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Top Collective Evolution Podcast Episodes of 2022

Recapping 2022: A Big Takeaway

The Government Funded Group Pushing Facebook Censorship

How Powerful People Use 'Us vs. Them' To Divide The Masses—And The Antidote

Was Santa A Psychedelic Medicine Man? Investigating Pre-Christian Santa Folklore

Vaccine Researcher, Tenured Professor Sues The University of Guelph & Colleagues For Defamation

Florida Governor Seeks Accountability For COVID Response 'Blunders & Falsehoods’

How To Think Critically About The Film "Died Suddenly"

How "Trust the Science" Became "Question the Science"

Google 'Psychosis' & You Get: "You May Be Worried That The Government Is Trying To Harm You."

John Mack "The Dalai Lama on Why Aliens Come To Earth"

Woke Is the Handmaiden of Totalitarianism

People Are Losing The Plot on The Twitter Files

Autopsy Results From People Who Died Unexpectedly Within Days of COVID-19 Vaccination

The Archaeology of The Imaginal: Graham Hancock's Lost Civilization vs Henry Corbin's Supra-Physical World

COVID Bivalent Booster Falls Flat in First ‘Real-World’ Test, CDC Report Shows

Funding Documents Expose Virologist Danielle Anderson, Once Feted as a "Conspiracy Buster"

Julian Assange & Edward Snowden Are Heroes: There's No Debate

The Evil of Coerced Medicine

How to Not Quiet Quit and Live Your Best Life

YouTube Deleted This Video...

Elon Musk States That Twitter "Has Interfered in Elections"

Twitter Will No Longer Enforce "COVID-19 Misleading Information Policy"

How Can "You" Possibly Change The World?

Follow the Science, Reconsidered

Is There A Link Between The Pyramids & 'Otherworldly' Visitors?

Why Is News Coverage of Elon Musk's Twitter Always Negative?

Climate Lockdowns May Be Next: Here's What That May Look Like

Tribunals Would Introduce Dangers of their Own

New US Analysis Shows The Vaccinated Now Make Up The Majority of COVID Deaths

How Materialism Has Restricted Our Understanding of Death

What Is With The Massive Protests In Brazil?

Finding mRNA In Breast Milk Typifies How Covid Vaccine Safety Was Oversold

Significance of Thukdam for Humanity

Precognitive Dreaming: Can Dreams Predict The Future?

COVID Measures Have Collectively Changed Our Personalities

The New England Journal’s Disappointing Decision to Publish the Boston School Mask Study

A 5000 Year Old Map That Shatters The "Official" History of The Planet

What Happens When Someone Is Having An Out Of Body Experience

Despite Progress In Data Transparency, The FDA Still Keeps Its Data Secret

Canada To Allow Mentally Ill To Apply For Medically Assisted Suicide (MAiD)

Indonesia Inks Deal With Netherlands & The Ocean Cleanup To Remove Plastic Debris From Rivers

How Millennials Were Setup To Fail

Facts About The Great Pyramid At Giza That Still Have No Explanation

57 Year Old Unconscious Dead Man Describes His Resuscitation As If He Was Watching It

UK Vaccine Debate: Investigation & Accountability Coming? + Canada Update

The Truth About Where Your Clothes Really Come From

The Bosnian Pyramid Complex: Larger, Older & More Mysterious Than Egyptian Pyramids?

The Confinement of the Healthy

New Experiment Suggests Our Brain Uses Quantum Processes, Like Entanglement

Why Your Doctor Is Completely Unaware of Legitimate COVID-19 Vaccine Concerns

Blue Whales Eat 10 Million Pieces of Microplastic A Day & Humans Eat A Credit Card A Week

Tamara Lich's Heartbreaking Testimony At Emergencies Act Inquiry

They Thought They Were Free

Din-i-Ilahi 2.1 - Dialogue Between Hindus & Muslims

YouTube Continues To Censor Accurate COVID Information

New Rooftop Wind Energy Invention Is Up To 16X More Efficient Than Solar Panels

Senior Editor At British Medical Journal Speaks Out About COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Concerns

Sense-making, Fake News & Censorship: How Can We Know What's True Anymore?

