones Says Lockdowns Are Coming Back... I Call Bullsh*t

What Do You (Think You) Really Know?

It's A Damn Shame... But We're The Solution

Beyond Blockchain: Emerging Paradigms in a Time of Crisis

Was Carl Sagan Right About The Dumbing Down of America?

Life’s Intelligent Organic Network in the Earth

Solutionary Activism: A Call to Unify

Major Takeaways From The US Congressional Hearing on UFOs: Addressing 'Psyop' Claims & More

The Truth About Our Relationship With Life

Extraordinary Cases of Children Remembering Their Past Lives & Proving It

The World Health Organization Proves Why Censorship is Dangerous

Faking Sense: Unpacking Sam Harris' Attack on RFK Jr.

Biocentrism: Does Life Create The Universe?

Suppression of COVID Lab Leak Hypothesis Was Unscientific

A Symbiosis of Humans & Technology – Changing The Conversation

Gravitational Waves & the Music of Spheres

Scientists Successfully Communicate With Lucid Dreamers While They Are Dreaming

From Survival To Moments of Stillness

Is "Organic" Really Organic? The Real Reason People Choose Organic Produce Over Conventional

We’re Not Living in Ordinary Times

Could AI Point Us to What It Means to be Human?

Russian Coup: The Best Source For Updates

Free Will or Agency: What Drives Our Behavior?

Peter Hotez & The Avoidance of Science

Raytheon Whistleblower Claims Faster Than Light Communication & Directed Energy Weapons Exist At South Pole

Edward Snowden On Artificial Intelligence & "When The Machines Take Over"

Does Reality Operate on Cyclical Timelines?

Absurdity Breeds Evolution

Whistleblower Gives Congress Info On Crash Retrieval Programs For Craft of Non-Human Origin (UFOs)

Spiritual Survival in a World of AI

Marianne Williamson, RFK Jr. & Disrupting The Status Quo

AI & The Hard Problem of Consciousness

The CIA, Remote Viewing & Extraterrestrials

ChatGPT Imagines A World Where Power Structures Are Reversed

The Man The CIA Wants You To Forget

The Feeling is the Healing: My Road Back

A Powerful Life-Altering Realization Any Human Can Have

In The Name of Transparency

Exiting The Matrix Created By Our Bias

The King's Coronation Makes Headlines, But All I Can Think About Is Royal Family Pedophile Allegations

Poll: What is Your Favorite Content Format?

RFK Jr.'s Presidential Run: Disrupting The Status Quo

Nikola Tesla's Thoughts On Extraterrestrial Contact & The Signals He Received

CDC Director Caught Lying To The House Committee on Appropriations About Face Masks & COVID Transmission?

Brilliant Animation Exposes The ‘Shadow’ That Controls Our Society

Decorated Russian General Says More Advanced Civilizations Are Keeping An Eye on Planet Earth

Renowned Scientists Ask FDA To Change COVID Vaccine Labels To State They Don't Prevent Transmission/Death - FDA Responds

"Consciousness Creates Reality" - Is This An Accurate Interpretation of What Quantum Mechanics is Revealing?

The White House & Billionaires Are Getting Serious About Blocking Out The Sun

CBC Upset As Twitter Labels Them "Government-Funded Media"

The Transhumanist Agenda: Is There Hope of Avoiding It?

Detaching From "Scientific Consensus" Propaganda: "Science" Can't Really Be Trusted Anymore

Healthy 14 Year Old Girl Dies 2 Days After COVID Booster With "Vaccine-Related Multiple-Organ Inflammation"

"You Just Lied" - Elon Musk Shuts Down BBC Reporter During Live Interview

The Story of Otis T. Carr: The Man Who Supposedly Invented An ‘Anti-Gravity’ Vehicle In The 1950s

Part 2: What The Vaccine Industry Says Behind Closed Doors About Vaccines

Another Big FOI Update Coming

What The Vaccine Industry Says Behind Closed Doors About Vaccines

13 Years Ago Julian Assange Published Collateral Murder: Now He Faces 175 Years For Exposing War Crimes

8 Useful Tools For Discerning Truth In The Age of Information Warfare

Renowned Medical Researcher & Colleague Publish Systematic Review of Serious Harms From COVID-19 Vaccines

A Team of International Scientists & Leading Medical Professionals Are Taking Pfizer To Court In South Africa

A Massive UFO Incident From 1942: Those Dots You See Around The Craft Are Artillery Bursts

New Analysis Shows How The CDC Spread False Information That Exaggerated The Severity of COVID-19

The US Is Still Not Following The Science: But Why?