It's Pretty Crazy How The US Government Works With Big Tech To Censor Information On Social Media

FDA Silent On Covid-19 Vaccine Safety Signals

Encounters With Star People: “They Meant Us No Harm. Grandpa Called Them Our Ancestors”

7 Reasons Every iPhone User Should Be Worried About the App Store’s 30% Tax

Elon Musk Reveals Why He Bought Twitter

Ontario College of Physicians Recommends Drugs & Psychotherapy To Combat Vaccine Hesitancy

Covid Vaccines Shouldn't Be 'Routine' for Kids

The Environmentalist That Was Censored For Shifting His Opinion On Climate Change

A Device That Literally Generates Electricity Out of Thin Air

A Prevention & Early Treatment Guide For COVID-19

A Level-Headed Look at The Florida Vaccine Study

Kanye West To Buy Popular Social Media Platform, Parler

New Documents Show The RCMP Falsely Claimed Freedom Convoy Protestors Were Armed

How Science Arrived At The Doorstep of Spirituality

EcoHealth Whistleblower Says SARS-COV-2 Was Created In A Lab & Funded By The NIH

"We Own The Science" - United Nations Partners With Google To Increase Censorship

We Need To Talk About Behavioural Science – But The Powers That Be Don’t Want To

The Benefits of Long Term Fasting With Dr. Françoise Wilhelmi de Toledo

Another Renowned Academic Has Facebook Account Suspended For Spreading Covid "Misinformation"

What If The Truth Never Comes Out? The Power of Testimony In Our Culture of Silence

Ontario Doctor Continues Her Battle To Speak Freely About Harmful COVID Measures

Can Direct Democracy Work? — Examining Common Objections

The Psychology of Totalitarianism

Tulsi Gabbard Leaves Democratic Party - Further Realizing Our Broken Political System

New Air Traffic Control Recording Reveals Pilot's Encounter With UFOs Above His Commercial Airplane

China Says They've Been "Overwhelmed" With "Rapidly Mounting Sightings" of UFOs

Marvel & Disney Partner With Pfizer To Mix Vaccines & Masks With Superheroes

US Lawsuit Reveals 783,000 People Sought Medical Care For Serious Adverse Events After COVID Vaccination

PayPal Pulls Back Threat of Fining Users For Spreading "Misinformation"

New Law Seeks To ‘Gag’ Doctors Contradicting Consensus On Covid-19

Thousands Form Human Chain Around UK Parliament Demanding The Release of Julian Assange

"My Body My Choice." Mandatory Vaccination Policy Vs. Abortion Rights

The Left/Right Divide is Obsolete

Canada Budgets $105 Million For Digital ID - Collaboration With World Economic Forum

ONS Data Shows Increased Risk of Death After Six Months in Vaccinated

Uncovering the Army of Federal Censors

The Federal Reserve Is Looking Very Closely At Issuing Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

Woman Dies In Shoppers Drug Mart 7 Minutes After COVID-19 Vaccine Booster

Democracy is Not the True Arbiter of Societal Excellence

The FDA Has Still Not Investigated Ventavia For Falsifying Data During Pfizer's COVID Vaccine Trials

Mainstream Journalists Confused As Government Flips COVID Script

I’ve Just Been Released From LinkedIn Jail...I'm Out On Parole

Say Only What We Want to Hear, or We Will Take Away Your Livelihood

First Child Myocarditis Advertisement Airs: Is Myocarditis In Children Being Normalized?

Have the British Civilized India?

New Report: UFOs Spotted Over Ukraine Skies, Reaching Speeds of Up To 53,000 km/h

Three Popular Claims About COVID That Turned Out To Be False

Investigation Reveals How Bill Gates Controlled The Global COVID Response

Trudeau Gov't To Drop COVID Travel Measures Within Weeks? Including ArriveCan?

Air Canada Orders 30-Seat Electric Planes From Heart Aerospace

Our Current Societal Systems Are An Ever-Intensifying, Multidimensional Crisis

FOIA Documents: CSIS Links Freedom Convoy to 'Domestic Terrorism'

A Flaw in The Theory of Evolution: A Perspective

The Parallels Between 9/11 & COVID | Richard Gage & Dr. Madhava Setty

Can We Really Trust Artificial Intelligence?

Authentic UFO Experience Caught On Camera By University Professor & His Research Students

A 5th Jab? Implications For The Immune System

Racism Plummeted When People Were Told Aliens Exist

From The Holocaust To Gaza - A Massive Lesson That Taught Me How We All Need To Be Aware Of Our Own Bias

The Mental Shift Of Dropping Your Illusory Comfort Zone

To Those Who Feel Unheard & Misunderstood

The Famous (And Real) Crop Circle With A Binary Code & Extraterrestrial Face

Public Health Canada is Hiring Security Guards For ‘Quarantine Facilities’

Sacrificing Children’s Health In The Name of Health

The ‘Power’ Of The Quartz Crystal From An Indigenous Point of View

YouTube Makes Major Changes to Mask, Social Distancing & Vaccine ‘Misinformation Policies’

Australia’s Lockdown and Vaccine Narrative Has Fallen Apart

10 Lessons I Learned Trying To Heal My Kids From Autism, Anxiety & ADHD

After Data Show Vaccinated at Higher Risk of Dying From COVID, Canadian Province Ends Monthly Reports

The Serious Adverse Events of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Trials

Former CDC Medical Officer Calls Out Inaccurate COVID Death Count

Digital ID in Canada. Is the US Next?

The Amaury Rivera Incident of 1988: An Extraterrestrial Encounter of the Human Kind

COVID Vaccines: Making Sense of Injuries & Effectiveness

How Masking Contributes To Long Covid

The CDC Just Quietly & Dramatically Changed Their Claims About mRNA Vaccine Safety

“Free Energy”: When To Believe The Unbelievable

New James Webb Data Suggests The"Big Bang" Never Happened, According To Some

A New Worldview Is Emerging That Can Change Our Entire Perspective On Reality

COVID-19 Vaccine Myocarditis Update From Thailand

The 'Holy Grail' of Hard Evidence: One of The Most "Spectacular" UFO Photos Ever Taken

Facebook’s “Fact-Check” Website Called LeadStories Punches Itself in the Face, Again—Twice!

Multiple Scientists Sue Biden Admin For Censoring COVID-19 Facts

New Study Shows No Evidence That Depression Is Caused By A Chemical Imbalance

Native Elder - "I Was Told That There Are Four Violent Species In The Universe, Humans Were One of Them"

Illinois Hospital System To Pay Millions In Settlement For Firing Unvaccinated Workers

The WHO’s Reckless Disregard for Truth

Court Documents Reveal Canada’s Travel Ban Had No Scientific Basis

Are We On The Verge of Ending AUTHORITARIAN Cycles?

Marc Dutroux: The 'Jeffrey Epstein' of Belgium

6 Doctors Die In Canada Within 2 Weeks - What's Going On?

CDC, FDA & NIH Scientists Embarrassed By Lack of Science Guiding COVID Vaccine Policy

Are We Headed For The Biggest Market Crash of Our Generation? - Here's How To Prepare

Microsoft Was Granted A Patent To 'Mine Human Body Activity'

Pentagon Widens Scope of UFO Hunting Program

Delete the K in Monkeypox

Evidence Suggests This 19 Year Old Was Killed By COVID Treatment Protocols

JWST May Have Just Observed The Furthest Away Galaxy Yet

Vaccines Are Magic

How CDC Blatantly Uses Weekly Reports to Spread COVID Disinformation: Three Examples

Giant "Skeletons of Enormous Size" Discovered In New Mexico - New York Times Article From 1902

Earth, Water, Air & Fire: Why Is The Fifth Element (Aether) Completely Ignored?