Tom DeLonge Makes Some Very Irresponsible Comments About UFOs

Sensemaking UFOs, Consciousness & Human Potential

Tucker Carlson's Claim of 'Troops Dying From UFO Encounters' Corroborates With Other Stories That Exist Within UFO Lore

You Can't Have Democracy If Public Opinion Is Shaped By Propaganda

How Mainstream Media Becomes Controlled

Where Does The Idea of a "False Flag Alien Invasion" Come From: Is One Really In the Works?

The Pulse Weekly Ep. 1 - Rise of Transgenderism & Propaganda

57 Year Old 'Dead Man' Describes His Resuscitation As If He Was Watching It: Is There Life After Death?

Every Country Uses Propaganda - Here's Why

Why Are More Children Identifying As Transgender & Being Offered Medical Treatment?

The Brave New World of 1984, Part Three

Key Update On Our Freedom Convoy FOIA Documents

Most Major "Threats" These Days Are Based On Lies: False Flag Terrorism is a Great Example

US Congressman Claims Extraterrestrial Technology Is Being Reverse Engineered in Secret

CBDC's & Their Impact On Freedom

What Exactly Is Autism? Why Have The Rates Increased Rapidly to 1 in 44 Children?

The Brave New World of 1984, Part Two

New Emails Show Biden Administration Actively Censored "True Content" About COVID Vaccines With An Army of Federal Censors

CNNs 'Misinformation' Came True Today

Where Did The Claim That "97% of Scientists" Believe Climate Change Is A Man-Made, Urgent Problem Come From? Is It True?

The Brave New World of 1984

The Pyramids, The Face & The Case For Intelligent Life on Mars Before Its Massive Climate Change

How We Are Being Misled

How Lies Become Reality

The Recent "UFO" Craze In Mainstream News & How It Detracts From A Very Real, Very Mysterious Phenomenon

A Curious Case of Aluminum, Vaccines, Autism & Censorship Before COVID

The WEF Thinks Governments & Your Boss Should Have Access To Your Thoughts

Have We Been Lied To About The Moon & What’s On It? Scientists Have Been Baffled By Mysterious Questions For Decades

The Legend of Shambhala: A Hidden Land That May Exist Within Our Own

The Ethics of AI: Deepfake Porn & ChatGPT

Cochrane Review: Masks Aren't Backed By Science

Living Close To Trees Comes With A Number Of Health Benefits

Ten Insights from "Don't Believe Everything You Think"

Redemption For Novak Djokovic - From Banned To Champion

Examining Extra-Dimensional Life & Worlds That May Exist Within Our Own

Project Veritas & Pfizer: How Far Are We Willing To Go To Get 'The Truth?'

Quantum Tunnelling: How Particles Pass Through Impassable Barriers, Like Ghosts

Freedom Convoy: We May Have To Sue The Ontario Gov't To Get Our Unsent FOIA Documents

Former Head of Israels Defense Ministry’s Biological Institute & Vaccine Developer Speaks Out Against COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines

'COVID Deaths Are Over-counted' Says Washington Post - "Conspiracy Theorists" Were Right Again

Twitter Files: Don't Get 'Blackpilled'

Circulating Spike Protein Discovered In Blood of Children & Young Adults With Vaccine Induced Myocarditis

The Hidden X-Factor for Exemplary Performance

Do Some of the World’s Elite Use Black Magic Rituals To Obtain More Power?

7 Ways Music Benefits Your Heart, Brain & Health

Is Mainstream Media Dead?

What People Believe “UFOs” Are In 2023: Four Main Categories

17% of Teenagers Had Heart Symptoms After Their Second Pfizer Jab, New Study

Loss of Faith In Societal Institutions: A Necessary Chaos

For The First Time In History, Vaccine Experts, Doctors & Scientists Were Labelled As "Anti-Vaxxers"

A CIA Document On People’s “Paranormal Ability To Break Through Spatial Barriers”

You Defeat The Great Reset, Then What? Pt. 2

Sudden Cardiac Death Was An Issue In Athletes Before The Pandemic – Is It Bigger Now?

Former President of Australian Medical Association Speaks On COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries

You Defeat The Great Reset, Then What? Pt. 1

Operação Prato: Brazilian Air Force UFO Photographs & Details About The "Occupants" Inside Them