China: Electronic Tags To Be Placed On COVID Patients To Prevent Them From Leaving Home

What Weakened Immune Systems Have Wrought for Children

“There Is No Such Thing As An Antidepressant.” UCLA Prof On Big Pharma & Politics

Red Team vs. Blue Team: Toxic Tribalism We Must Transcend

Do COVID Facts Even Matter Anymore? So Many of Them Are Being Ignored

A Letter From Doctors On Why COVID Vaccines Shouldn't Be Given To Children

Dutch Farmers Rise Up In Massive Protests Against Agenda 2030 Climate Measures

7 Harsh Realities That Come With Taking Full Responsibility For Your Life

The Deception Is Getting More Brazen

How To Have More Patience & Manage Uncertainty

What About Ghislaine Maxwell's Client List? How Prominent Is Elite Child Sex Trafficking?

Giving Up Darwin: A Fond Farewell To A Brilliant & Beautiful Theory

The Normalization of Dishonesty in Medical Science

Our Governments Are Rigged Against Us - What's Next?

'Free Energy' Generator That Works - Tewari Demonstrates His Over-Unity Machine

Quantum Vacuum & Zero Point Energy: Is “Free Energy” For All Actually Possible?

Totalitarianism & The Five Stages of Dehumanization

Are 'FREE ENERGY' Technologies Being Suppressed By Elites?

There Is No Basis for the FDA to Authorize Covid Vaccines For Toddlers

The Limitations From Accepting Things As ‘Normal’

How To Have Your Own Personal Zen Master Around Anytime You Descend Into Stress

Woman Receives £120,000 For Fiancés Death After COVID Vaccine

The Mysterious Rise in Severe Diseases in Children

How Yoga Can Serve Humanity

Self-Spreading "Contagious" Vaccines May Be On Their Way

Ottawa Spent $39 Million To Block Access to Information Documents

Why NASA's Recent Announcement About UAPs (UFOs) Feels Like Deception

29-Year-Old’s Career Came ‘Crashing’ Down After Pfizer COVID Vaccine Injury

The Emergence of Neo-Fascism in Public Health

Canada To Drop More Vaccine Mandates - Letting The Unvaccinated Finally Travel

Government Trying To Hide Their COVID Mistakes?

Exclusive: "I Escaped China During CCPs Falun Gong Crackdown After Being Imprisoned & Tortured"

Liberals Turn On Trudeau As “Massive Majority” Want Him To End COVID Mandates

The CDC’s $2.4M Campus Marketing Program

Big Pharma President Caught With A Fake Vaccine Passport

Bill Gates Caught Red Handed In Pandemic Lie?

When Scientific Minds Abandon Scientific Principles: The Mystery Behind Why My Grandfather Refused to Talk About Dinosaurs

What the Hell Is Going On at the Washington Post

Slivers of Illumination: The Rise of Dictatorships & the Evolution of Consciousness

As Above So Below: What Can Other Or Higher 'Dimensions' Really Mean?

Breaking Down The World Economic Forum Agenda & What It Means For You

The Politics of Natural Infection

Have the Children Been Poisoned?

Study Suggests Risk of Death From Loneliness May Be Greater Than Obesity

After Summer, Europe To Target The Unvaccinated

The Corruption of the World Health Organization

The Thought-Provoking Insights Of The Legend: Alan Watts

World Economic Forum: Smartphones Will Be In Your Body By 2030

The Dangers of Compelled Belief

Are Microplastics in Masks a Health Risk?

9 Common Traits Among Happy People (That They Don't Talk About)

The WHO Treaty Is Tied to a Global Digital Passport and ID System

Is Death Natural? Can We Extend Our Lives?

The President of Facebook’s Science Feedback Is Hiding in Paris, Terrified of Appearing in Court

Compelling Evidence Suggests Plants Feel, Think & Could Even Be Telepathic

A Primer on the WHO, the Treaty, and its Plans for Pandemic Preparedness

Are Synchronicities Clues To The Bigger Picture?

The Truth About Bill Gates Pt.2: Media Lies Continued

Monkeypox Was a Table-Top Simulation Only Last Year

Elites Meet to Plan Your Health: The Role of the Council on Foreign Relations

Why We Need To Expand Our Scientific Methods: Empiricism Old & New

Lost Christianity: Following The Threads Of Ancient Wisdom To A Deeper Psychological Reality

Exclusive: Man Believes Mom's COVID Treatment In Hospital Responsible For Her Death

Why Human DNA Might Be The Product of Another Intelligence

3 Powerful Tools to Help Overcome the Emotional Toll of the Pandemic

Choice Quotes from Bill Gates’s New Book

The Paradox of Male Power

2 Reasons Why UFOs, Now Known As "UAPs" May Be Obsessed With Our Nuclear Weapons

Did The U.S Really Just Create A “Ministry of Truth”?

Elon Musk Says Banning Trump From Twitter Was "Morally Wrong & Flat Out Stupid"

75 % of US Children Have Had COVID, So Why Push Them To Get Vaccinated?

On What Basis Did Pfizer Claim 95%?

Media Attempts To Rehabilitate Bill Gates' Reputation After Jeffrey Epstein Saga

Did Moderna Trial Data Predict ‘Pandemic of the Vaccinated?’

Saamkhya (सांख्य) Hypothesis - Creation Link Deciphered

A New Study On Emergency Cardiovascular Events & COVID Shots Was Just Published

The Truth About Bill Gates' Newest Media Tour

3 Ways To Beat News Fatigue

Just Like 9/11, COVID Created A Massive Shift In Human Consciousness

The COVID Vaccine Narrative Has Sunk, And The Powers That Be Have Stopped Trying To Hide It

COVID Vaccines Provide Meager Benefit to Young Kids, CDC Report Shows — Media Get It Wrong Again

DOCUMENTS: Trudeau Is Hiding The Truth About Invoking Emergencies Act

12 Year Old Girl Severely Injured After Pfizer Jab Told It's "All In Her Head"

U.S. Homeland Security Creates "Disinformation Governance Board" To Combat "Misinformation"

Musk Buys Twitter - Why This MIGHT Be A Good Thing

How "Science" Turned Into Religious Dogma During COVID

Elon Musk Buys Twitter: A Positive Change?

Mass Testing: The Fatal Conceit

The History of Justin Trudeau Pt. 2: Groomed for The Great Reset?

1 in 10 Surveyed Doctors Believe COVID Shots Aren’t Safe — But Is the Number Even Higher?

Indigenous Elder Shares Story About The “Star People” That Crashed On His Reservation

Is The Elon Musk / Twitter Saga a Turning Point In The FREE SPEECH Battle?

Here’s Why No One Wants to Talk About Sweden

Finland Reports Zero COVID Deaths In Children Throughout Entire Pandemic

6 Double Standards Public Health Officials Used to Justify COVID Vaccines

Is The Trudeau Government Trying To Forcibly Silence & Regulate News Outlets?

Universities Follow the Politics, Not the Science

Renowned Astrophysicist: "We Have To Stop Reacting To UFOs As A Threat." Is He Right?

FDA Vaccine Advisors Discuss Waning Efficacy of Boosters, Ignore Pleas by Vaccine-Injured

This Is Not Normal and No One Should Accept It

Report Shows Increased Deaths In Homeless By Drug Overdoses During Pandemic

Cancer Linked Glyphosate Discovered In All Tested Children’s Foods Made From Oats

NY Times Latest to Mislead Public on New Ivermectin Study

What You Need To Know About The Great Reset

Some People Will Follow Authority – “The Science” – to Their Doom

The Story of Otis T. Carr: The Man Who Supposedly Invented An ‘Anti-Gravity’ Vehicle In The 1950s

Please Don’t Call This ‘Science’: How FDA, CDC Justified Approval of Moderna’s Spikevax

The History of Justin Trudeau & Why Our Political Systems Need An Overhaul

The Specter of Asymptomatic Spread

Reading ANGRY Comments on Our YouTube Channel

The Ukraine War, America's Past Misdeeds, and the Future

CBC Misleads Readers About "Standing Ovation" For Trudeau - EU Parliament Walk Out

Rise and Fall of Civilizations Deciphered

Justin Trudeau Met With Harsh Criticisms From European MEPs

Justin Trudeau Takes Harsh Criticisms From Multiple European Parliament MEPs

What Can The Stanford Prison Experiment Tell Us About Life In The Pandemic Era?

Israel: Despite High Vaccination Rate, COVID Deaths & Excess Mortality Are Highest of The Pandemic

Why Mainstream Thinking Keeps Us Stuck

Scientific Spirituality

We've Been Bombarded With A Misleading COVID Death Count For Two Years

What Doctors Say In Private About COV*D Jabs

The Lost Land of Atlantis & The Reason For Its Downfall – According To Plato

New Hampshire House Approves Legislation To Allow The Use of Ivermectin

The End of Legacy Media? Why Mainstream Media Is Becoming Dangerous

Some "UFO Abductions" Were Simulated Psychological Warfare Experiments, Says Dr. Jacques Vallée

We Are a Planetary Super-Organism In A Symbiotic Relationship With The Earth

Those Who Chose Shaming Over Science

The WHO Is Spearheading An 'International Pandemic Treaty'

Explained: The World Health Organization's Controversial 'Pandemic Treaty'

US EPA Set To Release Billions More Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

The Irony of Condemning The Russian Invasion of Ukraine & Jailing Julian Assange

Journalism Event A Glaring Example Of How Blind Institutions Are To Entrenched Echo Chambers

Ex Director of US Air Force UFO Study Says “They Know” What UFOs Are In His Very Last Interview

Pfizer Vaccine Only 12% Effective in Kids 5 to 11, Study Says

Dīn-i-Ilāhī 2.0: In Quest for a More Peaceful World

New Analysis Reveals How Much Big Pharma Controls "The Science"

Pfizer Vax Data: Making Sense of Side Effects & Adverse Events

What Doctors Say In Private About COVID Vaccines

"We Had Too Little Caution & Too Much Optimism" CDC Director on COVID Vaccines

Autistic Savants Demonstrating Telepathic Abilities

Documents: Health Canada Doesn't Know How Many People Died Only From COVID

Researchers Examine Autopsies of Two Boys Who Died Days After COVID Vaccine

Image Scientist Analyzes Video of Three “Very Large” Objects Seen Flying Around The Moon

Do You Burn Out Watching News and Media? Watch This!

Study: mRNA In Pfizer Shot Is Reverse Transcribed Into Human DNA, But The Results Can't Be Extrapolated To People

Lockdowns Crush Mental Health and Wellbeing in Young People

Trudeau Government Taken To Court Over Illegal Use of Emergency Act

COVID Vaccine Injuries: Is The Vaccine Induced Spike Protein "Toxic"?

Russians Take To The Streets In Protest & Chant "No To War"

While The Political Elite Play War Games, People Are Dying & Being Displaced

What's Going On In Ukraine?

Justin Trudeau Discontinues Emergencies Act

Documents Suggest We've Been Lied To About The Moon & What's On It

Mainstream Media Whistleblowers Say MSM Spread Misinformation During COVID

Ottawa Police Maintain "A Bicycle Was Thrown" at A Horse Who Trampled Protesters

Not Everything Is A "Government Controlled Psyop." Discernment In Confusing Times

Leading Jewish Scientists & Doctors Condemn Justin Trudeau For Smear Campaign Against Protestors

Police Start Arresting Peaceful Protestors In Ottawa To Shut Down Freedom Convoy

Governments Lifting COVID Mandates Are Not Crediting Protests, But Themselves

BREAKING: Freedom Convoy Protest Organizer Chris Barber Arrested

Unvaccinated Truckers Carrying Vaccines & Medical Devices Exempt From Border Crossing Rules

Trudeau Accuses Conservatives of "Standing With Swastika" Then Refuses To Apologize

FDA Executive Caught On Camera Revealing Biden's Plan For COVID Shots

Ottawa Police Warn Truckers To Leave or Face Criminal Charges

Border Blockade in Coutts, Alberta Gets Shut Down - What's Next?

Freedom Convoy Are 'Terrorists' Now? Trudeau Invokes Emergency Measures Act

Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly Has Resigned Amid Freedom Convoy Protest

Novak Djokovic: I’m Not Anti-Vax But Will Sacrifice Trophies If Told To Get Jab

Canada Expands "Terrorist Financing Rules" To Shut Down Freedom Convoy Funding

Military Whistleblowers COVID-19 Vaccine Injury Claims Based On Error In Database

How Pfizer COVID Vaccines Failed To Meet India's Safety Standards

Mainstream Media in Canada Has Deeply Failed In Covering The Freedom Convoy

Doug Ford Threatens Freedom Convoy With Severe Fines & Prison Time

Sharing 'Misleading Narratives' Labeled As Domestic Terrorism by Homeland Security

Manitoba (Canada) To Scrap COVID Vaccine & Mask Mandates In March

Natural COVID Immunity Discovered in Unvaccinated Adults Up To 20 Months After Infection

Ontario Govt. Wins Court Order To Freeze Freedom Convoy Funds On Give Send Go

Justin Trudeau Walks Out During Parliament Debate, Refuses To Listen

New Paper Emphasizes The Dangers & Harms of Mandatory COVID Vaccination Policy

Alberta (Canada) Joins Saskatchewan & Ditches Vaccine Passports

These 5 Studies Reveal a Disturbing Trend: Researchers Presenting Conclusions That Don’t Match the Data

British Columbia (Canada) Admits 60% of “COVID” Hospitalizations Not From COVID

Freedom Convoy Raises $4.3 Million In New Campaign: GoFundMe Can't Stop This

BREAKING: Ottawa Police Begin Raid - Seizing Gas, Food & Propane For Truckers

Ottawa Declares State Of Emergency To Use "Extraordinary Measures" To Stop Protests

Ottawa Police Say Individuals Providing Supplies to Truckers Could Be Arrested

Counter Protestor Explains Why She is Not In Support of Convoy

Ottawa Government Paying Hotels To Not Rent Rooms at The Freedom Convoy?

Trudeau Sticks To Misleading & Divisive Language, Police in Ottawa Tell The Truth? - Freedom Convoy

Ottawa Police Pushed GoFundMe To Shut Down Funding For Canadian Truckers

GoFundMe Shuts Down Trucker Convoy Funds: Here's A New Donation Link

Klaus Schwab & The "4th Industrial Revolution." Transhumanism & Genetically Modifying Humans

New Poll: More Than 20 Million Canadians (54%) Want All COVID Restrictions To End Now

Saskatchewan, Canada To Scrap Mandatory Vaccination Requirements

Last Living Signer of Canadian Charter Of Rights & Freedoms Sues Government

New Meta-Analysis Concludes Lockdowns "Have Had Little To No Effect On COVID Mortality"

England To Ditch Mandatory Vaccination Requirements For NHS Healthcare Workers

Freedom Convoy: Confederate Flag A Staged Photoshoot?

Answering The Most Controversial Questions About Trucker Freedom Convoy

A Heart-Warming Story of Connection & Unity at Trucker Freedom Convoy in Ottawa

Triple Vaxxed Justin Trudeau Tests Positive For COVID Amid Trucker Protests

How U.S. COVID Testing Strategy Will Extend Pandemic Nightmare

Discernment In Times of Societal Divide

Trucker Freedom Convoy Is Huge, Heart-Warming, & Peaceful. Not "Extremist"

Justin Trudeau Has Been Moved to A Secret Location As Freedom Convoy Settles In

Sweden Refuses To Recommend COVID Vaccines For Children Under 12

Why You Should Have Hope The Freedom Convoy Will End Vaccine Mandates

After Mandates Are Dropped, Canadians Need To Encourage Trudeau to Resign

Someone Send This Footage to Justin Trudeau - Freedom Convoy

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, At Least Not 0n Mainstream Media

Trudeau Isolating For 5 Days As Trucker Freedom Convoy Nears Ottawa

Justin Trudeau Calls Trucker Freedom Convoy "Fringe" with "Unacceptable Views"

Trudeau: Truckers Represent A "Small Fringe Minority" But Poll Shows They're The Majority

The Trucker Freedom Convoy Has Goal To End ALL Vaccine Mandates In Canada

Canadian Truckers Making History Protesting Vaccine Mandates

Legacy Media Downplays Size of Global Freedom Rally

A Powerful Message About COVID Vaccine Injuries By Member of EU Parliament

FOIA Request Shows Only 6,183 UK Deaths Can Solely Be Attributed To COVID

The CDC Finally Acknowledges The Power of Natural Immunity

Assange Wins Right To Take US Extradition Case To UK's High Court

Study: Vaccinated Men Under 40 Have More Myocarditis From Vaccine Than A Natural COVID Infection

CDC Admits Natural COVID Immunity Is Extremely Powerful

FOIA Request Shows Only 17,371 Deaths In England & Wales Can Be Solely Attributed to COVID

The 'Race To The Bottom' Trap: Why Companies Produce Low Quality Products

Norwegian Government Refuses To Recommend COVID Vaccines For Children

The Czech Republic Scraps Mandatory Vaccination Requirements

England Ditches Mandatory Vaccine & Mask Requirements

Masses of People Are Wrong About Basic COVID Facts

Pfizer's New COVID Pill Set To Make Billions While Cheaper Drugs Are Demonized

It Appears COVID Pandemic May End By Spring, Will Governments Drop Measures?

More Than 60,000 Doctors & Scientists Have Signed The Great Barrington Declaration

Tens of Thousands In France Protest Against Vaccine Passes & COVID Tyranny

Leading Israeli Immunologist Slams Israeli Ministry of Health For All COVID Policies

Is The Public Being Gaslit About Mass Formation Psychosis?

After Months, YouTube Reversed It's Wrong Doing

Intuition Is A "Superpower" Representing One of The Highest Forms of Intelligence

1 Million + People Download Study Showing Heavy Aluminum Deposits In Autistic Brains

Telegram Passes 1 Billion Users As People Seek Censorship Free Big Tech Alternatives

Organic Diet Reduces Pesticide Levels In Humans Up To 90% In Just One Week: They Were Once Used For Chemical Warfare

Vaccines That Don't Stop Transmission Can Create Conditions For More Virulent Variants To Spread

Quebec Government to Charge Unvaccinated People With "Significant" Financial Penalty

New Leaked Emails Show Fauci May Have Concealed Lab Leak Info

CDC: 95 % of COVID Deaths Had At Least 4 Other Causes Listed On Death Certificate

Quebec, Canada Makes Third COVID Dose A Requirement To Be "Fully Vaccinated"

Canadian Health Minister Urges Provinces To Consider Mandatory Vaccines For All

Nurse Testifies "More Children Are Dying From The COVID Vaccine Than From COVID Itself"

Judge Orders FDA To Produce 55,000 Pages of Confidential COVID Vaccine Data Per Month

Doctors & Lawyers Send Letter Of Concern To FAA About Pilots Who've Had The COVID Vaccine

Novak Djokovic & The Anti-Scientific Stupidity of Vaccine Passports

Ontario (Canada) Admits 50% of "COVID" Hospitalizations Not From COVID, Death Count May Also Be Misleading

79,000 Australians Had Adverse Reactions To COVID Shots: Taxpayers Will Compensate, Not Big Pharma

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Calls The Unvaccinated "Misogynistic & Racist" Extremists

Study: Governments Should Be Testing 5G & Proving It's Safe Before Exposing Humanity To It